How to pack your apartment overnight

Everyone knows that organizing a move is not an easy thing to do. As there are so many things to think about like finding a good moving company and picking the best moving day, it makes perfect sense that people often get really stressed out during a move. What makes these situations easier is the fact that you usually know a couple of months or several weeks earlier that you are going to be moving. This allows you to plan ahead and make sure that everything will go alright. However, sometimes unexpected things happen and you have to move in a day or two, and then you find yourself in a situation that you have to pack your apartment overnight.

If you end up in such a situation, do not panic

This is the first and most important thing to take care off if you have to pack your apartment overnight, even before you hire last minute movers. Panicking can only cause further stress as you will not be able to perform effectively. Mental preparation is really important in this kind of situations. Being able to shrug off anything bad that happens is generally a very useful trait to have. So, how do you achieve this? You have to take a few moments for yourself and focus. Focus on the fact that no matter how stressful the times ahead may be, they will eventually end.

You will have to creative in order to pack your apartment overnight
If you are to pack properly, you will have to stay focused mentally

Acknowledge the fact that, no matter what happens, chances are that you are going to be completely alright. Furthermore, if you are not living alone, i.e. if you have a partner and/or kids, you have to help them prepare themselves too. Children can be very sensitive when it comes to moving, and it can be a rather traumatic experience for them. Depending on their age, you may need to address their feelings differently. However, what matters most is that you make it clear that you are there for them. Open and honest talk can go a long way in helping them deal with stress.

Call upon your friends and family

When those times when everything else fails us in life, having friends and family to talk to and to ask for help can mean all the difference. Calling upon them to help you out when the times are hard, and then celebrate when you get your fortune back is why they are there. They can raise the level of your packing efficiency virtually infinitely. As soon as the emergency strikes call them to help you. It is very likely that some of them are going to have some free moving boxes to lend you. This is not all that they can do for you, however.

people holding hands
Your friends and family can be really helpful!

If something major happened, like getting a fantastic new job, for instance, they can be there to celebrate with you. And not just that, as they can obviously help you pack your apartment overnight more quickly. Depending on the situation, they can provide further assistance in the form of tips and various advice. Furthermore, they may be able to recommend a good moving company which is really important. Also, if you have smaller kids, some of your friends or family members could perhaps babysit them while you prepare for the move. So, call them right away, and as you wait for them to come, read up on short distance moving tips.

Hire a moving company as soon as possible

One of the first things that you should do when you find out that you are going to be leaving your home really soon is to find a good moving company. Your friends and family may be familiar with good ones, so ask out around. In any case, you should most definitely find a moving company as moving is what they do. Yes, it may cost you more since this is the last minute case. However, since it is the last minute case it means that you will be under a lot of stress, so having a moving crew might be just what you need.

Plan what you need as you pack your apartment overnight

Ideally, you won’t really have to pack exactly overnight. But, if that does happen, you will have to work the same way you would if you had several weeks, just with less quantity. You will have to make a list, or preferably several of them. Since you probably won’t have enough time to make a detailed, ultimate inventory list, you will have to think as you go. Go room by room and inspect your entire place. Make a list of all the things that you are going to need. In order to make your packing and unpacking more efficient, it would be best to make a separate list for every room.

a man writing in a notebook on a table
You have to organize your packing really carefully

If you are not doing things alone, as you pack your apartment overnight, you should divide the work. You, as the one who is about to move, should do the lists. Go around the rooms and do those. If you are moving with your partner, you can check each other’s lists, by starting in separate rooms and then just taking the other one’s list and reviewing it. In the meantime, have your friends and family members pack your things in rooms that you already inventoried. As the packing goes on, someone can mark each of the boxes with “kitchen”, “bedroom” etc. Once you get to the unpacking phase in the new place, your life will be a lot easier.

Prioritize your packing and prepare the “essentials”

Since you have to pack your apartment overnight, you are going to have to reduce the number of your things, so make sure that you are open-minded when it comes to deciding what to throw away or leave behind. Also, you should definitely prepare the “essentials” bag (or bags). Make a separate bag or box for everyone moving. Put there everything that you are going to need in at least the first 24 hours. It would be smart to go on and pack an essentials box for every room in your home.

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