Guide to staging a home for sale

When trying to sell a particular property, it is clear that there is a number of things you should think about. For example, legal documents and technical things. Also, the interior and the smallest details can set the price. Therefore, you want to make the place look its absolute best for buyers. You can try doing it yourself or by hiring professionals. Master Moving Guide will help you find a reliable company that can help to stage a home for sale. Home staging is a method of decorating and highlighting the home. This way you will help potential buyers imagine themselves living there. Many buyers say that makes them easier to visualize the property as their own. Staging a home for sale can increase its value a lot. With all this in mind, it makes sense to put a lot of effort into doing this.

2 men carrying a sofa
When staging a property for sale, let professional movers remove heavy furniture

Why hire furniture movers when staging a home for sale

When getting prepared their home for sale, your clients might want to remove some old furniture. First, you should make an arrangement to come and visit your client’s home they wish to sell. Together you should go through all the rooms and decide what to keep and what to get rid of. In certain cases, there will be necessary to remove some bulky furniture. Such as an old, shabby closet or kitchen cabinets. Not to mention a king-size bed which can no longer be used. Furniture movers come in handy here for many reasons. First, they know how to pack these large pieces properly. Secondly, safety is the key thing to think about when moving heavy furniture. Skilled professional movers will know how to take out these pieces properly. This way you will reduce the risk of injuring.

Moving furniture long-distance

Moving is never an easy process. No matter if you need to transport the goods locally or long-distance. In certain cases, it will be necessary to remove the furniture from a client’s home and transport it long-distance.

2 men sitting in a van
Hire professional movers for long-distance moves

When going far away, clients might need additional help from professional movers. The process of staging a home for sale has a deadline. Since time here plays a crucial role, it is necessary to organize everything on time. This way you will reduce the stress not only for your client but also for yourself. Long-distance movers will take care of everything. From providing packing tips and services to transporting goods. Your client might want to use some other furniture for home staging. When professionals remove the old furniture, it will easier for you to bring in the new one. You will avoid crowding the place with so many things.

The process of home staging for sale

How this process, in reality, looks like? Well, there must be a detailed plan. While making this plan, you should give your clients hints and suggestions.

different colors for room painting
Consult with your clients regarding home staging

Together you will come up with a plan that pays off. Staging doesn’t always mean spending a lot. The idea is to give your client suggestions that will not cost much, but that will make staging effective. Making smart decisions while renovating will do the job. Not all the rooms need equal attention while staging.  Focus your efforts on the rooms that have the biggest potential to influence buyers’ decisions. Spend less time on the rooms that won’t make much of a difference. The three most important rooms to pay attention to are a living room, bedroom, and kitchen. Don’t worry as much about the rooms that have less influence, such as guest bedrooms, corridors, and bathrooms.

How to promote your business

One way to achieve this is to prove to your clients that you can do good home staging. Customers will then post reviews about your good service on social media. Nowadays, social media have a great influence on many businesses. Also, they will recommend your services to their friends and families. Another way to promote your services is to be active in the community. That means that you can help out some local organizations while moving. This way you show that you care. Again when it comes to staging, keep your business transparent. Show your clients that you have all the licenses and insurance for doing this job. Finally, put your customers on a pedestal. Listen to their needs and suggestions. Present them with all tasks of the staging process. Simply give your best and put in lots of effort. This way you avoid complaints and have satisfied customers.

Staging in a nutshell

There are some general rules to follow when preparing a property for selling. This way you will make the process easier and make sure to meet the deadline. These are some of the steps to follow:

  • Staging where it counts-meaning only the important rooms in your home
  • De-personalize the space and go neutral
  • Declutter and get rid of it
  • Clean thoroughly
  • Do some repair
  • Let there be light
  • Rearrange furniture and remove the old one
  • Make a good first impression

Staging a home to sell doesn’t require spending a lot of money – just making smart decisions. Try to have a couple of fresh items in areas that matter. According to the National Association of Realtors’ 2021 Staging Stats report, 49% of buyers’ agents believe that home staging has an effect on how a buyer views the home. Home staging increases the value of a home significantly.

When staging a home for sale you should add value to that property. That will entice the buyers who come to see it. Do not put too much furniture in the living space. Try to keep it simple with a neutral style and colors. The focus should be on multi-functional pieces. Regarding decoration and details, try to keep them to a minimum. When a person is looking for a property, they look for a safe and reliable place. It is very important to leave a good first impression. Once you do everything you can, wait for the right buyer to arrive.

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