Careful with cheap movers – beware of moving scams!

We all want to reduce the cost of our move as much as possible. This is perfectly understandable. We’re starting a life in a new place, and we’ll need all the money we can save. However, this is not the reason to hire very cheap movers just because they are cheap. Service is equally important as the price if not more. You wouldn’t want to hire cheap movers only to discover they don’t have an insurance that covers damage done to your items. In some cases, it’s cheaper to hire medium price-range, but reliable movers, than to hire cheap movers and risk having to pay for the damage to your things. All in all, you should avoid cheap movers as much as you should avoid really expensive ones. There are many reasons a moving company can be very cheap and none of them are very pleasant.

Do your research to avoid moving scams

One way to avoid a fraud is to take special care. If you do your research well and get good referrals, you could find an affordable mover with a good reputation. However, make sure you’re ready to compromise. It’s better to pay a little more for the movers than to risk damage to your items. Apart from this, most low-cost movers don’t have the right training to handle some items. Your precious grandfather clock can end up in the hands of an inexperienced or fraudulent mover. Better to know who you’re dealing with! So, come to the table prepared. Gather as much info on your movers as possible before you decide to hire residential movers.

  • visit location addressone of the most important steps in finding out whether your cheap movers are trying to scam you is to visit their address. Frauds don’t usually bother with trying to make their “office” look like the actual moving company. So, take a walk and visit some of the moving companies you want to hire. Besides, you can know a lot about a person once you’ve seen their place of business.
  • get referrals – always check up your movers online. Apart from this, you should get word of mouth referrals from your friends and coworkers. Using low-cost movers which have already relocated your friend is much better than using a random company.
  • read everything twice – a good advice when signing anything is to read it twice. It’s especially important when you’re signing a contract with movers. Their low costs won’t mean anything if your contract is open to additional charges. Make sure you read everything carefully and even consult a lawyer if you’re having difficulties. This can be a good test to see whether your movers are scammers – a reputable moving company won’t mind your lawyers checking the contract.
Especially be careful when signing contracts with cheap movers.
Read carefully before you sign anything.

Get insurance when dealing with cheap movers

Since the moving business flourished, there have been more and more moving scams. The best way to avoid them is to hire respectable and vetted movers. However, sometimes we’ll find ourselves in a situation where we can’t find any of those. The best thing to do then is to delay your move, but, this is not always possible. So, sometimes we need to settle for a moving company we’re not 100% sure about. So, since we’ll want to move as cheaply as possible, we might decide to hire a low-cost moving company. In any case, we’ll need to get some additional insurance for our items. Getting additional insurance should be a thing normal for any relocation, but it’s especially important when you’re hiring cheap movers. So, make sure you prepare your moving budget to cover additional insurance costs. The insurance should be against scams, but it also should cover any damage to your items. Since you’re hiring cheap movers you’ll need to be prepared for everything.

Cheap movers usually don't have any insurance.
Getting insurance might save your things.

Be present during the move

Even though you might just end up getting in the way, you should be present on a moving day. Not only will this reduce the chance of getting scammed, but it will also make your movers work harder. It will be hard to dilly dally when the person who hired you is watching. However, make sure you’re fair to your movers, as well. Don’t push them too hard, and allow them to do their work. Remember, you’re there to make sure they don’t try to scam you.

Consider the rep

One of the most important ways to notice scam when you’re hiring low-cost movers is to pay close attention to their representative. You can learn a lot about the company by looking closely at the man they chose to represent them. Any cheap mover can get someone to be the rep, but only those who are reputable will take care who they choose for the job. Especially pay attention when you’re bargaining with them. You’ll need to keep your eye on their offer as well as their actions. This may prove hard to do, but with the help of this psychological article on how to avoid getting ripped off, you might be able to do it!

A man waiting to ask a question of his cheap movers.
Ask the company’s representative as many questions as you think is necessary.

In the end, it falls down what you need to move and how soon. Affordable movers can be good for short distances, but risky on an interstate move. While some more experienced may be too costly for the relocation you had in mind. All in all, instead of going for the cheapest mover, consider trying to find a good moving company online. You can still find affordable movers who are reputable and reliable. These are the people you can count on.

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