Hire furniture movers to avoid injuries

If you own large pieces of furniture in your home, relocating them to another location can be hard. If you planning your moving day, make sure to hire an experienced moving company. Whether you need to transport your furniture or to find a decent storage solution, a good moving company can take the stress away from the moving process. Keep reading to find out what to pay attention to when hiring professional furniture movers.

Why is hiring furniture movers the best solution?

antique furniture
Antiques, glass furniture and other delicate pieces are too heavy to relocate. Make sure to hire good furniture movers in order to avoid injuring yourself

During the moving process, not all things are equally hard to relocate. Moving boxes with your clothes and kitchenware are easy to pack and stack into the moving truck. However, moving furniture can be very time-consuming and physically demanding. If you have many furniture pieces in your home that are very heavy, you should consider hiring professional furniture movers. Not only will they know how to fit the pieces through every door but you will also avoid possible injuries.

When it comes to moving furniture, sometimes it’s too hard to even move a piece to another room, let alone to another home. Whether you have health issues or not, there’s a real chance of injuring your back if you try to lift and carry furniture. Hiring residential movers can ease up your move and help you save expensive and delicate furniture items. Professional furniture movers know the best way to secure every furniture piece and prepare it for the move. Before the moving day comes, you can ask the moving company about the moving plan and how they plan to relocate your furniture. A good moving company will discuss all the details with you in order to safely relocate all of your belongings.

What kind of services can you expect from furniture movers?

disassembling of furniture
Ask your movers about additional furniture disassembling services. They might charge extra for them

After you decide that DIY moving of your furniture is too hard to do, you can contact a reliable furniture moving company. If you decide to pack everything else on your own, make sure to find good-quality packing supplies. You can get cheap moving boxes online or use some of the remaining boxes from your home appliances.

When it comes to moving service, furniture movers can offer you just the transportation service or the packing service, too. It’s highly recommendable to hire your specialty movers for an all-in-one moving service for many reasons. First of all, packing the furniture requires the use of special wrapping materials. Second, it takes special skills to cover every corner of delicate furniture pieces. Antique pieces and the one with glass panels can cause serious injuries if not moved properly. Before the transportation, movers will perform the best way of preparing furniture for the move in order to avoid injuries themselves. If you hire an experienced moving company, you should expect their workers to be in a good physical condition. In the end, the money you spend on furniture moving professionals will pay off in the long run.

Furniture pieces that movers will not disassemble

Before your furniture movers arrive, they will discuss all the moving details with you. This will be an important part of the preparation process. In case you have some valuable antique sofas or chairs, they might reject disassembling them. Every furniture piece that is too big to fit through the doors or hallways is risky to move. Your movers might tell you that they won’t disassemble a certain furniture piece. This will mean that there’s a good chance of damaging your furniture. Pieces that are hard to take apart are the ones from antique furniture, pool tables and other pieces that are glued or stuck together. A trustworthy moving company will not want to risk damaging your furniture if it’s too risky to disassemble it.

What can you do before movers come

pug on a couch
Make sure that your children and pets stay away from the moving process. Heavy furniture can injure someone while movers carry the pieces

If you want to hire furniture movers just for some furniture pieces, there are things you can do before the moving day comes. First of all, the entire packing process will not happen in one day. This applies to both moving your home and moving an office space. Before you start packing all of your belongings, decluttering and sorting out will be necessary. The next step will be finding the packing supplies, in case you didn’t hire your movers for a full packing service. If you are not sure how to organize the entire packing process, consider reading some of the articles on our Master Moving Guide. You can find various articles explaining the process of packing, moving and hiring furniture movers.

Before your furniture movers arrive, here are few things you can do to help with them with moving process:

  • Declutter every room so movers can easily reach all the furniture parts.
  • Disassemble furniture pieces that you can do on your own. If you need professional help with this, keep in mind that most moving companies will charge extra for this service.
  • Clean older pieces of furniture from dust and dirt. After the move, you wouldn’t want to get all the dirt around your new apartment or an office.
  • If you have small children in your home, make sure that they are not in the way of movers. Lifting heavy furniture is physically demanding. Make sure to avoid injuring yourself or any member of your family.

Hiring professional furniture movers will pay off in any moving scenario. If you are moving locally, you can hire movers just for handling the furniture. However, for moving long distance, consider paying for an all-in-one moving service and take the stress out of your moving day!

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