Alternative packing materials that you can use when moving

When you’re planning your relocation, the first thing you need to do is to gather all the necessary packing supplies. By now, everybody knows that the most common packing supplies that most people use when they are relocating would be cardboard boxes. The best friend of cardboard boxes would be bubble wrapping. However, if you are short on time or you just want to use something else, here are all the alternative packing materials that you can use when moving. If you’re interested in this topic, then continue reading the Master Moving Guide because it has all the necessary answers that are looking for. 

What to use instead of boxes?

There are many alternative options for moving boxes. First of all, you can use your suitcases for clothes, documents, books, games, linens, small appliances, and so much more. Suitcases are made for traveling so your items will be safe and well protected. If you are wondering how to prepare for movers, well start by packing your suitcases. In addition to this, you can also use your backpacks. They are both quite versatile and convenient. Your items will be well protected here as well. 

In addition to this, tote bags can also serve as packing supplies. However, you should put small or medium-sized items that will not break easily. These would include unbreakable kitchen utensils, toys, linens, towels, and so on. You can also use any other type of bag, such as gym bags, beach bags, shopping bags, and so on. 

grey backpack as alternative packing materials
Use your bags and backpacks to pack your items

Even more alternative packing materials to use instead of boxes

Maybe this does as the best alternative, but you can also use garbage bags when they are clean of course. Garbage bags are cheap, easily bought, and they come in bulk. However, you cannot use them when packing for storage. They will not offer the necessary protection. In addition to this, vacuum bags are also quite useful, especially if you need to save space. Put all your bulky pieces of clothing into vacuum bags and save space which in return saves money. 

In addition to this, Ziploc bags will keep your smaller items well organized and safe during relocation. You can even use baskets and laundry hampers for your items. You should cover baskets or hampers if you plan to use them. Lastly, you can also use crates, especially the ones that come with covers. They basically work as moving boxes. 

woman carrying bags
You can also use sturdy shopping bags to pack your items

 What to use instead of bubble wrapping 

Alternative packing materials for bubble wrapping include the following. 

  • Packing paper – perfect for delicate items since it is soft 
  • Newspapers and Magazines – good for filling the empty spaces between your items 
  • Shredded Office Paper – provides the necessary cushioning 
  • Towels and old clothes – probably one of the best alternatives for bubble wrapping 
  • Linens – for your big pieces of furniture 

Most of these things you already own or have in your house. Therefore, using alternative packing supplies means saving money when moving. 

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