Long Distance Moving Tips

Moving long distance is not easy. There are so many things that need to be done in a timely manner. If we do not have experience, it can feel overwhelming. Also, the stress and anxiety about our belongings will quickly exhaust us. One way to avoid making mistakes that can cost us energy and money is by making a moving plan. Thus, no matter how far you have to go, you will be enjoying your new home. With a good strategy that has all the right steps, a move can become a breeze. Master Moving Guide experts share some moving tips on how best to prepare for the upcoming relocation. Because there is no better help than knowing what to expect. Reach out and we will help you find moving companies that will meet your needs and help you organize your relocation.

woman carrying boxes moving long distance
Decluttering will help you have an easier long distance trip

Before moving long distance do not forget to declutter

If you lived for a long time in your home, then probably you have accumulated a lot of stuff. However, when moving long distance, it is better to have the bare minimum to relocate. For it will be easier to pack everything when there are fewer items. And the moving estimate will be more affordable. It is important if you are moving on a budget. The best way to declutter is to keep emotions on the side throughout the process. So no matter the sentimental value it might have, if something is broken, beyond repair, get rid of it. Once you have decided what you are keeping, the rest you can donate, sell or throw away. Organizing a yard sale is perfect if you wish to earn some money. Similarly, you can donate some of it to a nearby shelter.

Make a detailed inventory of all your belongings

Long distance moving companies need to know how much stuff they need to transport. Therefore always before hiring them, make a detailed inventory of all the possessions you wish to bring with you. It will help them make an accurate relocation estimate. However, it is not only for their benefit. You can read a ton of moving tips, but if you do not know how many items you need to pack and transport, you will make mistakes. So an inventory list will help you get organized. Additionally, it is of the essence when moving long distance because you will need it to keep track of everything. Once everything arrives at your new home, you will know immediately if anything is missing. Hence, ultimately it is done for the protection of your belongings.

When moving long distance it is prudent to get an insurance

Relocating a long way is not easy on your belongings. There are a lot of people packing, loading, and unloading. Not to mention, the long trip on the back of a truck. It is why an essential part of long distance and interstate moving tips is insurance. Without it, if anything happens, you have no protection. With it, if any accident happens, and your belongings get damaged, you will get compensation. However, if you are getting insurance from the moving company, you should first check it. Because most often, they will offer you the basic coverage that is only 60 cents on a pound of damaged belongings. So if you have a number of valuable items, it is prudent to get the full coverage. Have a talk with your moving company about what they offer and think carefully before you make a decision.

man giving a woman a pen and papers
Read carefully the insurance offer before you sign it

Ask few long distance moving companies for estimates

When you are getting ready for a long way move, it is important to have the assistance of a reliable moving company. They will make sure everything goes smoothly, so you do not have to worry. However, of all the tips for hiring movers, the most important one is not settling on the first ones you find. Firstly you need to check their customer reviews. Choose only those with positive ones. Likewise, a long experience is a good attribute. Once you made a list of good candidates, ask them for estimates. But avoid those that give them over email or a phone. Professional long distance moving companies would never do that. Instead, they will send a person to your home to evaluate it. Lastly, once you have gathered all the moving quotes, compare them. This way you will have more chance of getting an affordable price.

Gather all the packing materials for your far away move

Before you start packing, you will need a lot of packing materials. Things like cardboard boxes, bubble wrappers, plastic sheets, and duct tape are essential. With them, you will be able to use all the packing tips the right way. Firstly you can buy them or rent them from long distance moving companies. Renting is a more budget-friendly solution. And they will not take any space after you finish because you will return them. Still, if you wish to save money, it is better to use second-hand materials. Ask your friends, neighbors, and family if they have any leftovers from their last move. Likewise, you can visit the local shops, bars or markets. They usually have some boxes they do not need. Though you need to make sure they are in good condition. Avoid any that are wet and do not look durable.

box, duct tape and scissors
Gather only durable packing materials for your long distance relocation

Start packing your household for a long trip

All your packed items will have to spend a long time traveling to your new home. So everything must be correctly packed. Otherwise, they are at risk of getting damaged. Because there will be bumps on the road, and some of them might fall on the side. Therefore ensure that all your fragile items are tightly wrapped with bubble wrap. If you are not sure about something and have nobody to ask for advice, the online moving FAQ is a great source of information. Also, once you place them into the box, there should not be any empty space in between. Use the crumpled newspaper and stuff it inside so that nothing can move. Additionally, do not forget to seal the boxes with duct tape so, they do not open during the long distance relocation.

