The importance of positive movers’ reviews

When it comes to moving, one can never be too careful. After all, a move includes taking all of your belongings, packing them up and moving them to a different place. Unless you are conducting the move yourself, all this has to be done by a professional moving service. This begs the question of who you can trust with all of these important items of yours? This is where positive movers’ reviews come into play. With a one-off service like moving, you can’t really sample each movers quality. Therefore you must rely on peoples previous experiences for a review. There is however a bit more finesse to all this, so, let’s explore it together!

The importance of positive movers’ reviews

The importance of positive movers’ reviews is obvious. Past experiences of people with a certain company are an invaluable source of information for anyone looking to deal with the said company. This is certainly true for any kind of business. However, when it comes to moving, positive movers’ reviews are even more important. After all, in a move, you are letting a company handle all your possessions. Everything from your favorite mug to an invaluable item of emotional value might be in the hands of strangers. Therefore, it is very important that you can rely on said strangers. Here are some aspects for you to consider


Reliability is a very important characteristic of any business. As we mentioned before it plays a huge role in relocations as well. Depending on the type of your move, you will be more or less reliant on the moving company to deliver your items to your new home. While in smaller scale moves, like a neighborhood change, this can play a lesser role, in large scale moves, like international ones, it is very important. Obviously, you should find international movers that you can trust to deliver your belongings to a foreign country safely. Especially if you don’t speak the language and depend on them for local bureaucratic and other services.



Another aspect of positive movers’ reviews is that it signals which moving companies advice you can trust. Some moving companies might advise you on the best cities for your new home either on their website or in person. However with a decision that big, you really can’t afford to go for anyone’s advice. Therefore knowing which companies advice you can trust is self-evidently important.

Two men discussing.
Positive movers’ reviews will signal to you which moving company you can trust.


Another aspect that positive movers’ reviews might help you with is easing the moving stress. Moving is a stressful affair. There are a lot of things to keep in mind and a lot that can go wrong. Especially in lengthier moves. Therefore, you will be subject to a certain amount of stress in any relocation. However, having movers that you can trust will ease your stress. You will worry less about if your items are safe and instead be free to focus on other aspects of the move. Obviously, if other people had a good experience with a certain moving company, you are probably going to have them too.

Where to look for movers’ reviews

With all the above said, we can see the importance of positive movers’ reviews. The next natural step is to find them. This isn’t that complicated thanks to the internet. You can look for moving companies online and check the testimonials of their users. However, your research shouldn’t stop there. After singling out a few moving companies that seem to fit your needs, you can then scour the internet for more information about them. Review sites like Yelp will have a section dedicated to moving companies where you can look up customer reviews of the companies you singled out. Google also has a business review section for most businesses.

A woman using her laptop. To find positive movers' reviews the first place you should check is the internet.l
The internet has made finding user reviews easier than ever.

Another place you can look for moving company recommendations is your friends, coworkers, and family. Ask around if someone has moved recently to find a detailed and honest review of the moving service. Chances are that if your friend or a family member had a positive experience with a moving company, they could recommend it to you.

How to tell if positive movers’ reviews are real

Unfortunately, not everyone plays fair. Some moving companies will try to further their business by buying fake positive movers’ reviews. They might post reviews from a few different accounts themselves, to make it seem a lot of people have left them a positive review. Obviously, you should never trust businesses that do this, as it signals that they are trying to cover up bad service. Luckily, there is a neutral organization that you can trust. The Federal  Motor Carrier Association  (FMCSA) has a section on its website dedicated to registered moving companies. Here you can find a lot of valuable information about a moving company, including complaint information. If someone filed an official complaint about a moving company, you should avoid them altogether.

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Beware of the fake reviews!

Telltale signs that positive movers’ reviews might be fake

In addition to what we mentioned above, there are some telltale signs of fake online reviews. These will help you spot bad movers which is important because it lets you avoid them completely. After all, the best way of dealing with bad movers is not dealing with them at all. Here are some signs to indicate that the reviews might have been tampered with:

  • Overly detailed review – Most people will leave a brief review of the moving company if satisfied. Rarely will someone go into a lot of detail regarding every aspect of the move. Therefore, watch out for overly positive and detailed reviews.
  • Overly general reviews – Another thing that genuine positive movers’ reviews will have is a concrete description of services provided. While some reviewers might lean towards a more literary type of review, most people will not. Also, generalized reviews that give you far too little information should be avoided as fake.
  • Usage of PR language – some fake reviews will be written by professionals, making them sound as if written by a PR professional. Most people when leaving a general review will be more direct and casual. After all, unlike a PR person, it is not their job to write these.
  • The scope of time they were published – one mistake that companies make when paying for fake reviews is to have them published all at once. Look at the date of the reviews, if a lot of similar reviews were posted in a very short while (sometimes even minutes apart) foul play is afoot.

The value of positive movers’ reviews

After reading this article we are certain you see the value of positive movers’ reviews. All that you have to do now is apply this to your move. Take your time and do your research. We are certain that you will do it right and have an easy and stress-free move!

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