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Long distance moving is always complex. There are so many relocation tasks to organize and conduct. First, there is a home relocation to plan, find the best housing, say goodbye to your friends and prepare your family for the moving day. With so many obligations and never enough time people often find themselves hiring the very first mover they come along.  In order to ensure your belongings are being moved safely and according to the deadline you need to find reliable long distance movers. The best way to do so is to plan in advance, prepare your moving budget and research. Here is a guide to help you make an informed decision and have a stress-free long distance move.

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Move safely – hire the best long distance moving company

How to find the best long distance movers?

The very first thing you need to know about planning a long distance move is that it requires time and dedication. Therefore, make sure to start planning as soon as possible. Having a few months for making the moving plan will help you save money on a long distance move and help you avoid overlooking any important relocation steps. However, don’t panic if you are in a need of reliable last minute long distance movers. All you need to do is to prioritize properly and follow your moving plan.

There are many moving companies in the US to choose from. Many of which are considered to be reputable and reliable. However, a moving company, being licensed doesn’t ensure it will be able to meet all of your specific needs and requirements. In order to choose the best long distance movers, you need to follow a few important guidelines:

  • Find a few moving companies to choose from.
  • Research the long distance movers.
  • Contact the movers, ask questions and for a quote.
  • Do an additional research on their reputability.

How to find and research the movers

One of the most common moving mistakes people tend to make is to find one moving company they like, research them a bit and then hire. This way people often find themselves using additional moving services from other companies and spending much more than they expected. In order to avoid moving scams and find the right mover, you must first know what is it that you are searching for.

Evaluate the size and weight of your move. Therefore, you will know whether you need a mover that offers additional services like packing and storage. Create a draft of your packing plan and decide on the items you want to relocate. Evaluate whether you need a storage unit or any other additional services. This way you will be able to save time by looking only for the movers that fit your needs.

Find a few moving companies that you like at a first glance and start researching further. Ask your friends and family for recommendations.

Researching long distance movers online

a computer
Check movers’ reputation by researching online

In order to find a reputable mover, you need to do a detailed research on their reputability before contacting them. Here are a few important steps to follow:

  • Visit their websites and social media profiles.

Pay a close attention to the details. Reputable movers are proud of their company and the community they have created. Therefore, they will clearly brand their online accounts and profiles, as well as their vehicles and premises. They will also ensure their contact information are easily accessible.

Professional and reliable movers are proud of the moving experience they provide. Therefore, they will gladly show their reviews, affiliations, and recommendations. Also, make sure to fill in their online quote calculator and compare the estimate during the phone conversation, later on.

  • Look of the online reviews. 

Digital era we live in has thought us not to trust everything companies say about themselves online. Therefore, rather than just trusting the reviews on movers’ websites, search for other reliable online sources. Look for the trusted ones like Yelp and search for forums where people share their honest opinion and experience.

Fake negative reviews are not so uncommon nowadays. However, a reliable mover should, despite any fake reviews, have a high star ranking.

Contacting the long distance moving companies

By this step, you should already have a few movers in mind to choose from and contact. In order to choose the best one, you need to prepare for the call. Prepare a list of questions to ask. Here are the most important ones to begin with:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • What are their specialties? Do they have experience as long distance movers?
  • What is their USDOT number? Do they obtain any other licenses?
  • Ask for detailed information on the services you need.
  • Can they provide you with a few letters of recommendation?
  • Are they insured? What the moving insurance options to choose from?
  • Can they provide you with an estimate over the phone?
  • Are they willing to do an in-house estimate?
  • What does the estimate actually include?
  • Are there any additional fees? 
  • Do they raise their fees due to unexpected difficulties? (an elevator that’s too small, narrow staircases…)
  • Do they have additional advice and offers tailored for your move?
  • Would you bee assign a personal moving expert? Who to contact if you want information on the exact location of your belongings at that moment?
  • Will, they use any third party services during your move and hire other movers to help them?
  • Will your belongings switch vehicles during the move?
  • Add all the other questions about any specific services you need or the concerns you might have.
a moving company representative talking on the phone
Pay a close attention to the quality of customer service

Pay a close attention to the phone call and the quality of their customer service. A reputable mover will always answer the phone by their company’s name rather than with “Moving company” or just “Movers”. Also, their representatives will be patient and happy to answer any question you might have. The lack of information or poor customer services should be a red flag!

An additional research of your mover

Just like we said, don’t trust everything long distance movers tell you. Do an additional research on your own. In order to find the best residential movers contact the authorities that are in charge of overseeing their field. Call the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and ask for additional information on a specific moving company.

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