Cheap moving boxes save your money

Since you have decided to move, you should be familiar with how to cut moving costs. Because moving can cost quite a lot., you should gather all the facts about how much your movers may charge you. How much you will spend or save during the move it’s up to you. Smart thinking can help you a lot. Making a checklist can’t be a bad idea either. So, before starting to move, sit down, make a list and start cutting your unnecessary moving costs. And this is something you probably know – cheap moving boxes will do a lot for your move and your pocket.

How to save up during the move?

There are a lot of ways to save money while moving. You just need to gather all the available information from the people you know about their moving experience, from your friends, forums, etc. Don’t be lazy regarding the investigation. You will be happy that you investigated how to save up once you finish your move, and realize that in fact, you saved a lot of money. Create a checklist. This is a must. When you create a checklist, everything will seem easier and there is a certain pleasure when you check something off that list. Things to do and that should go to your checklist are:

  • Declutter
  • Hire cheap movers(check the top-rated and affordable movers)
  • Get the cheap moving boxes(we will talk about that later)
  • Get labels and permanent markers for those boxes(to keep track of them)
  • Keep a change of clothes handy
  • Notify people about your new address
Money and pens on a paper
There are other ways to lower your moving costs besides using free moving boxes

And there are few more things that you will remember along the way. Make sure you have this checklist once you start preparing your moving budget.

Lower your need for cheap moving boxes with decluttering

As mentioned above, when you are trying to cut your moving costs, decluttering should be your first move. Moreover, every moving guide will tell you that decluttering is one of the most beneficial things that you can do before your move starts. First, your move will be cheaper when you have fewer items to move. Second, your move will be much simpler as you will have fewer items to deal with. Third, you will need less packing materials. Fourth, you can even earn some money if you manage to sell those items. After you remove excess items you can start searching for cheap movers.

Hiring cheap movers as a way to cut your moving costs

Your next step before you start your cheap moving boxes hunt is to find cheap movers. Luckily, you can save money on hiring movers in many ways. If you are a student, then hiring dorm room movers is the best way to go. They are specialized in low-cost college relocations, and they are offering all basic services. They will help you with organizing your move, and will even bring their packing materials, so you do not have to worry about finding cheap moving boxes.

What to do when your first choice is not available

Unfortunately, good movers are usually booked throughout the year. So sometimes it can be hard to hire them. Luckily, there are dozens of different moving companies on the market and you will only have to gather their quotes, compare them, and pick the best one. But, you also need to be careful and avoid movers with lowest prices. There are many fraudulent companies out there!

Finding cheap moving boxes is a piece of cake

Luckily, finding some cheap moving boxes can be really easy. For all your light items you should use cardboard boxes. In those boxes, you should put all your clothes, sheets, and everything that doesn’t weigh a lot. You can find those boxes anywhere. Not just cheap but if you are lucky you can find them for free. Yes, that’s right – for free.

Three cheap moving boxes
It is not hard to find free boxes for your next relocation

Where to find cheap moving boxes?

The way you can do that is to go to stores and simply ask if they have some spare boxes. They have probably planned to throw them away anyway once they remove all the merchandise from it. You can’t lose anything if you ask. You can find those boxes in large convenience stores. At least in that way, you will get a couple of boxes that will serve you well. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t manage to find them immediately – it will take some research. Luckily, there are dozens of places where you can find them. Even online. Here are some suggestions:

  • Craigslist is maybe the best place to find cheap moving boxes online.
  • Local liquor stores, bookstores, groceries
  • Starbucks
  • U-Haul Customer Connect
  • Office Depot
  • Walgreens
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Online apps like OfferUp or LetGo
  • Facebook Community Groups

Local liquor stores, bookstores, groceries

Liquor stores, bookstores, and groceries are the best good places to find cheap moving boxes. The good thing is that those stores use sturdy boxes for their heavy merchandise. So you will be able to find good quality boxes for your move. However, sometimes it will happen that they already throw them away. That is why you should ask around your local stores in advance and ask them to leave them on the side for you.

On the other hand, maybe they simply need those boxes for something in the store. Then you can ask them to buy their boxes. It will obviously cost you some money. But not as much as when you are buying new. As we mentioned before by asking around you can get info on where you can buy those cheap moving boxes. Remember that those moving boxes you find or acquire somewhere are very useful. But depending on the quality of those boxes, you need to be careful about what you will pack in them. Because the last thing you want is to drop some vase or something breakable and valuable while you are moving.

