Here are top US cities for singles

When it comes to a place to live in, the needs are different for single people and for the ones with families. Although some cities can accommodate both. That way, some of the best cities for singles can also have great neighborhoods for families. Families will choose suburbs over a city, while the singles should focus on the city core.
If you are struggling to find love, maybe you are living in the wrong place. It’s hard to find a soulmate when you are surrounded by couples. If that is the case, then considering relocating to more single-friendly town will be a good idea. Would your single life be a blessing or a curse, depends a lot on where you live.

Here are some of the best cities for singles in America:

San Francisco

The city in the U.S. that has ranked as number one on the list of the best cities for singles in many surveys in San Francisco.
The main reason for that is that this town has many potential places that you can find a romance. There is a never boring moment in San Francisco. For the night owls, there are numerous nightclubs, bars, restaurants where you can have fun throughout the whole week. Nightlife here is amazing, and you can easily bump into your soulmate on the dance floor.
If you prefer daily activities, there are also countless options to meet someone new. Maybe you’ll find someone with similar interest while you are visiting some of the great museums, on a hike, or on the sightseeing tour rich with history and unbeatable views.

Best neighborhoods in San Francisco for singles:

  • Mission District
  • Hayes Valley
  • Marina District
  • Cow Hollow
San Francisco is one of the best cities for singles.
San Francisco is the top-ranked place for single people.


According to the surveys, Atlanta is second ranked on the best cities for singles. Just after the San Francisco, it is the best place to be single in. If you are a fan of technology, you will love the fact that the dating applications are the most common way to meet someone new in Atlanta.
Of course, if you like to meet people in person you will have a chance to do that in the vibrant nightlife scene, in one of the many bars, restaurants or nightclubs.
Maybe Atlanta doesn’t portray as a perfect town for singles, but the truth is far from it. This is a singles paradise that offers a lot of attractions and entertainment. As well as potential dates.

Best neighborhoods in Atlanta for singles:

  • Colonial Homes
  • Buckhead Village
  • Lindbergh/Morosgo
  • Buckhead Forest


When it comes to the gender balance of singles, Austin beats out most cities in America. That means that there is a lot of fish in the dating pool, and therefore a bigger chance to catch a romance. Which makes it one of the best cities for singles in the U.S.
There are so many restaurants to choose from than you could possibly visit in a year. Bars are located in almost every corner, and there are a variety of buzzing places to be at night.
Austin is famous for its festivals such as the famous annual SXSW and Austin City Limits. Thousands of people from all around the world are coming to enjoy the latest trends in film, music, and tech so there is a good chance that you will meet someone new and maybe special. The single scene of Austin is hot as the Texas summer day.

Best neighborhoods in Austin for singles:

  • Downtown Austin
  • Old West Austin
  • South Congress
  • North of UT
Austin is one of the best cities for singles.
Austin has great gender balance of singles.


Detroit is a city that in the past had a bad reputation, but that is changing rapidly. Rebuilding city is attracting many newcomers, mostly the young single professionals.
That is why Detroit has become the city with the highest percentage of the singles population in the U.S., which makes it one of the best cities for singles to find their soulmate.
Since the city scene is small, meeting new people is all happening in bars. That way, you won’t be needing any dating apps to find romance in this town. Talking face to face is maybe “old school”, but it is beyond comparison to the virtual dating world. You will see on the spot do you like someone or not, without losing precious hours chatting online. People in Detroit are going out in the bars and clubs to have a good time, so they are very open to new acquaintances.

Best neighborhoods in Detroit for singles

  • Brush Park
  • Corktown
  • Lafayette Park
  • Downtown



Denver is a town of many wonders. Beautiful ski slopes, incredible wildlife and nature, perfect weather, modern infrastructure… Add to that a fact that it is also one of the best cities for singles. Many amazing nature parks, restaurants, movie theaters, music festivals, great nightlife, recreational facilities and many other interesting activities can be found in Denver. There’s never a shortage of fun outing options that provide a chance to meet someone new and maybe start a romance.

Best neighborhoods in Denver for singles:

  • Highlands
  • LoDo (Lower Downtown)
  • Sloan’s Lake
  • Capitol Hill
Denver is one of the best cities for singles.
There is never a boring moment in Denver – there are many activities for everybody taste.

Moving to a new town – meeting new people

Moving is very exciting experience and a big change. When you choose a new home in one of the best cities for singles, do all the moving preparation, learned how to avoid the moving scams, and your relocation is complete is time to dive in into the new social scene.

Here are the few simple ways to meet new people and start dating:

  • Socialize at work – If you have to relocate because of your job than take the new work environment as your advantage. It may not be wise to start a relationship with your colleague, especially if your company has strict rules about that. A co-worker can become a good friend and introduce you to his/her friends or help you start a conversation at the bar with someone that you like.
  • Online dating – Online dating can be very tricky, but it can be very helpful in the situation when you don’t know anybody in town. Creating a profile can facilitate meeting singles in your area. Just be careful – the virtual world can be deceiving. Follow your intuition and chat only with persons that you feel like you could have a real connection.
  • Hobby or activity – Join a yoga class, learn a new language, volunteer in a charity organization. You will have something in common with the people that are surrounding you in those places, and who knows – maybe one of them is your soulmate.

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