How to pack an essentials moving box

With the hectic atmosphere on the moving day, you’ll need all the help you can get. A good idea is to have a bag with all your necessary items with you when you move. This way you’ll have all your essentials right where you can reach them. So, before you find the best movers for you, check out our guide on how to pack an essentials moving box to help you with your relocation.

Pack early

Your essentials packing box should contain all the items you’ll need to help with your move. Thus, it only goes to reason that you’ll pack it last. Since you’ll want to be done packing before your local movers arrive, you’ll need to start packing as early as possible. This will also give you enough time to see which tools you’ll want in the last box. All in all, it good to start your packing process as long before the moving day as you can. To make your packing cheaper, you can get free moving boxes. This will save you some money you’ll definitely need during your relocation.

Your essentials moving box

In addition to this, your essential box should be durable. It won’t do to use a flimsy, second-hand cardboard box for this purpose. Remember, this is a bag of necessities for your move – you’ll want everything inside to remain damage-free. Thus, you’ll need to choose the right moving box for the job! Make sure you choose a sturdy and tough plastic moving box.

Think of what you’ll need

There are many items which can come in useful during a relocation. You definitely wouldn’t want to bring all of them in your essentials moving box. However, you’ll still need to decide which of these items are going it the last box and which of them you’ll pack with the rest of your items. As you pack your things, it will soon become clear which of your tools should go to the box you’ll keep with you. They’ll be the ones you’ll use a lot. Apart from this, there are some items you should keep close to you on a moving day, such as:

  • tape – always have tape around, whatever you’re doing. The tape has proven to be one of the best and most versatile solutions for many issues. So, keep a healthy supply of it on your moving day.
  • scissors – or any other tool for cutting. You might need to cut tape, cardboard and open boxes. Prepare a good pair of scissors or a knife and pack it into your essentials moving box.
  • a pen and a marker – something that can write on the boxes, but also something you can use to write on paper.
  • a notebook – or paper. It will be useful to leave notes, write down things and make lists. Finally, you can always use it as the last source of entertainment if all else falls apart. Give your kids some pencils and have them draw during long hours on the move.
Pack a notebook in your essential moving box.
A notebook can come in useful in many ways.

Other things you might need in your essentials moving box

Depending on where you’re moving and how your special box will be different. However, your box should provide you with a way to deal with some pesky difficulties you’ll encounter during the relocation.

Means of cleaning up

Rags, cleaning fluids and some garbage bags. Once you arrive at your new home, you’ll want to be able to use it as soon as possible. This usually requires some cleaning. By keeping your cleaning supplies in your essentials moving box will make them easily accessible. This way you won’t need to go rummaging through all your boxes to find them.

Extra lighting

Pack up a flashlight and a few extra light bulbs. Even though you probably checked your new place out, it doesn’t hurt to be extra careful. You might relocate when shops aren’t open, so you won’t be able to replace the dead bulbs right away. Unpacking is very difficult in the dark especially since you might not be familiar with the layout of your new home. Furthermore, a flashlight might be useful when unloading the truck or moving your items through your new backyard. It always pays to come prepared!

A flashlight from someone's special moving box.
It’s useful to have a flashlight handy during a relocation.


Since you’re not yet familiar with your new home and you don’t know where all the electrical sockets are, you might want to pack a few extension cords in your essentials moving box. It’s good to have the extra reach, and it can pay off manyfold. Imagine you’ve moved into a home in the middle of winter. An extension cord might be separating you from a cold night and a night with the heater on. It’s also a good idea to bring some batteries with you.

Pack a personal bag

Another thing that will be essential on your moving day is your personal bag. This won’t go into your special moving box but will stay with you at all times during the move. This is a bag with all your medication, documents, and personal devices. This bag should be your last line of defense during your relocation, so you might want to pack some spare clothes in it. If your bag’s too small, check out this technique for efficient clothes packing. Make sure you pack what you might need to work from home in this bag, as well. Depending on how long your relocation may take, you might have to work from home or from the road.

Having an emergency abg is a good idea during a relocation.
A personal bag should be your worst case scenario bag.

Hopefully, our guide was useful and it helped you decide what to pack on your next relocation. Remember to keep your essentials moving box with you on your moving day and during the move. This will make your relocation much faster and easier.

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