Starbucks is also a good place to find inexpensive moving boxes

Starbucks, like every other business, gets its supplies in cardboard boxes. The good thing with Starbucks is that they get their supplies two or three times a week. As you can imagine, they are regularly throwing them away.

Starbucks plastic cups
Visit your local Starbucks coffee shop to find cheap moving boxes

U-Haul customer connect

This company is also a good source of free cardboard boxes. People who just finish their relocations leave used boxes in U-Haul’s stores for other people to use for free. Do not miss this opportunity if you have U-haul in your vicinity.

Check your local Office Depot

Office Depot gets their shipment of supplies on Tuesdays. And they usually have so many boxes that they do not know what to do with them. Your offer to help them get rid of a few will gladly be accepted.

Check Walgreens for boxes

This is also a great place to find moving boxes free of charge. However, they usually get rid of their boxes very quickly so you will need to give them notice if you wish to take them. Be foreboding and secure your boxes over the phone.

Pet stores could be a place to look for boxes

Your local pet store also gets its supplies in cardboard boxes. They usually do not have a need for them so they look to get rid of them one way or the other. If you own a pet, surely you have a good relationship with your dog food supplier so you can easily make an agreement. The problem is that local pet stores usually do not have that much traffic. So you never know when the next shipment will arrive.

Walmart is one of the best places to find cheap cartons for your next move

Walmart or any other large store is receiving merchandise on a daily basis. That means that there will be many boxes around. Just ask the store manager and you should quickly be loaded with cartons.

Check out Target

Target get their shipments during weekdays. So this is the best time to ask them for boxes. Just make sure that you get there before noon to avoid shoppers rush. The managers will not be able to help you if they are too busy.

Use craigslist to find cheap moving boxes

Craigslist is probably the best online place to locate free moving boxes. However, you need to know when to look for them. The beginning of the week is usually the best time for it as most people finish their relocations during weekends.

Online apps can also be a place to look for cheap moving boxes

These days there are many great apps that are specialized in selling and trading used items. OfferUp and Letgo are one of the best apps in this field. You can buy cheap or even find free moving boxes using those two apps.

Facebook Community groups

While we are in the online world, do not forget to check your local Facebook community groups. You can find just about anything there.

What about breakable items?

You are probably wondering if you should pack absolutely everything in those cheap packing materials. The answer is no. No matter how much money you would like to save, some things are more important. When you are packing your dishes, glasses, vases, and things like that, you need to keep them safe while transporting. One of the ways to do so is to use a lot of padding in those used cardboard boxes This way, you will protect them from bumping into each other and breaking. But you won’t prevent them from falling out from the weak cardboard box. To make sure this doesn’t happen, use packing tape to secure them at the bottom.

A box with fragile sign on it
Be careful when using cheap moving boxes for fragile items

Use special boxes for packing breakable items and dishes

So, at the end of the day, it will cost you more to replace all those things that have broken in transport. And you cannot blame movers or anyone else. You can just blame your moving boxes for putting the wrong items in them. But, of course, there is a solution for that. There are special boxes for dishes with compartments that will make their move easy and nothing will be broken. Then you have special boxes for mirrors as well. Additionally, pack antique furniture safely, if you have any. And that can be very important because no matter who will handle it, even the most professional movers have to be extra careful.

Be smart when searching for those boxes

It is also of vital importance to find a special box for that mirror. Luckily, you can find that box very cheap if you search smart and ask for a piece of advice on where to buy it. So, there is a solution for the packing issues you may encounter, at least regarding those boxes. And yes, finding them cheap or for free is a great thing. But always be extra careful with fragile items no matter how strong the box may seem.

Let’s sum it up

There are a lot of ways to save up while moving. Boxes are a great way to do so. We mentioned that you don’t have to spend a dime on them. So, if you want to save money while moving, which you should definitely do, mainly because you will need some extra cash for your new place, this may be the way to do it. The extra money will come in handy for decoration, or maybe some new furniture and similar. And therefore, saving up on boxes is a great start. Once the moving process starts, keep your eye on those stores that receive the merchandise in huge boxes and good luck!

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