Category: Best cities for your new home

Nov 18.

States with no income tax and the lowest tax burdens

So far, through research, we have come to the conclusion that in 80% of cases the reason for moving is ...

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Nov 4.

Top US cities for foreigners

Are you moving to the States but still not sure where to? Well, don’t worry! We made this list of ...

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Nov 3.

Most welcoming West Coast locations to settle in

When moving to a new location, it’s essential to research what kind of community you’re moving into. Close, tight, and ...

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Oct 28.

The most affordable cities in the USA for digital nomads to move to

There are new digital nomads every day. More and more people are choosing to work remotely and not sit in ...

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Oct 17.

Which US states are best for expats?

There are numerous challenges and things to be done in order to ensure a nice and cozy life in the ...

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Oct 11.

Best East Coast cities to live in

If you’re ready for a change and planning to move to the East Coast it could be one of the ...

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Oct 9.

The most beautiful spots in the USA

Beautiful and unique nature, strong economy, many opportunities to work and live, but also a relaxed way of life are ...

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Sep 26.

Best family-friendly USA neighborhoods

Moving with your family to a new area is fun and exciting. However, finding the right home is not always ...

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Sep 4.

Best states to start your post-college life

Adult life seems scary. You are now done with college and it’s time to talk about the best states to ...

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Aug 30.

List of 6 best cities for single men in USA

Being a single man in the USA has its pros and cons. There are numerous advantages for you a single ...

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