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If you are planning to live in Nashville, then you will not be disappointed. The capital city of Tennessee is well known for country music. However, this is not everything the city has to offer. Since you are already interested in Nashville, you should find as much information as possible before you find a house for yourself. For this reason, here is a guide for moving to Nashville only on Master Moving Guide. It will include all the important details about life in Nashville, what to expect, and how to prepare for your relocation. It is always better to do your research beforehand so you can see if this city is suitable for you and your personality. 

Basic information to know when moving to Nashville 

As mentioned before, it is always better to be prepared in advance and than to hire interstate movers, come, and be disappointed by what you see. For this reason, let’s start with the basics. Nashville is the capital city of Tennessee and its most popular city. In addition to this, Nashville is the 23rd most popular city in the entire country. As you might already know, the music industry is very popular in the city, especially country music. But this is not everything Tennessee has to offer. Since it is the capital and the county seat of Davidson County, it is the center of education, healthcare, banking, and other industries. It is also home to countless colleges and universities, such as the following. 

  • Tennessee State University 
  • Belmont University 
  • Vanderbilt University 
  • Trevecca Nazarene University 
  • Lipscomb University 
moving to Nashville to live in the downtown area
Nashville has almost 700,000 residents

Places to live in Nashville 

Since Nashville is a big city, you need to decide where you want to live. When you go to hire reliable movers, you should be able to give them the exact address of your new home in Nashville. For this reason, you should consider downtown Nashville since it is one of the best locations in the city. However, it is a little bit more expensive and traffic is pretty intense every day. Then, you can consider the Gulch since it is one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in Nashville. It is close to downtown but cheaper at the moment. In addition to this, you can also live in Music Row which is the most popular neighborhood among young people. East Nashville is also a good choice Since it has seen huge renovations recently and business growth. Lastly, Brentwood is a quiet and family-friendly neighborhood in Nashville. 

Finding a job when moving to Nashville 

The biggest concern of everyone that wants to move would be how to find a job after a relocation. It would be great if you are moving because you already have offers or you already accepted a job here. Nashville has become quite popular because of a great job market and a high quality of life. Despite being the Music City, not everyone that moves to Nashville wants to become a country music star. Just on contrary, the biggest two employers would be the healthcare and technology industry. if you are interested in a startup, Nashville is a perfect place for you. You can get more information if you visit the Nashville Entrepreneur Center. For this reason, you can see that many young professionals are moving to this city for excellent job opportunities and a great job market. The average salary is around $50,000. 

a nurse taking a blood pressure
The health care industry is the most popular in Nashville

Things to do and see around the city 

If you plan to move, then you should know it is going to be very physically and mentally exhausting. It is even challenging to hire interstate movers without getting scammed. For this reason, after all the moving preparations, it is time to relax and enjoy your new city. Luckily, Nashville has many things to offer when it comes to entertainment. First of all, there are many parks and beautiful places to walk, play, and explore. One such place would be the Cumberland River where you can go strolling, jogging, biking, and so on. Centennial Park is also popular for the same reasons. After these outdoor activities, you need to regain your energy by visiting some of the best restaurants in Nashville. Nashville is known for its hot chicken. So, you should visit one of the many restaurants that offered this particular dish.  

Get to know the music scene when moving to Nashville 

You cannot move to Nashville without knowing anything about its music scene. As it was mentioned before, country music is extremely popular in the city. One of the most popular venues, such as the Bluebird cafe had guests such as Taylor Swift and Garth Brooks. However, the most famous place for music country would be South Broadway Ave. If you are a big fan of country music, then you can also visit the Country Music Hall of Fame. Of course, country music is not the only popular genre in the city. You can also go to bars where they play jazz music, pop music, rock, and so on. The Ryman Auditorium Is probably the biggest venue for popular music performances. Interestingly enough, this place was originally built to be a church in the late 19th century but now it is a popular music venue. 

person performing
You will never be bored with Nashville’s music scene

Two bad sides of Nashville 

It is only fair enough to discuss the bad aspects of Nashville. Public transport is not the best. For this reason, it would be better for you if you have a car. However, since Nashville is a big city, then you should expect frequent traffic jams. Moving to Nashville also means the hot weather in the summer. If you are someone that cannot handle the high temperatures well, then this city might not be for you. It gets extremely hot in the summer. On the other hand, winters are pretty mild. People who would like to avoid shoveling snow and ice on the road, basically it’s perfect for you if you do not mind scorching summers. 

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