Creative uses for packing supplies

When you are moving, you have to pack your entire household. This means you will have to gather packing supplies for your items. These include cardboard boxes, plastic bins, bubble wrapping, packing peanuts, etc. Additionally, you can also use your old clothes, blankets, and sheets for protection. This is great if you want to save money for your moving budget. However, once the move is over, you will have a large number of packing supplies in your new home making a mess. It is easy to reuse your clothes, blankets, and sheets. What about other packing materials? For this reason, here are all the creative uses for packing supplies. 

Creative uses for packing supplies – moving boxes 

You should make a moving cost checklist before the relocation to keep track of your expenses. In a similar fashion, here is a list of couples of creative ideas for moving boxes. 

  • For storage – use your moving boxes for your storage unit. 
  • Mailing packages – if you need to send packages, you can use your cardboard boxes. 
  • Donate – not exactly creative, but it would be nice if you donate your boxes. 
  • Arts and Crafts – you can make forts, a bed for your pet, castle, etc. 
  • As trash cans – you can use moving boxes as a trash can. 
  • In the garden – use cardboard when you are gardening so you can keep your clothes clean. 
christmas gift boxes
You can use your small cardboard boxes for packing gifts

What about bubble wrapping? 

Bubble wrapping is always useful. For this reason, here are some ideas. 

  • Shipping and mailing packages – before putting your items in a cardboard box, you should protect it with bubble wrapping. This is how you should ship a package. 
  • Entertainment purposes – don’t you just love popping those bubbles? It is perfect for relieving stress.  
  • Plants – bubble wrapping is water-proof. Therefore, use it for your plants.  
  • Lining – you can cut bubble wrapping and use it for lining under doormats or carpets 

Creative uses for packing peanuts 

When your trustworthy interstate movers deliver your items, it is time to do something about packing supplies. For this reason, it is time for packing peanuts. 

  • Decorative purposes – you can paint the packing peanuts and even cover them in glitter. Additionally, use it as decoration for Christmas for example. 
  • Cushions – make cushions from peanuts by using a zipped cover for your cat. 
  • A drainage system – you can use peanuts in flower pots as they are perfect for making a drainage system for your flowers. 
  • Arts and Crafts – again, you can be creative. Therefore, dip peanuts into the paint and make a painting or use it for your walls.  
white cat on a sofa
You can make a cushion for your cat

Plastic bags 

The list of creative uses for packing supplies would not be complete without plastic bags. 

  • Use it for gifts – if your plastic bags are colorful and shiny, you can use it for gifts. 
  • Shopping – pretty self-explanatory. Therefore, do not buy new plastic bags when you already have them. 
  • Trash bags – black and white plastic bags are perfect for trash.  
  • Storage – use them in your storage unit. 

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