Why you should hire gym equipment movers

Relocating fitness equipment is an entirely new territory of unique problems that require specific challenges. Consumers and typical moving companies are not equipped to handle them without experience. The weight and bulkiness of most pieces may prevent even the most experienced movers from maneuvering them safely. The complicated designs and cabling systems can be very difficult to handle. From the simplest treadmill to the professional training studios full of commercial equipment, Master Moving Guide will provide expert care for your fitness gear with lower moving costs. All of our employees are bonded, insured, and trained gym equipment movers.

Master Moving Guide always places protecting your equipment and surroundings as their number one priority. Our staff will load your equipment on our specialized trucks and fully secure them for safe transport. And we’ll reassemble the equipment, adjust it, and re-calibrate to its fabric specifications.

Before disassembling, clean and sanitize all gym equipment

Moving is stressful enough but when you need to move gym equipment, it is a specifically difficult task. Moving your gym equipment for the first time is a big challenge. Because of the heavy and awkward shape, gym equipment is very difficult to disassemble and move. If you don’t want to risk damages and scratches on your equipment you should always hire gym equipment movers.

Before calling your trusted movers, the first step you have to do is properly clean and sanitize all gym equipment before the move. Cleaning your gym equipment will keep all equipment pieces in the best shape after the move.

Wipe all your yoga mats and accessories. You can use a disinfecting cleaner or even vinegar.
Clean all surfaces on your treadmill, weight machines, and other workout equipment.
Wipe your weights, bars and wash the towels.

Gym weights
Save yourself from back pain with pro gym equipment movers, and spend the extra time with family.

Gym equipment movers will save you a headache

Make an inventory list of items and things you need to do before the moving day. Moving your gym equipment for the first time can be a big challenge. Because of the heavy and awkward shape, gym equipment is very difficult to disassemble and move. That’s why you need professional help because it will reduce stress. So before you think about starting to disassemble your gym equipment read all manual instructions. If you still want to do it, remember that disassembling the heavy equipment is dangerous.

Professional help will save you money and energy, and it will reduce the risk of damages.

If you are a gym owner and you are planning on moving your treadmill, elliptical, or free weights set, we have some key points for you. Moving your home, business, especially if you are a millennial, means you are on the verge of a new chapter. We at Master Moving guide moving company know the best cities for singles and all the latest trends in health. We will be your friends in need, ready to share our gym wisdom with you. Some exercise equipment that may pose a special challenge on a moving day is:

  • Treadmills
  • Elliptical machines
  • Recumbent bikes
  • Upright bikes
  • Sets of free weights
  • Power racks

Most exercise machines are uniquely shaped and usually quite heavy. Moving these awkward exercise machines without damaging them can be hard. To properly move treadmills, pros make sure there is no incline before disassembling your treadmill. Always follow instructions in your user’s manual for the specific steps for your machine. Most modern treadmills will fold up so they are easier to move. Unscrewing and detaching the console from the walking tread platform is fairly easy. Store all removable parts in a labeled box.

20kg dumbbells
Don’t even move dumbbells and kettlebells alone, because no matter how easy it looks, it can be dangerous.

When moving elliptical machines, expert gym equipment movers first remove the moving parts to prevent it from being difficult to move. Always remember that whenever you disassemble anything, store all screws, washers, electrical cords in one place and label everything.

Tips for hiring gym equipment movers

Gym equipment movers know their way around the gear and are experienced in putting everything back together after disassembling it. They will prepare your gym equipment for the move with large pieces of equipment being broken down into small parts. This will make your move a lot easier – it will be easier to handle all pieces of gym equipment.

Pro gym equipment movers Master Moving Guide will:

  1. Remove weights from all machines
  2. When removing all weights, keep them together and label them properly
  3. Secure all wires with a tape
  4. Follow the manual instructions
  5. Keep all of the screws and bolts so you can assemble your equipment
  6. Provide free boxes
  7. Label each part of your gym equipment with tape and a permanent marker
  8. Don’t try to lift large and heavy equipment pieces yourself

Gym equipment movers handle your hand weights, dumbbells, and barbells with ease

Before packing hand weights, dumbbells and barbells, you have to make sure that your moving boxes are strong and sturdy. It is really important that all moving boxes can handle the weight of your gym equipment. Don’t put many pieces in one box, it is better to use different sizes and many cardboard boxes. If your moving boxes aren’t sturdy enough to hold the weights of your equipment, think about getting plastic bins. Your gym equipment movers will provide proper boxes for you, and wrap all pieces appropriately.

Handling your stationary bike with the help of your expert gym equipment movers

If you have a stationary bike, which is popular gym equipment in homes today, your expert movers will make sure to protect it before the move. Wrap it with a blanket before loading it into the moving truck. If you have an electric bike, it has to be unplugged and all the cords stored in the same place. Also, when moving a stationary bike, they will protect your floor by placing something underneath the bicycle. Otherwise, you could risk serious scratches.

Professional movers that are specialized in moving gym equipment have skills, equipment, expertise, and materials for this type of relocation. The moving company has the experience that is needed for moving your home gym. They have different pieces of equipment that can handle your move. If you don’t hire professional help, ask your friends, neighbors, or family to help you with the moving process. But, be absolutely sure that you can do it by yourself – don’t forget that if you try to do much on your own it can lead to injuries and damages.

If you decided that you don’t want a DIY move, finding and hiring good movers is the most important decision you’ll make when moving. And while an internet search offers listings of local and distance movers, choosing the right one can be challenging. To help you hire good movers, check out these tips on what you should avoid doing when hiring moving companies.

Different weights inside a box
Call your local expert movers for an easy gym equipment relocation.

Important: get moving estimates from at least three movers

You should always have at least three movers on your list of potential companies. Compare costs between them and look at other people’s experiences with that company. Doing your research and background checks on each company will ensure you hire a reputable and trustworthy company and avoid a potentially horrid move.

They should always visit your home, in order to review everything you’re moving. That way they can provide a more accurate estimate. It’s also a way to ensure that the mover sees everything so that the inventory matches what was moved. It will also remind you to ask the movers about items that require special handling.

Check out mover’s customer service reputation

Complaint registries are a good place to do some research on the company. You can find invaluable advice from people who have experience with the mover. By shopping around, you can save money (sometimes over $1,000) and avoid scams.

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