Label all the boxes before you ship them long distance

Labeling the boxes is a lifesaver. Often people forget this step, and once everything arrives at their new home, they have forgotten what is inside. Even short distance moving tips advise this is the best course of action. Because there are a lot of things to do and you will quickly forget where is what. Therefore as soon as you tape a box, always put a label on it. You can write with a marker on the side of the box. Or if you are renting them tape a paper with information on them. Likewise, you can simply write what room they belong to. So, for example, if it is pots and pans, write kitchen on the side. That way, the movers will know immediately where to put the boxes.

woman writing books on a box
Always label the boxes before you ship them

Disassemble all the furniture prior to moving long distance

Furniture is bulky and heavy, which makes it hard to transport. To make the move easier it is better to disassemble everything. The makings of top quality long distance movers are that they have the skill to do it quickly. But if you wish to do it by yourself, firstly you need to gather all the tools. You will need a screwdriver, hammer, and pliers. Also, avoid doing it alone. Most of the furniture is too heavy for one person to handle. So with friends by your side, you will have an easier time. Likewise, always read the instruction manual before you start pulling them apart. It will have written instructions on how best to disassemble them. Furthermore, do not lose all the small pieces like nuts and bolts. Place them in a plastic bag and tape them to a large piece of furniture.

Prepare an essentials bag for the long distance journey

Some items you will have to keep close to you all through the trip. So you need to ensure you do not pack them with the rest of your belongings into a moving truck. Items like personal documents and keys to your new home are essential. Next, pack all the valuables like jewelry and keep them in your personal bag. Do not forget all the passports, driver’s licenses, bank statements, birth certificates, and medical documents. Thus you will not have to wait for them to arrive. Also, do not forget to pack a change of clothes, toiletries, and beddings. Moving long distance is exhausting, and you will immediately wish to have a shower and rest. Likewise, you will have to bring essentials for your kids and if you have, pets.

bag on the floor and passport in hand
For moving long distance essentials bag will save you a lot of trouble

Some items are banned for transport

Often items that are ok for a local move are forbidden for a long distance one. Therefore always check with your moving company what is ok and what not to pack. Some laws do not allow them to transport them. Also, some of them are harmful and can be dangerous to ship a long distance. Most of these items you will find in a garage.

For example, do not transport gasoline, paint, gas, oxygen in tanks. Likewise, you can not pack plants, animals, perishable food, ammunition, and weapons. Hence always ask for the list of not allowed stuff before you start packing for the trip. You will also find these guidelines as storage tips, so make sure to abide if you are considering renting storage units.

Get your utilities in order before you move to a new address

One thing you never one to do is to leave all your utilities in your name. It will be a waste of money to pay when you are not using them. Therefore make sure you cancel water, gas, and electricity at least three weeks before your move. It is how long it will take companies to disconnect them no matter which cities for your new home you are considering. Next, you need to arrange everything in your new home. You do not want to arrive there, and there is no water or internet. So get in touch with all the providers in a timely manner. Thus everything will be ready for you. Also, always save all the bills from your old home. You do never know when you might need them. If they take too much space, scan them and upload them on the hard drive.

Say goodbye to your loved ones

A long distance relocation is a huge step in anybody’s life. You will be leaving everything you know and travel to a new place. So it is better to spend some time with loved ones and say a proper goodbye. Do not wait last minute to do it because it will come as a shock. They will need time to process the information. One of the ways to do it is to organize a farewell party. You can invite all your family and friends and spend a fun day with them. Try to stay in touch with them after your move. It will help you acclimate to the big change quickly when you have the support of loved ones.

four friends looking at sunset before moving long distance

These tips will help you have a stress-free long distance move

Moving long distance will take a toll on even the most experienced. But with these tips, you will be able to prepare mentally for the big day. They will help you avoid any mistakes that can cost money and cause you emotional distress. However, the most important part you should not miss is hiring a reputable moving company. Always check if they are registered with Federal Carrier Motor Safety Administration. If they are, it means they have the proper license and insurance. With the assistance of professionals, you can cross any distance stress-free.

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