How to reward friends for helping you move

So, you are moving, and everything you do has to be done in a hurry, and it may become a bit stressful. All moving days are just like that. If someone says differently they are probably lying. Sometimes you start everything on time and simply it doesn’t work out as you thought it would. However, you have something or someone that will help you go through this boring, stressful, crazy moving days. Your friends. They are always by your side to help you out. They won’t be hiding and making excuses about why they cannot come and help you with your move. At least that is not something that real friend would do. That is why you need to reward friends for helping you move. That is the best part of the whole moving.

Reward friends for helping you move in a few simple steps

Once the moving is over, there is that sweet and fun part you need to prepare. You have to think of a way how to reward your friends for helping you move. DIY packing and moving is not simple to do. There are friends and family who help. That is why they deserve something special. Depending of course on your budget. Because moving even with the help of your friends can cost you somewhat a lot of money. So, let’s say that you still have enough money and you feel the urge to make your friends happy and to show them how grateful you are. Party is the best way to go. Not moving to the party, because if you presented as moving into the party, then they will feel obligated to buy you presents and that is not what this is about.

Throwing a party in order to reward your friends for helping you move

Once you have moved and settled in, you can throw the best party ever. Go shopping, buy drinks and food. Nothing fancy, make some sandwiches and have some snacks. It will be enough to make your friends happy. However, there is that one thing that is the most important thing for any party ever. Music. You know your friends better than anyone, so choose the music and make a playlist that you think they will like. It is that simple. Another thing that you can do, is not to tell them that you are throwing them a party. Ask them to come by for a cup of coffee, or better yet, tell them you need help with something again. They will be very surprised.

friends at the table
Throw a move-in party

Make it classy

Another good way to reward friends for helping you move is to make it all very classy to show them how much you appreciate their help. You can make a nice dinner for them. For this you will need time, so make sure that you have it enough in your schedule. The homemade meal takes patience and time. If they have helped you pack in a hurry and helped you move, then this is the least that you can do for them. Find some good recipe online, or even better ask your mother or grandmother what you can make in the kitchen. Make a list of groceries you will need and get to work. Of course, do not forget some good wine and cheese as an appetizer. This is definitely one of the best ways to reward friends for helping you move.

Friends having lunch
Make lunch for your friends

Take them out

If you are not a wizard in the kitchen, then make it simple. Take them out for dinner. It will save you a bunch of time. However, it won’t save you money, because going out for fancy dinner can be very expensive especially if there is a number of people going. On the other hand, you know your friends the best and maybe you will surprise them nicely by taking them to their favorite restaurant that is not necessarily very expensive. Either way, have your wallet ready.

During the move

There are a lot of great cheap movers to consider, and still, have your good friends to help you. When moving, get all the help you can. Even during the move, you can show your friends appreciation. While you are working, have some refreshments, sodas, beer, order a pizza. These little signs of affection are great to show them just how much you are happy that you have such friends. Also, if they are transporting your items or pets, you can offer to pay for the gas. Maybe they will turn this down, and that is when there are these other so far mentioned ways to reward friends for helping you move.

  • Throw a party
  • Cook for them
  • Take them out
  • Order food and drinks during the move, so that they can rest a bit

These are only some ways that you can show your appreciation. However, there is one more way that never fails.

You know your friends the best

A great way to show your gratitude is to think about your friends and what do they like. Based on their likes you can buy something for each one of them. Nothing huge, just a small sign of appreciation, but something that has to do with them. This requires some thinking, you cannot simply go out and buy whatever. Make those gifts special for them. Also, make them sure that the first occasion you get, you will help them as well with something that they need. It doesn’t have to be a move. You can take care fo their pet while they are on vacation and similar.

three girl friends
Be ready to help your friends once they need assistance

Moving is a hassle, everybody knows that. However, when you have your friends to help you out everything is easier and more fun. So, find the best way to say thank you. Here, there are some examples of what you can do. Moving is annoying and having them bringing you free moving boxes and helping you pack speaks a lot about your friendship. You are the one who knows them the best and who will figure out the best what will they like the most.

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