Master guide for moving to Columbus OH

Are you thinking about moving to Columbus OH? If you are, surely you are wondering how to organize it all. Of course, the difficulty of the process depends on many things. The number of items that you need to move, the distance you need to cross, and more. Fortunately, with Master Moving Guide in front of you, you can have a smooth and easy relocation regardless of the obstacles. Here is how to turn something that can potentially be very difficult and complicated into a smooth and rememberable process.

Columbus OH is a great and affordable place to live

Columbus is located in Franklin County, Ohio with a population of 878,553. It offers its residents an urban-suburban mix feel with a  lot of parks and open spaces. Actually, Columbus is known for having the best municipal park systems in the country. 16 fantastic parks are spread over a vast area. So if you like spending your time outdoors, this is a perfect place for you. Columbus is also known for having one of the best and biggest universities in the country with a famous football school. Still, this is not only a student city.

Columbus OH skyline
Moving to Columbus OH can be a great choice

This place is also very popular among young professionals who like to take advantage of the city’s fantastic job opportunities. Columbus is also pretty affordable with a median home value of $151,600 and a median rent of $961 which are quite lower than the national average. Of course, because of its popularity, it can be difficult to find reliable movers to help you out. Especially if you are moving during a peak moving season. That is why you need to start preparing for your relocation well in advance.

Prepare a detailed moving plan for moving to Columbus OH

If you start preparing your move on time, you will be able to find reliable interstate movers. Still, before you start searching, you need to do a lot of things. First, of course, is to make a moving plan. A moving plan is one of the essential things that will help you to organize a smooth and carefree move. It will not take more than a few hours. But it will help you immensely. If you have never done this before, use this article as a general reference and search the internet for more specific details.

Deal with your items

Once you prepare your plan you can start putting it into action. The first thing, of course, is to prepare your moving inventory. Movers need to know how many items you plan to transport to Columbus. And in order to be able to give you a precise estimate you need to tell them about your stuff. So start by removing items that you do not plan to move. Decluttering will ease your moving process and if you do it properly it can help your moving budget as well.  Here are some of the options you have when it comes to disposing of excess items:

Organize a yard sale

A yard sale is the most complicated way to dispose of excess items. It takes at least a month to organize and requires a lot of items. Still, if you can do it it can be the most profitable way to remove excess items from your inventory.

Find used items retailer

If you want to remove your items quickly, find a used items retailer in your vicinity or online. They will quickly buy everything you have. Still do not expect to get as much as you would on a yard sale.

counting money
You can earn on your old items

Donate your stuff to charity before moving to Columbus OH

Donating your items is also a quick and easy way to get rid of unwanted items. Most charity organizations will come to your place to pick up the stuff. However, you will not be so richly rewarded if you decide to do this. Maybe you will get certain tax relieves. Still, this is mostly done for convenience and for the sake of your soul.

Call junk removal service

If you do not want to deal with your stuff at all, you can simply call a junk removal service. They will quickly remove all your excess items. But you will need to pay for this service.

Prepare a list of items you plan to relocate to Columbus OH

Once you remove your excess stuff you can make a moving inventory list. This list should tell your movers how many items you have and you can use it later to check your items upon delivery.

Keep your the expenses of moving to Columbus OH under control by preparing a budget

Now that you know how much you have earned from removing your excess items and you know how many and what items you have to transport you can make a moving budget. Moving to Columbus OH can be rather expensive. Especially if you are moving interstate. So make sure that you keep your expenses under control by preparing a moving budget.

calculator and a notebook
You do not want to go broke during a move

Find reliable movers with full moving services when moving to Columbus OH

Finally, you are ready to start searching for movers. As we already mentioned the best movers are scheduled for weeks in advance. That is why you need to sort these things as soon as you can so you can have the option of hiring reputable professionals. Of course, since your goal is to hire movers without getting scammed, you need to do a lot of research. You need to make sure that your movers are trustworthy and that they offer the services that you need. Our suggestion is to hire a full moving service and let them deal with your move entirely.

Prepare in advance and everything will be easier

As you can see moving to Columbus OH is not so difficult. Especially if you prepare your move well in advance. Of course, the most important part is to find reliable movers. And you can do that only if you do all those things that we talked about on time.

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