Tips for storing musical instruments

The relocation process can be quite demanding when moving by yourself. Preparing the entire move takes great organizational skills. When moving items of high value like musical instruments,  you should make sure none of your items get damaged. That is why to take necessary steps and pack and store your instruments the right way. Use moving tips from professionals for storing musical instruments and securing them the best way possible.

How to prepare for storing musical instruments?

Most of the musical instruments that you wish to transport are quite valuable. Also, professional musical equipment from you music studio may be even more valuable than just one instrument. That is why you should make sure to entrust your valuable belongings to the hands of the right moving professionals. In most cases, unless movers are musicians, they may not understand how easily musical instruments and other pieces of equipment can damage. Dropping, shaking and extreme temperature changes may not be so damaging to regular belongings, as much as musical instruments. That is why preparations for moving and storing musical instruments are a little bit different than the average relocation of the house belongings.

hard case
Dropping, shaking and extreme temperature changes may not be so damaging to regular belongings, as much as musical instruments.

Preparation for storing musical instruments should start with a quality plan. Your first step should be planning your moving timeline and your budget. When you know how much money you can spare on a quality moving company, you should ask for the moving estimate. Getting a moving quote before you hire any moving company is very important when transporting and storing musical instruments. It is crucial that you find movers that have experience transporting valuable moving instruments end equipment.

Use original packaging when storing musical equipment

When moving and storing your musical instruments, make sure you dig up all the original packaging and boxes for your equipment. On the other hand, you should pack your instruments in their own specialized cases. If you don’t have a specialized case for your musical instrument, consider buying professional flying cases. When you have to relocate big and bulky instruments that need special assistance, consider getting professional help before disassembling each piece.

When to hire professional movers to transport your instruments?

Hiring professionals to help you relocate and store your belongings is sometimes necessary. When you have to move valuable musical instruments, you should use professional piano movers to help you relocate your piano safely. Anyone who transports a piano should have professional training and skill. Also, professionals should use the right moving equipment and tools to move and transport big and delicate musical instruments. On the other hand, transporting such items without professional help may damage the instrument. Also, you can get injured while moving it without help.

brass music instrument
Hiring professionals to help you relocate and store your belongings is sometimes necessary.

When in need of professional movers, make sure to check the moving company’s credentials. Checking the moving company’s license and the ID number is very important. Make sure to read the company reviews before you hire them to transport and store your valuable musical instruments. Quality movers that relocate your valuables should have:

  • Years of experience
  • Reliable workers
  • Offer multiple insurance policies for your valuables
  • Experience with transporting and storing musical instruments

How to pack and store your instruments and musical equipment?

The best way to pack and store your instruments is to use their original boxes. In case you don’t have the original packaging, make sure to buy new professional packing supplies. Quality packing supplies like new and sturdy moving boxes will be useful when packing everything. Make sure to use packing boxes in various sizes. The size and shape of the packing box should be similar to the shape of your instrument.

After you get the adequate moving box, consider putting packing peanuts inside the box to secure your instrument. Also, consider wrapping each piece individually with professional wrapping plastic paper and secure fragile items inside the box. Items inside the box should be able to move or touch other unwrapped items.

storing musical instruments
Quality packing supplies like new and sturdy moving boxes will be useful when packing musical instruments.

When storing stringed musical instruments make sure to protect them from mold and mildew. To do that, you can wrap them in a polyurethane bag. Also, make sure to remove or loosen the strings before storing musical instruments that have strings. On the other hand, when you have to store brass musical instruments, consider taking them apart first. After you clean each piece individually, store them in their original case.

When you have to store drums, you should be careful. Make sure to take apart your drum kit and clean each piece and every surface. Professional musicians recommend that you pack your drum pieces and cymbals inside the original padded bags. If you don’t have quality drum bags, consider packing each piece inside the moving box. At the same time, make sure to use a lot of ample padding to secure each item.

Choose the best storage facility for your musical instruments

Choosing a quality storage facility should be a concern number one when storing musical instruments and musical equipment of high value. You can find cheap storage facility that has a good space and everything you need. When looking for a great storage facility, make sure to search online. Quality movers can also provide storage services and they can help you choose the right storage unit for your needs.

The storage facility should have a quality surveillance system and top notch security. After you find a safe storage solution, make sure to visit the facilities in person. Quality movers will help you choose the size and the type of the unit that suits your needs. When storing musical instruments and equipment, consider renting a storage unit that has climate control. That way you will prevent damage to your instruments because they are quite sensitive to temperature changes and humidity.

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