Hire last minute movers for a quick relocation

Last-minute relocation is a real case scenario for many people. On the one hand, it can go smoothly and with no complications. However, many of us stumbled upon a moving scam just because of rushed planning of the move. In order to avoid a moving scam and organize your move professionally, hiring last-minute movers is highly recommendable. If you never moved before, reading a good moving guide can help you a lot. Browse the internet, and you can find various tips and hints for moving without complications. Establish the moving budget and start exploring the endless possibilities of preparing for the move.

While you prepare for the move, reading this article will help you understand the importance of hiring professional movers, especially if you’re moving the last minute. Besides choosing the right moving company, you should learn how to avoid spending an entire fortune on the move. Keep reading and learn how to prepare for the last-minute relocation and hiring professional moving assistance.

How to prepare for a last-minute move?

Moving in the last minute takes a lot of skills to achieve. Unlike preparing for months, last-minute moving can cause you to lose some of your items or forget to do an important errand. This is why planning ahead is crucial, even if you don’t have much time before the move. So start preparing your plan immediately after you learn about the move. Of course, if you never moved before, take some time to read a few articles online and inform yourself about the moving process and what you can expect. Maybe this sounds like a waste of time. But it shouldn’t take you more than an hour to find out everything about your upcoming move. Also, you will need no more than two hours to prepare a good moving plan. Going into this adventure without a clear plan could cost a lot.

A notebook with plan writing
Take a few hours and craft a good moving plan

This is how a basic moving plan should look like:

  • Hiring last-minute movers
  • Decluttering
  • Acquiring packing supplies
  • Packing
  • Cleaning

You should consider browsing for more than one moving company online.

While running around and organizing your new housing, you should consider hiring moving assistance. The reason for this is simple – professional movers know how to pack and transport your belongings efficiently in the shortest amount of time. Trustworthy movers will consider your time a priority. Make sure to have an honest conversation with your movers before hiring them.

Prepare your moving budget before hiring last minute movers

However, before hiring movers, you should think about your moving budget. Moving in the last minute might be more expensive than booking movers a few months ahead. For this reason, you should consider browsing for more than one moving company online. If you are moving during the peak moving season, you can expect the moving companies to raise the prices of their services. Also, you should inform yourself regarding hidden moving costs that could come up unexpectedly. That is why preparing your moving budget is very important. Here are the things you should especially watch out for when you are preparing your moving budget:

Hiring last minute movers and their packing and unpacking services

Packing and unpacking services are a very useful thing. Especially during a last-minute relocation. However, they are charged separately. Ask your last minute movers about this. Also, some companies will ask you to pay for the quality moving boxes they will need to use. You can avoid this item in your budget by finding free moving boxes at your local grocery or even online.

If you ask your last-minute movers to disassemble and reassemble your furniture, you will have to pay extra

If you are hiring packing and unpacking services, your movers will have to disassemble and reassemble your furniture. Do not think that this is free of charge. One of the last-minute moving tips to avoid this is to dismantle your furniture on your own before they arrive.

Do not forget to include moving insurance expenses in your moving budget

Moving insurance is not mandatory. However, it is very important to have. Particularly during a last-minute move when you and your movers are in a hurry. Even though it is significant, it can be easily overlooked while preparing your moving budget.

Moving of specialty items also counts as one of the hidden moving expenses

Some moving companies will charge you extra for moving your large and awkwardly shaped items. Those are usually pool tables, pianos, hot tubs, heavy safes, and such. If you own one of those, or you think that your large closet could be in that category, talk to your last-minute moving company.

Packed piano
Piano moving will cost you extra

Before you call your last minute movers, check if you have some especially large items that cannot fit through your door

Sometimes it can happen that some of your large items cannot go through your door or hallway. In that case, they will have to use the crane or other machinery to get these items through a window. If you know that you will need a rigging service, include it in your budget.

Movers do not like stairs, and they will charge you more if they encounter them

If your building does not have an elevator, and your movers need to take your items across the stairs, you will be charged extra. Maybe your current building has one. But have you thought about your new place?

Prepare a parking spot for the truck to avoid a long carry fee

Most of the times a parking spot for the moving truck will be your responsibility. Make sure that you reserve at least two spots for their vehicle. Of course, your mover can park further away. However, then you will have to think about long carry fees that most last-minute companies will ask you to pay.

