Last-minute moving checklist

Relocating from one place to another is a big task and requires a lot of skills to get it done. Especially if it’s a last-minute type of move you need to think about your options quickly and make smart decisions. That’s why we at Master Moving Guide have come up with a last-minute moving checklist that can make sure your relocation is over with, in the most efficient manner possible. Here are just some tips that you can implement for your move.

Get as many packing supplies as possible

When you’re getting ready for a move you want to have as many packing supplies as you can. That’s because it’s always a good idea to have more moving boxes, wrapping paper, and other materials than to have less. An abundance of equipment will always be better than a situation where you have to be creative with packing supplies and experiment. Of course, professional movers will always have packing materials ready for you, but if you try a DIY type of move you might want to look for quality supplies. Even if there are ways to find free moving boxes and other materials, the quality of actually buying everything in a specialized store will always be better.

A Girl around many moving boxes
Get all the supplies you need for your move

Start with your last-minute moving checklist as soon as possible

Creating a good plan and checklist can make your move from a stressful event into a task that goes by like a breeze. Obviously different types of moves will require you to approach relocation in a different way. From long-distance to senior movers every type of move will require you to take care of different details. Check out what the biggest hurdles of your move can be and search for the easiest ways to overcome them. Only by organizing yourself in a well enough manner can you really be efficient when it comes to relocating.

Aks your friends and colleagues for help

Your last-minute moving checklist is full of tasks? Make sure to get as much help as you can for your move. Especially if you take into consideration that it’s on short notice. Having a couple of extra muscles and people to pack and lift will speed up your moving process. Of course, that isn’t the same as having professionals on your relocation, but it makes the job faster. Make sure that everyone has their own tasks and help them do them if needed. In the end, don’t forget to buy them a pizza or drinks and to say thank you.

Friends talking to each other
Get as many friends as you can to help you move

The first thing on your last-minute moving checklist is to pack your essentials bag

When you’re starting off your move you need to have a good idea of what you really need. Above all, there are items that you want to have near you at all times. The box that you absolutely need is the essentials box that will contain everything to make your new home useful. Usually, those are items for your personal hygiene, fresh pair of clothes, flashlight, and other items that you deem necessary. Arriving at your home with all the things you need will make getting accustomed to your new space a lot easier.

Get rid of items you won’t use anymore using your last-minute moving checklist

If you’re moving, you absolutely need to declutter your old home before you actually start moving. It will make it so much easier to pack and load your things if you don’t take with you certain items. That’s why you absolutely need to check out what you’re using and what not. From old furniture that you can donate to old clothes and appliances that you can sell or throw away the list is pretty big. Make sure everything you need is packed first, and then slowly choose what to do with items that you don’t use that often. Another bonus of making this decision is that you’ll have more space in your new home.

Use packing hacks to speed up the process

When you’re moving last-minute you want to act as quickly as possible. For that reason, being creative at times can really be helpful in your packing process. Be it that you put your pantry inside your pots or leave your clothes on the hangers it’s a nice move. There are many ways that you can make your move faster than you would with movers.  Even if professionals can help you with many things from telling you what is a binding estimate to securing your belongings and relocating them, they won’t have the freedom that you have to use everything you can to make your packing process faster.

An hour glass
Don’t waste any more time and make a last-minute moving checklist

Start packing with the smallest room

Packing up your home will be much easier if you do it with a purpose and a plan. For that reason, starting from the smallest to biggest room will actually help you out a lot as you’ll feel better after packing one by one. Having that snowball effect on your side can not just speed up your process but also free up time to get other important things done. It might be more of a mental hack than something that will make you move quicker, but it will surely help you get everything done faster.

If you want to make sure your move goes smoothly you need a plan. However, it’s difficult to organize when you’re in a hurry. That’s why having a last-minute moving checklist is always a good idea. From making sure you get everything you need, to knowing how to pack, the tips will make everything simpler. For that reason, use our advice to make sure everything goes as planned. We wish you all the luck with your move and hope everything goes well.

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