Moving your business or office? Hire commercial movers!

There are more than a few reasons for deciding to move your business or office. Whether it is reaching new markets, lowering the costs or upgrading the facilities, taking the leap of faith and starting to plan a corporate relocation take a lot of preparations, research, and devotion. In order to minimize the business disruption and move your business safely and avoid moving scams, you need to find reputable and reliable commercial movers. With a professional and experienced mover to help you plan and execute the move, you will be able to minimize the workflow disruption and ensure the relocation is done according to your deadline and needs.

man planning a business move
Commercial moving won’t be stressful if you plan in advance

Besides finding the right office mover to help, there are a few important things to know before moving your business. As there are many tasks to fulfill and plan, stay organized by making a moving plan. This article will provide you with a few important guidelines to follow.

How to plan a commercial move

Whether you are moving your office just a few blocks away or planning to relocate your business to another state you need to ensure you the move goes quickly and according to your plan. The key to a successful and safe business relocation is planning in advance. Therefore, start preparing for the move as soon as possible. With a few months of time for planning, you will be able to execute the move properly and avoid overlooking any important tasks.

Here a few important steps to follow when planning a business relocation:

  • Form a relocation team from the members of your staff.
  • Create the budget.
  • Make a packing plan and evaluate whether you can use the move to enhance your business..
  • Create a list od predeparture tasks. 
  • Find reliable commercial movers.
  • Prepare your future business premises for the move.
  • Double check everything and prepare for the moving day.

Why do you need a relocation team?

One of the most common moving mistakes business owners or CEOs tend to make is to try to organize the move themselves or trust their mover to plan everything for them. Moving an office is stressful and time-consuming. However, the good news is that you don’t have to do it on your own! No matter how capable or reputable your mover is, having a team of your trusted employees to help you will make the whole process much easier.

a corporate team planning the move
Let your staff help

Besides having the help you need, there a few more reasons for including your staff in the planning process. The opportunity for them to be a part of the decision-making process will make this huge change much easier on your business and the workflow. By feeling included, your staff will more easily understand the reasons for such a huge transition. Therefore, they will more easily come on board!

Delegate the responsibilities. Have the team plan the timeline for the relocation. Also, make sure there are enough time and space for their brainstorming and idea sharing. As they might have a different point of view, they might be able to provide you will valuable insights on how to minimize the business disruption during the process.

Let your relocation team plan the moving budget as well. Make sure you calculate the overall moving cost. Create a detailed plan of all expected spendings during the move. Adding additional business expenses that are non-related to the move, like rents etc., might make the budget planning process easier.

Can you use the relocation to improve your business?

Many business owners use the relocation to enhance and improve their business. Evaluate whether you can upgrade your equipment and electronic. Consider redecorating and rebranding. A new and improved workspace may boost your staff’s productivity and motivation. All of which will greatly influence the results. Rebranding may also attract new prospective business partners and clients.

Have your team make a packing plan. Evaluate whether you want to relocate all of your office furniture and equipment. If not, recycle, sell and donate the items you don’t need. Therefore, you will be able to lower your moving cost as well.

If you are moving your company on a budget there are a few more ways to lower the cost. Save money with cheap moving boxes and by packing on your own. Make sure you invest in quality packing supplies for valuable equipment and furniture.

How to find reliable commercial movers?

The moving industry is constantly growing. And with a large number of moving companies to choose from, there is a risk of becoming a moving scam victim. In order to avoid common moving scams, make sure your mover is licensed, insured and has a solid reputation. Do a detailed research on their background, credentials, and reviews. As business yourself, you will most likely be able to spot the red flags. Make sure to follow your instinct and double check the information they provide you with. In order to verify their licensed and credentials, contact the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Therefore, you will make sure you have made the right decision.

Keep in mind that just by being licensed, it is not ensured a specific mover will be able to meet your moving needs. Therefore, check whether they can follow your moving checklist and if they can meet your deadline. Reliable and experienced commercial movers will be able to provide you with a tailored moving plan. Also, your mover should offer to help you with any additional needs. Therefore, finding the right storage solution or hiring professional packers shouldn’t be an issue.

Is there anything else?

Make sure you don’t overlook any important tasks by creating a pre-move to do list. Don’t forget to notify people and important institutions about your move. Give a notice to your clients, partners, and suppliers, well in advance. Have your team make a detailed pre-move task list.

Prepare your future business premises for the moving in day. Professional commercial movers usually offer to help you set up the equipment right after the move. Make sure you double-check the moving plan and consult your team on whether there is anything else you need to do.  Therefore, you will be ready to focus on plan the next big step for your company and be ready for the moving day.

man relaxing after hiring commercial movers
With reliable commercial movers, you will be able to focus on the next important step for your business

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