Sometimes even storage could be a surprise

One of the hidden moving costs is storage service fees. Maybe you will decide to store a part of your inventory in a storage unit. Or your new building has some rules regarding the time in which the moving in is allowed. If your movers fail to get there on time, your items might need to be held or stored temporarily. Of course, there are other situations when this could happen. Include this in your moving budget just in case it happens to you.

Last-minute movers value their time more than others so avoid making additional stops along the way

Maybe you would like that some of your items are delivered to a storage facility or maybe to your friend. Moving companies have extra stop charges that are usually around $75 per stop. Last-minute movers could even charge more as they value their time more.

Hire the movers in your vicinity to evade travel fees

Some movers will charge you the time they need to reach your premises from their office. This usually costs one hour of labor. Make sure that you discuss this with your movers before they begin.

How to check your last-minute movers?

If you are searching for a moving company in a hurry you are most likely to find a moving fraud. In order to avoid moving scams, make sure to do a background check for the company you want to hire. Good last minute movers should not hide any information from you. But how to check whether a moving company is trustworthy or not? For this, you can use the bbb.org (Better Business Bureau) or fmcsa.dot.gov (The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). They are packed with useful information on almost every moving company in the United States. However, you shouldn’t take their word for it.

Illustration of a man using a laptop
There are many fraudulent movers. Be careful

A more thorough check should help you to find reliable last-minute movers

If you do a thorough check you will probably identify reliable last-minute movers and your relocation can go without stress. After you locate more than one moving company, you should be able to compare them. Trustworthy last minute movers should tell you all the details regarding your move and always be honest with you. If you want to check if you hired reliable movers, besides bbb.org and fmcsa.dot.gov, you can always look for online moving reviews on moving-related forums. Other people’s experience can tell you a lot about the moving company.

The benefits of hiring last-minute movers

If you are still not sure whether you need to hire professional moving assistance, take a look at the benefits of hiring last minute movers:

  • Last-minute movers will plan your move one step at a time
  • If professionals carry and transport your moving boxes, you will avoid the most common injuries.
  • Affordable movers can save you a lot of money. Professional packers will save you hours of searching for packing supplies. No to mention all the money you can save by securing your belongings the right way for transportation.
  • The packing process is much more efficient. Movers you hire will bring their own packing supplies. Just make sure that they are included in your price.
  • Saving valuable time. If you have a full-time job and a family to take care of, consider hiring last minute movers. Besides organizing your move, movers can help you pack and supply all the packing materials for you.

Look for more than one moving quote

After making the decision to hire professional moving assistance, it is time to check for the best moving companies near you. Last-minute moving can be more expensive than moving on time. The reason is simple – hiring movers a few months ahead of time can help you get a discount for their services. In order to avoid a moving scam when moving at the last minute, make sure to evaluate more than one moving company.

Woman searching for last-minute movers online
Make sure that you compare a few quotes before hiring last-minute movers

How to evaluate your last-minute movers properly

The process of evaluating a good last-minute moving company takes a few stages. First of all, you should ask people you know for recommendations. If people tell you positive things about a moving company from their own experience, there’s a big chance that the company’s reliable. After you check for recommendations, it’s time to find out if the moving company you want to hire is reliable. Talking with the last minute movers can tell you a lot about the company they’re representing.

On your initial meeting, make sure to ask your movers about the way they plan to perform your move. In case you are moving long-distance, you should discuss all the logistics before hiring a moving company. The company you hire should be willing to adjust their service to your moving situation.

Avoid fraudulent last-minute movers by comparing moving estimates

In the end, good last-minute movers will give you a reasonable moving quote. If you are not sure how much you should pay for the last-minute moving service, ask more than one moving company for an estimate of your moving costs. You should be able to tell the difference between a good moving company and a fraudulent one. Keep in mind that many relocation professionals ask for unreasonably high prices for your last minute move. If you want to relocate safely and not spend a fortune, make sure to inform well before hiring last minute movers.

If you find good movers the moving process should be much easier

Hiring last-minute movers is a necessity, but if you manage to find a reliable company you can expect them to be of much help during your move. Even if you are in a hurry, take some time to make sure that you will be working with trustworthy professionals.

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