How to make an ultimate moving checklist

Moving is a process that requires a lot of organization. In order to plan it well, you have to make a moving checklist. When you put it in writing, you won’t forget some small things that can be easily overlooked. Every relocation means that you will have to plan in details every step of the moving even when you hire a professional home moving service to do the hardest part of the moving process. Making an ultimate moving checklist will keep you focused, organized and on schedule.

Creating a moving checklist

First of all, you should know that you will need some time to make a moving checklist. Since this is the most important step of your relocation, you shouldn’t hurry. You may think that you will be needing several minutes, but the reality is very different. When you start to write things down, you will realize that moving is a rather complicated endeavor.

If you like new technologies, you can make a moving checklist on your computer, smartphone or tablet. There are various moving checklists templates that you can download, but the basic writing programs will be just fine.
The easiest way to make a checklist is in the Excel program. You can also use your Office Word program, or any other tool that you are familiar with. Keep in mind that when you are using your electronic devices, you should make a moving checklist in the form of the table sheet.

That way, it will be more transparent and visually appealing. When you finish the item on the list, mark it with colors or put some sign that will tell you that the task is done.

If you are fond of some proven, old-fashion methods, a notebook and a pen is everything you need to make a moving checklist. How you will organize it depend on your preferences. Maybe the most visually appealing form of making the moving list on paper is to make a title (for example Moving dates) and list the things that you have to do under it.
Put a check sign when you are done with each task.

three pens and a notebook for making a moving checklist
Remember that making a moving checklist is a time-consuming process, so start on time

What does the moving checklist have to have?

First of all, you should know that your moving list shouldn’t be just one long list of items to do. It will contain several crucial lists. Since there is a lot of things that you have to consider when moving, your moving checklist will be pretty long.
The ultimate moving checklist has to contain: a budget plan, the inventory list of your belongings, packing plan, and the list of all important moving dates. When you make a good moving checklist, you will know how to properly prepare for the moving day.

Budget plan

Before you can do anything else, you have to know how much money your relocation will cost. That is why you have to prepare your moving budget. List all the costs of the moving process, make a budget plan and include it in the moving checklist as a first item on the list.

coins and a calculator
It is crucial to make a budget plan and incorporate it into the moving checklist.

The list of your belongings

Before you make this list, you should go around your home and sort out which items you will move, throw away, donate or sell. When people are relocating, they usually realize that there are a lot of things that they don’t actually use. See which of those items you really need in your new home, and which ones you can live without. A successful decluttering process will have a great impact on your organization, but also on your budget.
Most moving companies are charging for the transport of your belongings based on their weight. The less stuff you have to relocate, the lower the transportation fees will be. It’s the same thing when you are moving on your own. When you have fewer items, you will need to rent a smaller truck. You will also need the less manpower to move them.

When you separate the things that you are moving from those that you don’t, make an inventory of all of your belongings. If you are hiring the moving services, they will also make a list of inventory with your cooperation. You should make a copy of it and put it in your moving checklist just in case if some of your items don’t arrive at your new home.

Packing plan

Packing is the most overwhelming and tiring part of the relocation. You can make it easier if you hire the packing services. If you don’t, you have to make a very detailed packing plan.
First item on your packing plan list should be your packing schedule. Plan out which items you will pack first, and which ones last. Calculate how much time you will be spending packing in one day, and try to stick to it.
When you make a packing plan, there is another list that you have to incorporate into the moving checklist. It’s the list of your packing supplies. You need to acquire all the supplies that you’ll need before you start the packing process.

That list should contain:

  • Boxes of all sizes
    Some of your items will need big or medium, and some smaller boxes. It’s best to have it all. Keep in mind that cheap moving boxes are a great way to save your money while moving.
  • Dolly or a hand truck
    This is a moving tool that you can’t do without if you are moving on your own.
  • All kinds of protective packing material
    In order to make your things safe during the relocation you need moving blankets, packing paper, packaging foam, fabric or bubble wrappings, protective floor pads.
  • Sharp scissors
  • Tape and ropes
    In order to secure your boxes, you will need a lot of duck tape, shipping tape, and tape dispensers.
    Bungee cords, rope, tie-downs, and twine are the essentials for keeping boxes and furniture in place during the transport.
  • Sticker labels or masking tape
    Labeling the boxes of the packed items will keep you more organized and it will make the unpacking process much easier.
colorful cardboard boxes, scissors and tape
Make a list of all the packing supplies that you need and incorporate it into the moving checklist

The list of the moving dates

A proper time management is crucial when you are moving. There will be many dates to remember, and if you don’t write them all down, you can easily forget one.

Make a list of all important dates and times and include it in the moving checklist:

  • The packing schedule – the time and date when you will pack your household
  • The day when packers arrive (if you have listed the services of the packing company)
  • The date when the movers are coming
  • The moving day
  • The day and time when your belongings will arrive at your new home.

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