Hiring international movers – step-by-step

You have decided to move. Things seem to be complicated, annoying and chaotic. You probably think that it is really hard to move especially if you do not have experience in moving and you don’t know what to expect. However, this is not all, if you are moving across the border it can get even harder. But do not panic, everything has an easy solution. You have to inform yourself well about the steps you need to take for your international move. And when it comes to the question how will you move all your stuff international movers are the ones who will take care of that. However, this is also something that you should be careful about. Avoid moving scams at any cost. Everything is about how well are you informed.

Hiring international movers is a good decision to make
Movers are the best help that you can get

Step one would be to find good international movers

The best way to go through your move is to plan it step by step. In this way, you won’t make any mistakes. And not making a lot of mistakes is important when you are hiring international movers. The first thing to do is to look for recommendations. It would be a perfect scenario if you have someone who had experience with international movers and that someone can give you a trustworthy recommendation.

Also, one more smart thing to do is to get help from reliable residential movers. However, this is only in case if you are that lucky to know such a person. If not, the next thing to do is to go online. It is the 21st century and a lot of things are getting solved this way. Reading comments on forums and finding the perfect international movers can be easy if you know where to look. Of course, do not believe everything that internet says. For that, we have a second step you need to follow.

Going online and save the reviews
You can check everything online

Step two

Step two is kinda like the step one. There is a lot of investigation to do before hiring the right international movers. When looking for them online make sure that you know where to look in a sense of: you are moving from Canada to the US for example, therefore, you will want to look for international movers inside of your current country. You don’t need to pay any extra money for them to come from the US to Canada pick up your belongings and then again back to the US. It can cost quite more than if you just simply find them in your current country.

So, make sure to go through websites with a lot of attention to details, and any potential movers you would like to hire try and find them on some forum where you can read comments and experience of their clients so far. And watch out for phony reviews. There is usually a balance in comments if there is too much bragging it is probably a phony review.

Step three

Make a list. This is a very important step to take when looking for movers. This list is not a checklist; it is a list of several moving companies that caught your eye. In this way, you will always have pros and cons for each of the companies you have put on that list. Reason to immediately remove a company from your list would be if you find more than a couple of bad reviews online. Yes, that is enough reason. However, if you find just that one it definitely doesn’t have to mean that the company is bad. Maybe the client was nervous that particular day and therefore the bad review. A move does that to people. It can make you nervous and anxious and thus you may think that your movers’ company is not doing things right.

Making a to-do list can make things easier to follow

Step four

You have to check the companies that are on your list. You should visit the website of the industry organization and try to find the company that you would like to move you. It is very important that you find them. If not, you should give up on them and remove them from your list.

Next thing to think about is to find out if your potential company has a working permit. As with everything else, there is a way to check this online. Just call them and ask them for a permit number and check them online. Also, you don’t want to hire some new company that will learn on your move. Especially since it is an international move everything should be in order and you will need someone more experienced to perform your move. And possible for all these things that you should check you can create a checklist.

  • Check for the reviews
  • Make a list for potential movers
  • Check the industry organization
  • Check their working permit
  • Hire someone who is in the business for a while

When you do all of this you can be sure that you have hired the right international movers.

Step five

Step five is something that you should have clear from the day one. What will be the way of transport? This fact you can only know depending on where are you moving to. If it has to be across the sea you should find a company that does this kind of move. Via ships or by air. However, when you are looking for international movers’ chances are that they are equipped for any type of move you will require. And the last but not least, hire your movers on time! This is something of huge importance because it can happen that they won’t be available on the day you need them to move you. So, keep in mind that and reserve your movers company at least two weeks before the moving day. Sooner better than later.

Moving is not an easy task and it is something that can be time-consuming. If you do your steps right when finding movers, it won’t be stressful. International movers are the ones who will do most of the work but for that, you have to find the right ones. And these steps will help you in that. Good luck!

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