Prepare your plants for a long-distance move with ease

Moving either locally or internationally is already hard enough. It requires a lot of preparation in advance. People often find themselves in the middle of cramped rooms and piles of stuff, not knowing where to start. If on top of it all, you need to add actual living things like plants and pets, moving becomes even more stressful. It may happen that you have already found a way to safely transport your pet friends. But what about your botanical friends? For a long-distance move, you will certainly need some helpful tips from expert movers. There are several strategies that can help your plants survive the long trip to a new home. Therefore, you should consult with professional movers on this topic as well. They will provide specific packing and transporting tips. In this article learn how to prepare your plants for a long-distance move.

finding movers to prepare your plants for a long-distance move
Find reliable movers on time

Finding professional movers before you prepare your plants for a long-distance move

Before you start actually the packing and preparation process, you should sort out one very important task. That is definitely finding a professional moving company to help you through. Therefore, take some time to start your research on reliable movers. Not every moving company would agree to transport plants for many specific reasons. Long-distance movers must be aware of the customs regulations of your new home country. Therefore, check if you can bring all your plants with you. Some countries won’t allow certain species over their borders. In that case, you will need to leave certain plants. The US Department of Agriculture requires inspections of plant materials crossing some state lines because of pest controls and local bans on growing particular plants. In addition, it is necessary to define the safety measures in the contact with movers. If any damage occurs during transportation, the insurance should cover the costs.

How to prepare before movers come

Now that you have found a reliable moving company and set up a moving date, you should prepare before the moving process starts.

packing plants
It is important to pack plants before the arrival of movers

You certainly need to pack before the arrival of movers. But there is much more than that. You should plan everything ahead. Make a checklist. Also, have a detailed plan of how you will pack your plants. If you are still now completely sure how to prepare for movers, simply ask them. A reliable moving company should be able to answer all your questions. They should stay at your disposal whenever you have doubts regarding the moving process. Temperature, light fluctuations, and jostling are intolerable for most plants. For this reason, many plants end up for sale. But you did not grow them for years just to easily get rid of them. Consult with experts to find the most appropriate way of transporting them.

Prepare your plants for a long-distance move

If you are a plant lover, you have certainly grown many plants over time. Your home may even look like a botanical garden with so many beautiful plants around.

a man packing plants for moving
When moving, plants should have a special storage

In that case, preparing and packing them can take much longer. Each one of them needs a different kind of care. You should inform yourself well about each plant you wish to transport to your new home. To prepare your plants for a long-distance move, you will need special packing supplies. Also, rid your plants of dead leaves and branches and give them a good prune. Shortly before the moving date, remove dust, pests, and weeds. To make moving plants easier, take them out of their heavy pots and put them in plastic pots before your move. Also, pay attention to the temperature. Finally, give them the right amount of water.

Plants can get easily damaged during transport

Moving can really be overwhelming especially if you are going long-distance. When transporting something very sensitive as plants, you should pay even more attention to that. Make sure to protect the plants from heat, cold, sunlight and, wind. Wrap the paper in a cone shape. Then, staple to keep the shape. Then, slip in the plant with its pot from the top of the cone so all the plant leaves and stems get pushed upwards. Be aware that loading and unloading of the items can lead to damage to the plants. Apart from this, improper packing can lead to damage during transportation. When packing plants, always go with the packing materials of the highest quality. Your plants will bear transportation even for months. Therefore, packing materials should be able to withstand all this time.

What about the plants you cannot take

There may be various reasons why you cannot bring certain plants to your new home. It can be for different customs regulations of certain countries. No matter how long you have cherished certain species, some of those you may not be allowed to import into your new home country. There are also some plants that are not easy to transport due to their size. Finally, you may not have enough space in your new home to bring all the plants you would like. Whichever the reason is, you should have a backup plan of what to do with them. There are several organizations that can take your plants as a donation. You can offer some of your plants to your friends or family to take further care of. Finally, you may organize a garden sale of your plants and in this process earn additional cash needed for your move.

It is certainly not easy to move either locally or globally. There are so many things to plan on the way. And especially if you need to transport a living thing such are your plants. Therefore, we often recommend contacting professional moving services. This way you will get the best advice on how to prepare and proceed with packing and transporting. And you will have enough time to actually give yourself enough time to just breathe in a little and look forward to your new home. Try to relax as much as possible and enjoy.

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