How to avoid moving scams

Moving is a major event and it can be very stressful. There are a lot of things to consider, and that can be overwhelming. There are many moving tips that will help you with your relocation. Hiring a moving company is always a way to go, but you must be careful to avoid moving scams.
Moving scams can transform your move from an exciting dream to your worst nightmare. Still, there are many ways to avoid them. You just need to know what to pay attention to.

The clues that can help you identify moving scams:

Unseen estimate

Every reliable company will do an in-home estimate. The companies that give you estimate over the phone or email are not the ones that you should trust. Moving prices are based on the mileage, the weight of your belongings and their size.
That is why it is crucial that a representative of the company assesses your stuff personally and determine their bulk and weight. Base on that, the company can make an estimation of the moving costs.

If you accept to get an estimate over the phone, you are likely yo incur some additional costs. This is one of the most common moving scams. It may sound great on the phone, but it’s usually too good to be true. In the end, it can cost you much more than you have planned.

Inaccurate estimation

An estimator from the reliable moving company will have a lot of questions for you. Will you bring all of your stuff, would some of the items need special attention, which ones are fragile etc. A good estimator will take many notes and mark all of the possible moving problems. He will do a thorough estimation of every piece of your belongings that you want to move.

If you notice that estimator does a quick walk-through without taking notes, asking questions or opening cabinets, that should be a red flag. It means that you shouldn’t trust that moving company and that you can become a victim of a moving scam if you continue collaborating with them.

Once you have an estimation, you can see if it fits your moving budget and if it requires some adjustments.

A man holding a calculator and a yellow background
Learn how to spot red flags in the moving industry

Large deposit

Any moving company that demands cash or any large deposit should be considered suspicious. When you are dealing with the reliable movers, you usually pay upon delivery. The deposit should be in the range from $100 to $500. If your mover requires any larger amount than $500 for a deposit, you should start looking for another company.

When you pay up front, you have no guarantee that you’ll see your belongings again. The company can claim that you have to pay additional costs and hold your furniture hostage until you do so. To avoid moving scams always pay with your credit card. That way, you can fight any fraudulent activity if they occur.

Incomplete contract

Always read the entire contract. You may like the mover, but you shouldn’t ever trust them that much to sign an incomplete contract.
Everything that you have agreed upon should be put in writing. Your estimate, all extra fees, pickup and delivery dates, list of all your inventory.
Read everything from top to bottom multiple times and pay attention to a fine print or paragraphs that are somehow „hidden“.

Don’t sign any contract without the complete list of your belongings. Inventory that isn’t on the list will probably disappear, and you won’t have any evidence to file a claim.

Detailed contract is very important for avoiding moving scams.
The more detailed your contract is, the more protected you will be from the moving scams

Changing of the company name

Fraudulent moving companies can avoid being caught and prosecuted for moving scams by constantly doing business under new names.
It can be tricky to find that out, and it will require a lot of research. A trustworthy company should have a local address and information about licensing and insurance.
When you are calling the moving company, pay attention to the way they answer the phone. The reliable movers will always present themselves with a full name of the business. If they answer with some generic phrase like „moving services“, know that you should keep looking.

 How to avoid moving scams

Once you know what kind of moving scams are most common, it will be easier to spot them.
To be sure that you are not being scammed, there are some steps that you should take:

a man writing something on a piece of paper in front of the computer
Use the power of the internet and find everything about the moving company that you are considering to hire
  • Choose a reliable moving company – The more successful moving company is, the more likely will give you a fair deal. A reputable company will not get involved in moving frauds because it’s a sure way to lose good reputation. Find a company that is on the market for a long time and that has a great credibility.
  • References – Once you find the company you think you can trust, research it. Go online and check their references. Read personal testimonials from people that have used their services. Finally, ask a moving company of your choosing to provide you with the list of former customers. The reliable moving company will not refuse to provide you with that information.
  • Check the legal status of the moving company – Make sure that moving company that you choose has necessary licenses, insurance, and impeccable reputation. Search their website for the USDOT numbers for interstate movers or MC numbers for intrastate movers. If they exist, it is a clear sign that company is operating legally.
  • Start to plan early – Once your decision of relocation is final, start to plan your move. It’s never too early for that.
    Most reliable moving companies are fully booked in advance. The longer you wait to contact them, the chance that they will be available at the time of your moving day decreases.

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