The most likely items to get damaged during a move

During the move, there are a number of things that can go really wrong. But, do not let this discourage you. Although there are a couple of items that are most likely items to get damaged during a move, there is a cure for everything. We have prepared a list of the most fragile items and tips on how to prevent any damage. Of course, using moving insurance is desirable as it will save you from getting a headache in case something really does get damaged. Follow our guidelines and hopefully, you will not have the reason for using moving insurance.

mirrors are some of the most likely items to get damaged during a move. A dining room with a dining table, four chairs and a large mirror and a chandelier
Mirrors are one of the most likely items to get damaged during a move, so use mirror-shaped boxes and use extra padding to protect them.

Glassware and china are some of the most likely items to get damaged during a move

Their structure and material are simply fragile, and that is why glassware and chine are one of the most likely items to get damaged during a move. It seems you can never protect them or keep them safe during the move. Ensure that your glassware and expensive china will not break by using packing equipment of high quality. Use an extra layer of bubble wrap and make sure that the box is full of protective padding, like crumpled paper or packing peanuts.

Plants, if you need to move them, require special attention

Although plants are not items, they are living organisms and deserve to be on the list of most likely items to get damaged during a move. In order not to let your plants wither during the move, prune off all the dead leaves a couple of days before the move. Water them thoroughly two days before the move, so that they are not heavy on the day when you relocate them. It is vital that they have space to breathe, so place them inside the right-sized moving boxes and do not cover the top. Move plants properly in order to enjoy them after you move.

While they are in the car position them so that they get enough sunlight. If they do not like direct sunlight, you can cover them with a light protective sheet. In case that you are making a longer break, do not leave them inside the car, take them out with you. Use air-conditioning if you are moving in the summer, as no plant likes temperatures too high. Also, heating is appropriate if you are moving during the colder days.

Art and antiques can get damaged during a move

Paintings, sculptures, or other pieces of art are among the items that can get damaged easily during relocation. If you have valuable pieces of art and antique items, maybe the best solution is to call the pros. They have the right equipment, they offer moving insurance, and they have the skills to relocate these items safely to your new home. If you are on a DIY moving adventure, make sure to use enough bubble wrap and high-quality moving boxes.

Most importantly, label the moving boxes with Fragile, and Art. It will give you the notice to handle these boxes with special care. Many items get damaged simply because the boxes were not labeled properly.  Additionally, when you have someone over from the moving company to do a binding estimate, ask them what services do they recommend for art and antique items. If you are asking what is a binding estimate, we have the right answer for you.

three vases with plants on a coffee table and a couch
Plants are fragile and you need to be extra careful when preparing them for relocation.

Mirrors may not survive a relocation

Mirrors are definitely a part of the most likely items to get damaged during a move. With mirrors, you can easily avoid any damage with a few useful tips:

  • Use mirror shaped boxes for your move – There are specifically designed moving boxes for mirrors. Get the moving boxes in the right shape and use them to transport your mirrors, both large and small.
  • Use the packing tape to place an X sign over the mirror. This will protect your items from shattering to pieces when you are on a bumpy road.
  • Mark the boxes as fragile – The most important thing that you can do when transporting mirrors, is definitely labeling the boxes correctly. Put this on your moving checklist, and everything will be just fine.

Electronic devices are likely items to get damaged during a move

Our tablets, PCs, TVs, stereo devices are also prone to damage during the move. You should handle them with special care. The best tip for relocating electronic devices is to find the original packaging you brought them home in. If this is not possible, try to use moving boxes that will fit the items as much as possible. Too much moving can cause damage, so use extra padding when packing these items.

You should avoid moving injuries

When moving we get too involved in protecting our items and relocating them safely to our new home. So much so that we forget to take care of ourselves. And while this is normal to some extent, make sure to always drink plenty of water, eat proper, healthy food and get enough sleep. Furthermore, wear the right clothes, depending on whether you are moving during the heat, snow, or rain. Learn proper lifting techniques before lifting heavy objects. Recovering from moving injuries is not pleasant and you can avoid it if you have the right skills and equipment. And also, moving while injured has risks of its own.

a woman dusting off a large black led TV
Make sure to use original packaging and bubble pack during the move.

There are plenty of items that belong to the list of most likely items to get damaged during a move as we have seen. However, the most important thing is to always use extra protection when relocating them. Furthermore, you should properly label all of your moving boxes and avoid confusion and damage. And, take care of yourselves as that is the most important thing that you can do.

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