Common ways items get damaged during transport

Relocation often makes people uneasy as they are aware that some items may get damaged in the process. This can happen with both DIY and full-service movers. Of course, the chances significantly decrease if you hire professional movers with years of experience. And the Master Moving Company knows all the right movers that can help you relocate. We are here to show you the most common ways items get damaged during transport. You will be able to avoid some mistakes and save your items. What matters most is that you do everything to protect your items from damage, and in case something does break you should remain calm and positive about it.

one of the ways in which items get damaged during transport is improper loading. a couple carrying a large moving box
Improper loading and unloading items and carrying heavy items are some of the most common ways items get damaged during transport.

What are the most common ways items get damaged during transport?

Over the course of time, the relocation process has been mastered to perfection. And all of this with a single goal of protecting the items until they reach the new destination. Once you know the most common ways items get damaged during transport everything becomes much simpler. Let us see what are those:

Loading and unloading the items

Improper loading and unloading causes damage to your items every day. In order to do this properly, it is necessary to assess the weight of the moving box, or a large item. It happens too often that the items fall to the ground if they are too heavy. In order to prevent this, it is vital that you have assistance while lifting heavy boxes or items. At least two people should be there with you while loading and unloading the items.

Furthermore, you should use a safety ramp to load specialty items such as a piano, hot tub, or just a couch. If you are a student, you will be more preoccupied with exams rather than lifting techniques. So in order to avoid any moving injuries as well, we recommend hiring professional dorm room movers for your relocation.

Improper packing is one of the most common ways items get damaged during transport

Packing has virtually become a science, as there are so many instructions on how to properly pack your belongings. It all begins with finding adequate moving boxes and other packing material. In order for your items to survive the relocation, you should search for the highest quality packing material. In case the material damages, your items will too. Especially if you are packing for storage. Your items will spend weeks, months, and sometimes even up to a year in storage. So, you need to be certain the packing material can withstand it. A box may tear down and the content can fall from it easily.

a man taping a moving box
Obtain the highest quality packing materials in order to protect your items from damage.

Severe weather conditions

When relocating, you should really monitor the weather forecast. Moving in hot or extremely cold weather can have an impact on your items. One of the most common ways items get damaged during transport is actually due to low or high temperatures. First of all, not all the items should be transported via a moving truck. For example, plants should always be with you in the car. If you are making an all night stop, you must not leave them in the car overnight. Also, electronics are highly sensitive to temperature change, and their system can break down quite easily. The truth is, there are plenty of ways in which weather can affect your relocation, and item damage is one of them.

The wrong arrangement inside the moving truck can cause damage to your items

Organization inside the moving truck plays an important role in protecting your items from damage. When you begin to load items into the moving truck, make sure that the heaviest items go first. Lay the items horizontally so that there is no risk of them falling over. Also, pay attention to secure all of the items so that they do not shift or move during the relocation. Otherwise, one item can quickly crush the other more fragile item and leave you in despair. A great way to prevent shifting of the items is to place them between two heavier items, like mattresses, for example.

Pay extra attention to these items

Not all items are equal when it comes to the probability of damage. For example, you will rarely find your clothes damaged after the relocation. But, glassware is a whole other story. Let us see what are the most likely items to damage during relocation:

  • Electronics – As we have already mentioned, electronic devices are susceptible to damage during relocation. Whether it is due to severe weather temperatures, or the common damage caused by too much shifting, you should keep an eye on your electronic devices. Packing your laptop, TV, tablet, and other similar items well is the key to protecting them.
  • Glassware – This is the type of items that is easy to get damaged even without the relocation, let along during transport. We highly suggest that you learn how to pack these fragile items for shipping, even before buying the first moving box. And while we are at the subject of moving boxes, the best ones are with cell dividers, as they provide extra protection.
  • Furniture – It is large, bulky, heavy, and easy to get damaged. We recommend that you do not attempt to move furniture on your own. Also, whenever possible disassemble larger pieces of furniture, as they are easier to handle in this way.
a living room with a large, black, LED Tv
Electronic devices and glassware are most prone to damage during relocation.

We have seen the most common ways items get damaged during transport, and how to prevent this. In case of damage, if you hired a moving company, you will be compensated due to insurance. In case of a DIY move, you need to be extra careful.  Take all the precautionary measures so that your items remain intact. Good luck!

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