Tips for packing a nursery

Every relocation is a challenge in one’s life. But moving with a baby is a whole new level. But, do not panic. With a proper plan and organization, your move can go smoothly. The biggest task will probably be the packing of your household. And the most important room you need to pack is of course – a nursery room. Hence, check out these tips for packing a nursery with ease.

Solid research is a key

Just like for any other project, the better the research you do, the easier it will be. Moving preparations and packing are half of the job, so you to do it right. Since you are not moving alone, you will have a big responsibility during the whole preparation and moving process. And there are many things you will need to research. First of all, you need to find a reliable moving company, because moving with a baby requires professional help. Then, you need to purchase moving supplies and make a plan.

A baby boy sipping milk from the bottle
First pack the essential, your baby’s food, bottles and diapers

Pack essentials first

Packing essentials first in a properly labeled box will save your time after the move. You won’t lose your time hunting for sheets, pacifiers, and toys, because you will have all that in one place. Put there everything your kid needs during the move and for the first night at your new home. This includes everything baby can’t spend a night without. Once you box up these items, make sure to properly label the box and place it somewhere where you can reach it easily. This box should be loaded last, on top of other boxes.  Here is a checklist with typical essentials for your baby, use it to make your own.

  • Diapers, many of them
  • Pacifiers
  • Wipes
  • Clothing and pajamas
  • Some sort of pack ‘n play, like a high chair or bouncy seat
  • A favorite blanket and a stuffed animal
  • A couple of favorite toys
  • Breast pump and a breastfeeding pillow
  • Formula, juice and a snack, depending on your kid’s age
  • Cooler – if you need it for breastmilk and formula
  • Sippy cups
  • Bottles
  • Stroller and carrier
  • Bath items and products
  • Car seat
  • Some extra bags for dirty diapers and messy clothes
  • Any medications you may need during the move and the first night
  • First aid kit and a thermometer

When you are packing a nursery, bring plenty of extra bottles and snacks on hand. Also, try to keep your child as distracted as possible. You can use a new toy, extra boxes to play with, or even some cartoons.

Packing a nursery like a pro

Pack the rest of the things logically, by using smaller boxes for heavy items and large ones for the lighter ones. For example, you can pack stuffed animals in a large box, because they are light and not fragile. On the other hand, you should protect fragile items with bubble wrap before placing them in a small box. Seal the boxes with duck tape and label them with many details. 

Stuffed animals -teddy bears with hats
Stuffed animals are pretty light, so you can pack them in a large box

Packing a baby cot

Make sure you disassemble baby cot before packing it. And before you do that, take a few pictures, so you know how to assemble it later. If you haven’t kept its original box, use some of the similar sizes. Collect all nails and place them in a small box or bag, so you don’t lose them. Also, wrap each part with bubble wrap, before you place it in a box.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help

When you are moving with a baby and packing a nursery,  you are going to need not only extra hands but yours too. For this reason, hiring a babysitter, family member or friend to watch your baby during the move is highly recommended. While sleepy newborns are usually easy to contain during a move, curious and perky toddlers are typically all over the place. It’ also a great idea to leave the packing to your movers as well. And if you are moving your business too, you will need movers that are experts in both commercial and residential relocations. Remember, the easiest way to relocate is to choose your battles.

In case you need to move in a short notice, you should consider hiring last minute movers. Don’t even try to perform the last-minute DIY move, with kid or kids, it’s just impossible. With right movers by your side, you can focus on your child instead of that oversized couch stuck in the doorway.

Maintain a baby routine, even during the move

When it comes to raising a baby, a good routine is key. This routine can be easily interrupted during the move, and it is very hard to back on track later. So, don’t let that happen. Maintaining a napping and feeding schedule during the move won’t be easy, but just do your best to keep it as normal as possible. Furthermore, consistency gives children a sense of security, which is particularly important during the stressful moving process.

A woman holding a baby, outdoors in daylight
While newborns are mostly asleep during the move, toddlers can be unstoppable

Baby-proof your new home

Finally, the last but equally important step is baby-proofing your new home as soon as possible. As soon as you arrive, make sure to remove any potentially dangerous items or packing materials from the home. Also, cleaning the home extensively before officially moving in is a great idea. Here are some noteworthy suggestions:

  • Get child-resistant locks on drawers containing knives, matches, lighters and cleaning products
  • Put safety gates on stairways and dangerous areas
  • Seal all medicine and prescription cabinets with child-proof locks
  • Make sure to keep small objects like marbles,  balloons, and balls away from your kids
  • Use window guards to secure windows
  • Most importantly, install smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms and change the batteries regularly
  • Cover all electrical outlets with outlet covers

Follow these tips, and packing a nursery will be a piece of cake! Good luck with making a safe and happy home for your baby!

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