How to resolve conflicts with movers

Moving companies are here to help you with your moving needs. Unfortunately, sometimes it can happen that you are not satisfied with your moving service. It may be that your movers were late. Maybe they have damaged some of your items. Or you are generally not happy with their performance. If something unexpected happens, you need to know how to resolve conflicts with movers. Of course, the best practice is to work with only the best moving and storage companies and lower the chances for conflict to a minimum. But what to do when things go wrong anyway?

Try to make find the best possible movers for your relocation

When you are preparing for a move, you need the services of a moving company. You will need transport for your belongings, someone to pack your boxes or lift your heavy items. The more complicated the task is there are more chances for failure. That is why choosing the best moving company is of utmost importance. So take your time to think about your move. What is exactly do you expect from your movers? When you realize your exact needs find a moving company that is best in what you need. If you are a senior, for example, try to find the best senior movers. Moving coast to coast? Find the best long distance movers. The point is to work with the best professionals and avoid resolving conflicts with moving companies completely.

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If you do not want to resolve conflicts with movers, take some time and try to find the best company for you

There are many reasons why you might need to resolve conflicts with movers

As mentioned above, moving companies exist to ease our relocations. And because relocations are so complex and complicated, moving companies started to offer a variety of different moving services. So besides sheer transport, you can hire them to pack and unpack your belongings, to disassemble and reassemble your furniture, move your piano, or rent their storage units. Because there are so many services there are so many different situations where you and your movers could end up in dispute. Here are the most common situations when this can happen:

  • Your movers are late or do not show up
  • Your items are damaged
  • The final cost is different from the estimate

Your movers are late

One of the most reasons why you could end up in conflict with your movers is when they are late. They could be late on arrival. Or they could be late on the delivery. The worst-case scenario is when they do not show up at all. And that happened many times.

Your property is lost or damaged

Probably the most common reason why people end up in a dispute with movers is when there are some damaged items. Items could be partially damaged or completely. Moving companies usually offer symbolic coverage for your damaged items. So, you need to have proper moving insurance if you want to get paid.

You disagree on the moving price

When you received an estimate from several movers, you compared the prices and picked the best offer. When your move is complete you are unpleasantly surprised. You can avoid this if you are careful when checking your movers.

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Make sure that you understand moving estimates

You need to know your rights if you want to resolve conflicts with movers successfully

If you want to be successful in resolving disputes with movers, you need to know a few things. When you know how things work you will know how to act. Remember this:

  • A professional moving company will give you a moving estimate in writing
  • There are different kinds of moving estimates
  • A non-binding estimate means that the final price of your move could change in the end
  • Pay close attention when signing a contract. Make sure that you read everything.
  • You can request for a guaranteed pickup and delivery date and time.
  • Make sure that you understand the type of coverage that your movers are providing
  • You have a right to be present when your shipment is weighed

Stay calm and polite and you will resolve conflict with your movers easily

If you finally end up in dispute the only way to resolve it is to stay calm and civilized at all times. Even though you are in dispute with a company, remember that they are people too. And sometimes the solution depends only on their goodwill. If you are polite and well mannered, this could go smoother.  If, on the other hand, you do not know how to control your temper, things will surely complicate. Therefore, remember this as rule number one. Not only for conflicts with movers. But also in other conflict situations.

Try to make an agreement with your movers

If you are in dispute with your movers your first option is to come to an agreement with your movers. This means communicating with your movers until you come to a solution that both parties accept.  This is when that politeness could be of service.

Threaten them with legal actions

When you are calm and polite, there is a bigger chance that your conflict will be resolve with an agreement. However, sometimes movers are not willing to cooperate. Luckily, there are ways to press them even if they are not willing to accept your complaint. Of course, the best way to do it is to threaten them with legal actions. Or filing complaints with Better Business Bureau, or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Those are the things that could force your movers to become more cooperative.

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If you think that the law is on your side you can always threat with legal actions

Ask for the arbitration hearing

If nothing of the above was successful your next step is to ask for an arbitration hearing. The federal regulations say that your movers must have an arbitration program. This is used when the property is lost or damaged and when it comes to additional expenses. If your claim is less or equal than $10,000, your movers must agree to arbitration. If your claim exceeds this amount, they can refuse the arbitration hearing. When this happens you only left with a lawsuit.

A legal lawsuit is your final option to resolve conflicts with movers

Filing a lawsuit to resolve conflicts with movers is the last option that you have. However, when it comes to court, things could go both ways. So avoid this if you can – it’s best for you and your movers both that you handle things without court interference whenever possible!

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