How to move with no money

So, you’ve decided you need a quick change in your life, but your financial situation is not promising? If you wish to move with no money in your pockets, you must know in advance that it will not be easy. Even if we talk about relocating on a budget, I can say that you have to be pretty witty. Nevertheless, there are ways. It will be difficult, and in a lot of cases not always successful, but I will share some of my knowledge to help you with this transition.

However, before we start tackling this challenging endeavor, let’s discuss an important topic.

Are you sure you need to move now?

If you decided to move with no money, ask yourself is this imperative? Do you honestly have to put yourself through this now? If we look at relocations in general, they almost always cost more than we are ready to pay. So, what we do is we try to cut our expenses as much as possible. We use discounts, special packages, or we pick the moving date offseason.

All of those are great ways to save some money on moving, and you still end up paying hundreds of dollars. But, can you really hire professional residential movers if your balance is zero?

a girl thinking while sitting at the desk
Put everything on paper and decide is it really necessary to move with no money

Precisely because of this you need to ask yourself is moving a necessity in this very moment?

Re-evaluate your decision and try to find other solutions for your situation. When people find themselves in a tight spot, most of the times they rush with the decision making. Acting this way may get you in a world of trouble if you are not prepared for it.

With everything that’s been said, it is a fact that timing plays a fundamental role in every relocation. Put everything on paper and decide for yourself. You may find out that waiting for a better chance may not pay off in the long run. If you finally end up having to move with no money, you’ll need a full-proof plan with a solid backup option.

Essentials of a successful move with no money

So, if after careful reconsideration you’ve decided to move with no money in your wallet, there are steps you must take if you wish to succeed:

  1. find a secure source of income
  2. ask for help on time
  3. prioritize when spending money
  4. learn how to live economically
  5. work on Plan B

By following these five simple steps, your chances to successfully move with no money will double. Let us take a more in-depth look into these tasks.

A piggy bank
Finding a steady source of income after the move is a must, start saving as soon as possible

Finding a steady source of income

Whether you are working for a low salary, or you have no job at all, finding a stable source of income is crucial. It’s the best way to make savings and help yourself in this transition. Even when you don’t move with a moving company, you’ll still have expenses. Having a stash for rainy days is a must.

If you have time, find multiple part-time jobs. Even working for a couple of days prior to the move can increase your emergency fund. Furthermore, it is even more necessary to find a job after the move. I know that hunting for a job is stressful by itself, especially if you are under a lot of stress due to having to move with no money. Learning how to cope with stress when moving is essential for your health.

But, I cannot stress the importance of this. If you are preoccupied with the relocation, you may forget to think about what is the next step after the move. Your morale and enthusiasm are probably low, and keeping a cheerful and optimistic spirit may be difficult. With that in mind, you have to think positive and know that better days are about to come. We have to push ourselves to move forward, that is the only way to succeed!

Turn to your family for a loan

You shouldn’t feel ashamed when asking for help. Going through a tough transitional period is challenging, and not everyone has the strength to attempt it. Also, if you think about it, this period will inevitably be over once you are in the new city, with a new job. So, to make it easy for yourself, you should turn to your family for help.

bank loan written on a check book
Asking your bank for a loan is not productive, it is better to turn to your family

No one likes to ask for money, but a temporary loan is always an option. Your parents may even save you the awkwardness of asking, and offer a loan if you explain the current situation. If not, they can always help with packing and preparations. This is a great moving tip for students since all students are almost always with no money.

Ask your friends to help out

While you can’t ask all of your friends to lend you some money, they can help out with acquiring packing supplies, sorting, packing, loading, etc. Ask if anyone has a truck or a car you can borrow, or if they can give you a ride. Also, they might have old furniture they don’t use.

In rare cases, you may have a friend who can help you to find local movers you can trust. How many times have you heard the I know a guy who owes me a favor? Having connections is useful, so If you find the opportunity, don’t let it go.

Finally, if you have some family or friends living in your future destination city or a state, ask if you can move in with them for a few weeks. That’s a great way to avoid spending money on rent. You can pitch in for food and help around the house.

Spend money only when you must

Learning how to live economically is beneficial even in the long run, not just when you are struggling with money. After you get the job, be very careful when spending what you earn. Make every penny count. Calculate your weekly expenses on groceries and other necessities, and start saving. Your primary goal is to get yourself on your feet as soon as possible.

a walled with a C-clamp
Once you get some money in your wallet, make sure you only spend it on necessities

This is important even during the move. The fewer things you bring, the less money you spend. It is better to organize a yard sale and earn some money selling your stuff, then to bring everything with you and pay for transportation. When you have no money, you have to become a relocation minimalist.

Have a backup plan

When you attempt to move with no money, it is crucial to have a backup plan. Sometimes things just don’t work out. Nevertheless, don’t discourage yourself. I am simply trying to presents facts like they are. When making a plan B, some of the essential steps are to save money to return home, and to have a place to stay.

If you were quitting your job to move, try to leave with the front door always open. Maintain good relations with your ex-employer, and ask if it is possible to get the old job back if your plans don’t work out. As I mentioned earlier, it is brave to move with no money, and they might understand your situation. I hope that this guide will help you with your decision, and the only thing left for me to say is good luck!

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