Best places to get recommendations for movers

Before you start planning all the details of your relocation, there is one important task that you should do first. That is securing the services of a reliable moving company. And how do you know if you have found such a company? The best proof is definitely someone’s positive experience. The moving industry is full of moving companies that all have the same services, at a glance. What you need to make a difference between them are recommendations. Among all ways to find a good moving company recommendations are the most certain one. Hence, let’s find out what are the best places to get recommendations for movers. 

Ask a friend

There is no better way to find a top moving company, than a personal recommendation. Not only this will help you avoid moving scams, but also you will have an insight into the way they do business. Through personal references, you will be able to find movers you can actually trust. The trust is crucial because, in a world where everybody’s claiming to be the best, you need help figuring out which one really is. In order to win your trust as a user of various services, it can be pretty refreshing to get unbiased opinions about professional movers from the people you trust the most – your friends. Your friends have no interest in lying to you or embroidering the truth in any way. In fact, you can be sure that you are to hear it all. They will tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Dinner with pie and two hands with glasses is one of the best places to get recommendations for movers
You can invite your friends for dinner and ask them for recommendations face to face

Two ways to get recommendations

Following two ways are the most effective ways to get recommendations for movers from friends, family members, coworkers, and neighbors.

  • The face-to-face recommendation is probably the best one. If you have enough time until your move date, you can try it. Organize face-to-face meetings with friends who have used professional moving services recently. Invite them over for a dinner or have a coffee with them. Use the time with them to learn the name of the moving company they used and hear about their experiences.
  • You can get recommendations remotely too. If you don’t have much time or you are not really in the mood to meet some of your friends in person, this is the way to go. Ask your friends for movers recommendations by using your favorite social network. For example, you can post on Facebook or Tweeter question about good movers recommendation. You will certainly get a few responses, and some of them will be useful.

Forums- one of the best places to get recommendations for movers

Other places to get recommendations for movers are online forums. Most noteworthy, forums can provide you with information that you might not be able to get anywhere else. For example, if you are looking for movers that provide some specific service, such as binding estimate, this is the place to get this kind of information. This process is a bit more time consuming since you need to filter a lot of unnecessary information. However, the benefits can be huge. Because forums are a place to get all kinds of information. Additionally, they serve as a buffer between you and moving scams.

Reviews of movers

Good places to get recommendations for movers are specialized websites with customers’ reviews. Here you can check movers reviews and moving company ratings on some specialized websites. Evaluating the online reputation of movers is an important step in the process of finding the best moving companies in your area. Users of moving services will often leave feedback about their movers and moving experience after the move is over. In those brief reviews, they will tell what their movers did right and what they did wrong. They will give you more details about any issues, problems, misunderstandings or disputes they might have had with the pros. And this information is pure gold.

Hands holding a phone with a lot of signs for social media and applications
Social media can help you get the recommendations really quick

These reviews can be very useful because they are supposed to show how trustworthy and efficient movers are. Under ideal conditions, such reviews could serve as a guide. They should give you a general idea of which companies are safe to be hired and which ones you better skip.

But be careful, some of the reviews can be fake. They could be written only for positive feedback for some company. You will easily recognize this type of reviews because they sound too good to be the truth. On the other hand, you may notice some exaggerated bad reviews. Chances are they are fake too. Competitors may write these in order to ruin the reputation of some company. Therefore, take every review with a pinch of salt.

Business ratings

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) includes strict standards for business accreditation. Those standards are built on eight principles and they are called BBB Standards for Trust. Their goal is to highlight the importance of creating and maintaining trust in business. Hence, one of the places to get recommendations for movers is their website. There, you can find BB ratings of movers that may help you decide. Consequently, you should skip moving companies that are not BBB accredited or ones that have very low BBB ratings. The Better Business Bureau sets very high standards for trust between consumers and businesses. Their ratings can show you how trustworthy a company is.

A man typing on his laptop, on the table with a plant and cup
Even when you get recommendations, good screening won’t hurt

What’s the next step?

Places to get recommendations for movers will help you make a selection but that is not the whole picture. Don’t underestimate the importance of good screening. Once you get recommendations, your next step should be to screen them. This includes a quick background check with BBB and a little online research. If anything suspicious comes up, better skip. We really hope you will find the best movers for your relocation. May you enjoy your new home, and your new beginning!


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