How to plan a last-minute move?

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When you are changing your place of residence, it is an ideal scenario to have several weeks at your disposal for doing it. However, it often happens just the opposite. You need not only to plan a last-minute move, but also to finish everything on time. It may seem impossible, especially when you have in

Packing for retirement – what do you really need?

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Retirement is the part of our lives we’re all looking forward to. You’ll have all the time in the world and enough disposable income to enjoy yourself. This is perfectly understandable and completely deserved! You’ve put in the time and now it’s the perfect moment to lay back and enjoy yourself. So, why not go to

Using storage to declutter your home

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The humble storage unit doesn’t only come into play when we’re moving and need a place to put all of our things. No, storage has many other uses which most people think of as an alternative, but that doesn’t mean they can’t prove useful. Storing items can come in handy when it comes to home improvement, selling

Things you should leave behind when moving internationally

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Moving to a different country is very different than your average, garden-variety relocation. You’ll need to plan it much earlier and prepare better. In addition to this, international relocation tends to cost a lot of money. This cost will only increase the more things you bring with you. So, learn what you can leave behind when moving internationally

How to plan an international relocation without stress?

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Moving to another country is a difficult task. There are many small tasks you’ll need to get done before you can even start to plan an international relocation. However, with the help of our tips, you’ll be able to move to a different country without stress and troubles. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be

Renting a moving truck – all you should know

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When we hear the word moving, we usually picture boxes or a truck. That’s because relocation is impossible without a proper vehicle and packing equipment. You’ll need to transport all of your belongings safely in as little trips as you possibly can. In addition to this, you’ll need to prepare for the ordeal of driving a

Should you reward your movers?

reward your movers for their work.

Moving is a difficult and time-consuming process. So, it’s only natural not to risk damaging your belongings and to let professionals move your home. But, should you reward your movers for the help they’ll provide during your relocation? And, if so, how should you do it? Are there acceptable and unacceptable ways you can do this? Read

Packing your garage for relocation

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The garage is usually the last part of a home to get packed when moving. People tend to focus on their living space first and leave the storage rooms, garages and tool shed for the last minute. After all, all that heavy items shouldn’t be so difficult to pack, right? Even though you probably won’t

Reasons why people rent storage

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Having a storage unit can be very useful not just during your relocation, but in general. Apart from providing you with some extra room, there are a lot more reasons why people rent storage. These vary from trivial to crucial ones, but all in all, you’ll rarely regret renting a storage unit.

The many advantages of wooden pallets

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advantages of wooden pallets

With all the different ways to use wooden materials, it’ always a good time to mention the many advantages of wooden pallets. If you are moving to a new home and want to build a new furniture, the following article might help you get some ideas. Besides various moving tips, why not try to use