Where to find free moving boxes?

Most of the complications during the moving process come from improper packing. Believe it or not, packing might take up to 3 times more energy and time than the moving day itself! If you are trying to organize your moving process, reading an ultimate moving guide could be a good idea. However, finding the right packing supplies might be a challenge. You might be moving on a budget and trying to save as much money as you possibly can. If you are moving on a budget, a good idea is to find free moving boxes. They are way easier to find than one might think. Keep reading to find out where to go and how to look for them.

Before looking for free moving boxes, plan your packing

Wherever you plan to move, packing can be a complicated process. However, it will mainly depend on your organizing skills and the time you take to prepare. Planning the packing process sounds easier than it is. If you are moving your home, there’s a chance you could lose something on a moving day. You could also forget to pack an item, or you could pack it the wrong way. What’s important to keep track of is – fragile items. Choosing the right moving boxes will help you secure delicate items like mirrors, picture frames, and glasses.

Before looking for the free moving boxes, you should also make an inventory of your belongings and make a moving checklist. This way you will know the exact number of moving boxes you’ll need. Not to forget, you should measure some of the bulky items you plan to pack into the boxes. The right size of the box will be important during the moving process. It could prevent breaking or free movement of the items you packed. Here are few things not to forget when planning the moving boxes:

  • Make a list of your belongings. If you are moving from a big house, you can make an inventory of every room.
  • Divide your belongings into groups. For example, you can label the boxes “fragile”, “bed linen”, “clothes”, “bathroom” etc.
  • Choose the right size of moving boxes. During the packing process, use smaller boxes for heavier items and vice versa. This will allow you to carry larger boxes with ease.
  • Plan the packing process by days. If you don’t have enough time to pack, you can always hire professional packers. However, if you want to do it on your own, you might need more than one day to do it.

What are the best places to find free moving boxes?

You might be surprised with how many places offer free moving boxes that they don’t need anymore. Usually, these places are local stores that get their deliveries on daily basis. The cardboard boxes they have shouldn’t be more than a week old since they are not used after unpacking the delivery. Just by walking on the street and visiting few local stores, you can get your own free moving boxes. Here are some of the places you are most likely to find free moving boxes.

an open cardboard box
Good-quality moving boxes are not hard to find if you know where to look for! Free boxes will be good for your moving budget, too!

Check the local stores

The office supply store

What better way to pack your office supplies than into the free moving boxes from an office supply store? If you have one near your home, visit it and talk to the salesperson or the manager. Some supply stores will offer you free moving boxes, while others might ask for a smaller amount of money for them. Make sure to check for the quality of cheap moving boxes you get. They must not be wet, damaged or ripped apart.


Local grocery stores

These stores are probably the easiest choice for everyone looking for free moving boxes. The reason is simple – these stores are on every corner of almost every neighborhood. The problem might be the quality of the boxes you get. Most of the local grocery stores get fruit and vegetables delivered in them. For this reason, the boxes might be wet or dirty from the food. However, you can always check for the ones from cosmetic products or milk cartons.

grocery store supplies
If you are looking for good moving boxes in the grocery store, make sure to check if they are wet, damaged or ripped apart

Nearby restaurants

Just like the local bars, the restaurants usually get a bigger amount of drinks delivered on daily basis. These boxes are better quality since they need to withstand more weight.

Home improvement stores

These stores are good for find all sizes of free moving boxes. Actually, cardboard boxes are the most common material that home improvements stores get with the deliveries. Make sure to calculate the number and size of the moving boxes you need, before asking for them in the store.

Check the internet, you might get lucky!

In the end, you can free moving boxes online, from the comfort of your couch. The best thing about the internet is that you can just type in “free moving boxes” and all sorts of websites will pop up. The ones like Craigslist and eBay offer stuff you don’t have to pay for. Many people offer the free moving boxes since they want to get rid of their own clutter.

office supplies on a desk
If you don’t find free moving boxes in the office supply store, you’ll find them online for sure.

In the end, you might need a convenient storage unit after the moving process is over. You can find a cheap storage solution by asking your movers about it. They will know how to help you find the best unit for your needs. Make sure to check all your free moving boxes and get ready for a stress-free packing process!

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