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American Moving Solutions Review

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Overall Rating

4.6 / 5

In the days of rising moving scams, working hand in hand with a moving broker seems to be your only reasonable option. Considered as one of the premium long distance and cross country moving companies, American Moving Solutions is a great place to look for movers that will go that extra mile for the needs of the customer. At first glance, American Moving Solutions seems to have the best of both worlds – extensive experience coupled with extremely affordable prices. With this review, we will go ahead and put their scope of services under the microscope with the goal of helping you understand why hiring American Moving Solutions would be the right choice for you, as well as which things they could work on to become even better.

Available 24/7

Constantly trying to please and assist all of their clients, the moving concierges at American Moving Solutions are available at all times of day and night. Since they operate on the grounds of 48 different US states, they seem to understand that the time difference between two different US states can be considerable. By making sure they are available 24/7, they take care of answering all the questions their potential or existing clients may have. That’s just their first plus among many to come.

A variety of moving and storage services

By offering a plethora of moving services to choose from, American Moving Solutions and their affiliates assure that no part of your move stays uncovered. What’s always good to see in a moving company is the existence of both residential and commercial moving services. In this day and age, it’s very important to have the ability to relocate both your home and the business you worked so hard for at the same time. American Moving Solutions has ensured you don’t have to lift a finger during your relocation, be that relocation residential, commercial or international.

Besides, with specialized services, like the complete packing of your house and the transport of your piano, this brokerage company seems to have thought of everything.

Service they offer Residential, Commercial
Distance Offerings Interstate, Long Distance, and International
Additional moving-related services Packing, Storage, and Piano Shipping
Moving quotes Phone or Online
Company restrictions no local moving and auto transportation services

Licensed vehicle transportation service

What may be one of the main reasons people opt for American Moving Solutions is this one. Even some of the top-rated moving and brokerage companies don’t offer auto shipping services. Since this is a nationwide and long-distance move in question, you can imagine how shipping your vehicle with the same company that’s taking care of your household move can be a huge burden off of your shoulders. Some basic pieces of information that should be useful when considering paying for this additional service include:

  • Basic moving insurance is a part of the deal
  • A fleet consisting of close to 50 carriers
  • Shipping costs range between 50 cents to $1.25 per mile
  • Door-to-door pick liberates you of any aggravation
  • Hauling vehicles of all types

One month of free storage

Getting anything for free these days is always enticing, as it gives a person a sense of saving money. American Moving Solutions is clearly aware of that fact. They offer 30 days of free storage during your move. It must be admitted this is a very useful option; it does allow a person to finish up all the moving tasks in peace.

The pricing

American Moving Solutions is known for offering prices that are much lower than the competition. Considering the fact that any long-distance and nationwide relocation has to be at least a small financial burden, it certainly helps to know that your bank account won’t go into the red after the move is over. On the other hand, one must always remember that this is a brokerage company. That means they won’t conduct any moving assistance, but will instead find a company to do it. What the moving company’s tariff will be is largely up for debate. The precise amount can only be found out upon requesting a moving quote.

As for American Moving Solutions themselves, they will charge a regular fee for acting as mediators and connecting you with a moving company. This fee is nothing alarming, as all brokerage companies have to put some price on their services. What might present a problem is a somewhat strict cancellation policy.

If you decide to cancel the move with American Moving Solutions more than 72 hours after the contract was signed, you will have to deal with losing the deposit. On the other hand, should you cancel within those 72 hours after the contract was made, you won’t suffer any bigger consequences. Do expect to lose 10% of the deposit sum, however. It will go towards paying all incurred merchant fees.

Above-average ratings

Having a five-star rating on any site of relevance is mission impossible – unless there is only one review. American Moving Solutions is, of course, no exception to the rule. They do have an above-average ranking on different relevant sites, such as Manta, Moving Review, and Trust Pilot. Their average grade ranges from 4.0 to 4.5 which, for a business of their caliber, is a great overall grade. There are better-rated companies to be found, but the majority of similar companies are rated much worse.

The final verdict

If you want to find a really affordable and very experienced moving broker, get in touch with American Moving Solutions. They have over 5,000 of successful moves under their belt, which translates to more than 6,500 satisfied clients. However, always bear in mind that the affordability and safety of your move will be dependent mostly on the company you are matched with. When it comes to their part, American Moving Solutions will do everything in their power for you to have a memorable moving experience; one that you will remember by good things only, of course.

However, if you think you might be able to find a suitable moving company by yourself, you could try to avoid paying a fee for a moving broker. Also, having in mind that they do have a somewhat strict cancellation policy; it would be good to sign the contract only if 100% sure.

Once you decide you want to be pampered with start-to-finish assistance, hire American Moving Solutions. They will take care of things such as connecting you with a carrier perfectly suited for your needs. To get in touch with them, all you need to do is:

  • Dial (877) 628-6555.
  • Send an email to