Best cities for families in the United States

When choosing the best town for your relocation with family, there are many things to consider. You need to consider the needs and requirements of every family member. This guide will help you determine which are the best cities for families in the United States.

Things to consider when choosing the best cities for families

  • Crime rate – The safety of your family comes first. That’s why the towns with low crime rates are the best cities for families. Do an online search and call the police department of the city that you are considering. They will provide you with details about a particular area. This is the best and the most accurate source for informing about crime and the safety of the town.
  • School system – Search how the local public and private elementary, junior and high schools, are ranked. Quality public education is a great indicator is a city suitable for your relocation with the family.
  • Parks and activities – Wast parks, the abundance of kid-friendly activities, sports facilities and other things that interest your family are the indicators if the city is suitable for raising your family.
  • Affordability – How much are the living costs is also an important thing. Children already cost plenty, and if the living expenses are higher than your incomes than you should consider another city that is more affordable.
  • Take a look around – Before you start to pack your belongings into cheap moving boxes that you’ve acquired, take a look around the town that you are considering for your relocation. Research can give you many clues, but nothing beats personal experience. Take a look around the town, and try to picture yourself living there. Observe the condition of the houses, the streets, and sidewalks, and the friendliness of the residents as well. Determine how do you feel in that city. If the town seems inviting, welcoming and has all the content that you require, that it may be the perfect place for you and your family.

Best cities for families in the United States

Different people have different needs. That is why best US cities for singles are not the best choice for raising a family. Still, there are great towns all around the US that are perfect for families.
Based on the quality of public education, low crime rates, plenty of kid-friendly activities, and affordability these are the best places to raise your family in the United States.

Monterey Park, California

Just miles east of downtown L.A. lies a  city of Monterey Park, that is a perfect place for families. It is a small, but a very charming town. It offers plenty of recreational opportunities and more than a dozen parks. There are a weekly farmers’ market and the Barnes Park Amphitheater that is often organizing the fun cultural and educational events.

Monterey Park has a high school graduation rate of excellent 92.3%. A great school system is one of the main reason why this town is one of the best cities for families in the United States.

This town is maybe small, but it has a very diverse ethnical population. That’s what makes dining out in the Monterey Park very interesting. You’ll find everything from dim sum to Hong Kong–style cafés within minutes of one another.

The city is hosting several events throughout the year that honors the cultures of its residents. In addition to the state holidays, there is also annual cherry blossom festival, Cinco de Mayo and Lunar New Year celebrations.

Fishers, Indiana

Fishers is a small city with a population of about 86,000 residents. It’s located just 16 miles from Indianapolis and it has a special emphasis on creating and inviting more jobs to the community. The city gives a lot of benefits to entrepreneurs, and the job growth of 11.6%  is estimated by 2021.

Fishers is a great city for business, but it is also great for families. It is a vibrant town, and its downtown area boasts a number of restaurants and boutiques. Every Saturday is a popular farmers market that has been voted as one of Indiana’s best markets.
The Nickel Plate District Amphitheater hosts many concerts during the summer, but also festivals in the fall and winter. In the annual art crawl, local artists are presenting their work.
Fishers is a perfect place for nature lovers, considering that it features 24 parks and 104 miles of nature trails.

The high school graduation rate of the city is 95%, which also makes it one of the best cities for families.

Best cities for families have a lot of open space and outdoor activities.
Fishers is full of parks and nature trails that you can explore with your family.

Wylie, Texas

Wylie is a picture-perfect city for families and one of the fastest-growing cities in Texas.
It’s friendly, with a strong community spirit.
There are many events where residents like to get together: bluegrass festivals, pedal-car races, the local rodeo, JazzArts Fest and many others.
Downtown is a historic neighborhood with many shops, Olde City Park and interesting century-old buildings.

Wylie is very near to the Ray Hubbard and Lavon lakes. Those lakes have many hiking trails and fishing spots in the area. You can enjoy biking, camping, hiking, boating, fishing and swimming with your family.

Wylie is one of the best cities for families.
Spending a day at the lake is a great way to have fun with your family.

The crime rate is very low and well below the national average.

The high school graduation rate, however, is 95%, and students of the Wylie School District tend to score above the national and state averages on the SAT and ACT tests.

The things that are also making Wylie one of the best cities for families is its booming economy, low unemployment, and job growth.

Lone Tree, Colorado

Denver is a great place for raising a family, but its suburb Lone Tree is perfect for families. Moving from the city to the suburbs can be a difficult decision, but also it can be one of the best that you’ll ever make.

Lone Tree it’s just a quick drive from the city, which makes a commute more convenient. Lone Tree is relatively small, but it has plenty of fun activities to offer. It has its own arts center and the biggest shopping center in the state – the Park Meadows Mall.

There are numerous parks and running, hiking and biking trails with astonishing views of the Colorado mountains.

Lone Tree is one of the best cities for families.
Riding a bike is another fun activity that you can enjoy in this interesting town.

This town has an excellent school system, with high school graduation rates at 90%. Lone Tree also has extremely low crime risk, which is another reason why is one of the best cities for families in the United States.


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