How to save money on packing supplies

Sometimes a move can be on a budget. And at other times it can be at almost zero budget. In those situations, you need to let your creativity do the talking. However hard it might seem you need to or find quality packing supplies or replace them. That’s why we at Master Moving Guide are here to help you ut with some amazing tips and tricks. As always the best way to start saving on a move is to save money on packing supplies. However it might sound, unfortunately, it can be done. Here are just some of the examples of how people do it.

In order to save money on packing supplies, you need to find how many supplies you really need

Like in every aspect of the move you need to have a plan. The same goes for packing supplies. too little and you need to go back to the store, too much and you’ll waste money. even if you can refund your supplies it will make a tight moving schedule even tighter. Obviously, you can figure out what to do with the leftovers, like packing for storage or maybe giving it away to your friends and family. However, that is still going to cost you the most valuable currency, time.  Even if it seems hard to figure out how much moving supplies you need it really isn’t the case. For example, you can check out how large your rooms are and if there are a lot of items. You can’t always get the perfect amount of supplies but the closer the better.

A girl playing with packing supplies
It’s better to not overdo it with packing supplies

Rent packing supplies instead of buying them

If you’re already going to spend money on moving boxes and other supplies why not rent? Especially when it comes to boxes as in today’s time we have reusable moving boxes. They not only help you save money but also help save the environment. That’s really a great reason to test them out. Above all, they can even be stronger than regular moving boxes as they are made of strong plastic. Another positive side of you renting is that the company will deliver it to you. There’s no need to learn how to prepare for movers when you can be your own. And at the end of the move, they will also come and pick them up.

Save money on packing supplies by getting them for free

This method isn’t really the best thing to do but you can always try when you’re on a rigorous budget. Some stores, especially big ones, will gladly give away their boxes to people if they’re not busy. Of course, the best way to get them is to be polite and ask them when they’re not very busy. Another way you can hunt for packing supplies is by going online. There are many websites that have a part dedicated just to those types of items. And who knows? Maybe some of the supplies you need will pop up in the free section.

A piggy bank
Saving money on packing supplies will help you create a more balanced moving budget

Be creative when packing

As we said sometimes your budget just won’t allow quality packing materials. For that reason, it’s a good idea to get creative and make do of what you have. Especially if you think about wrapping paper and other things, you can easily use towels and other materials to help you out with them. Not enough boxes? Maybe some of your belongings can fit into a suitcase? Especially if it is the clothing we are talking about. Newspapers, trash bags, you name it, everything can be used to pack when you’re in a hurry and you lack resources.

Use alternative methods for packing

When you’re in total lack f resources it comes down to using what you have in the best possible way. For that reason, you have to become very creative and use methods that aren’t often time used. For example, alternative methods of packing or alternative packing materials can be of great help here as you’re left with a little to no choice. Of course, we recommend this type of creativity only when there are no other options left. Still, it’s better to have some way of doing your packing than to have none. Free moving boxes are always an option, but if no time it’s time to get creative.

Man packing a moving box
At times even the way you pack things can help you out


Whenever you’re moving you need to think about decluttering. That will not only do a huge favor to yourself, but also to your new home. You won’t be taking unnecessary items with you to your new location and it will be far easier to move. For example, you can do a good deed and donate to places like the Furniture Bank of America and many others in order to help other people and get rid of unwanted items. In the end, why not make some money out of it and sell something you don’t use anymore. but it still holds some monetary value. Above all, decluttering will leave you with more space and probably more money.

Like in every situation that isn’t perfect it’s on you to get it done with everything you have available. When it comes to moving, the same principles go, however, we don’t recommend it. There’s a lot of things that can go wrong when you start going for the cheapest supplies, and that’s why the best thing to do is to choose the right mix between affordable pricing and quality materials. We hope our advice will be of use and that you’ll get your move done in no time!

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