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First United Moving and Storage Review

Overall Rating

4.5 / 5

The Florida broker First United Moving and Storage has over 4,500 satisfied customers and overwhelmingly positive reviews. What is their secret? They combine their dedication to their clients with their vast network of moving companies across the country to make your relocation easier. Experts on both residential and commercial moving, this licensed and insured broker can help make almost any move easier. Take a closer look at what they offer in this honest and thorough review.

What does First United Moving and Storage do as a moving broker?

A moving broker is essentially a mediator between you and a moving company. The first step would, therefore, be to contact First United Moving and Storage and explain the parameters of your move to them. They will then use their expertise and contacts in the industry to find movers who can fulfill your requests. After researching the options and finding the one that best suits your needs and budget, they will schedule and organize the relocation.

While brokers like First United aren’t directly involved in the packing, loading and transporting of goods, they are important to your relocation (should you choose to go through one) because they will be in charge of organizing the entire process. Basically, you will be in contact with them and they will handle finding the movers, negotiating with them on your behalf and informing both parties of the agreements. It’s easy to see, then, how the right broker can make your relocation stress-free and easy.

The best of First United Moving and Storage

First United Moving and Storage are experts on both residential and commercial relocation. They collaborate with movers across the country, meaning you can employ their services virtually anywhere in the US. Some of their selling points are their offers of secure and spacious climate-controlled storage units, the inclusion of standard furniture disassembly and reassembly in the regular price and certified piano movers for your musical instruments. But their true standout features are:

  • the personalized service with 24/7 customer support
  • 30-day storage included for free in every move
  • budget-conscious prices
  • additional insurance packages

These are some of our favorites about First United and truly make them a major competitor in the moving industry.

Personalized service and constant support

First United Moving and Storage prides itself on its personalized approach to moving. You will be working with a dedicated coordinator who knows your move inside and out. Their task is to keep track of your relocation and update you on the progress. Not only does this mean you can relax and let a professional deal with the logistic details, but you also won’t have to explain yourself over and over again every time you need to contact someone regarding the move. This kind of one-on-one set-up is the key to the personal approach First United is known for.

Another part of United First’s customer focus policy is their customer service which is available 24/7. So if you ever need help because moving happens outside of standard working hours, you won’t have to worry. Customer support is available on evenings, weekends and even holidays.

Complimentary 30-day storage

Even though storage isn’t always a must when moving, it’s great to keep your options open. That’s exactly what First United offers with its complimentary storage. Storage units are located all over the country, come in various sizes and may or may not be climate-controlled. Specific units are, of course, subject to availability. However, 30 days of free storage is always included in your move with First United Moving and Storage.

Affordable and competitive prices

First United works with all sorts of movers, including the budget-friendly ones. This makes them one of the more affordable brokers on the market right now. Their long-distance moves, for example, start at just $1199. And even when their prices aren’t the lowest out there, they always remain competitive.

Good insurance packages

Sometimes things go wrong even with the best movers and packers out there. First United Moving and Storage doesn’t claim otherwise. Instead, they offer additional insurance packages to keep you covered in case something happens. Like always, extra service such as additional insurance will add some cost to you move. But the piece of mind is worth a few extra bucks.

Service they offer Residential, Commercial
Distance Offerings Interstate, Long distance and International
Additional moving-related services Packing, Storage and Piano Moving
Moving quotes Phone or Online
Company restrictions no local moving and auto transportation services

The worst of First United Moving and Storage

Nothing is ever perfect and even the best moving brokers have their flaws. So what potential concerns should you be aware of before hiring First United? Here’s what we disliked:

  1. there’s a 2,000 lbs minimum on every move
  2. the deposit is non-refundable after more than 72 hours
  3. your moving experience depends mostly on the carrier First United picks for you

Just to be clear, this doesn’t mean you can’t hire First United if you’re moving less than 2,000 lbs. They will still help you move with a smaller itinerary. But they will charge you at the rates for 2,000 lbs which might make them more expensive than other brokers and movers.

When it comes to the deposit, it amounts to 30% of the costs and is paid directly to First United Moving and Storage. If you cancel the relocation within 72 hours of electronically signing with them, all but 10% of the deposit will be refunded to you. Cancelling after this grace period means forfeiting the deposit. However, you can use that deposit on another interstate move with First United within 24 months.

Finally, the fact that your experience will depend mostly on the movers First United connects you with is pretty standard for working with brokers.

The verdict on First United Moving and Storage

Overall, First United Moving and Storage is a moving broker that offers a variety of moving and storage services at fair prices. The things that most set them apart are their 24/7 customer support, personalized approach and 30-day complimentary storage. If that sounds like something that might interest you, consider getting a free estimate from a representative. You can get in touch with First United Moving and Storage via email at, via phone on (877) 453-8222 or via live chat on their official website