The ultimate short distance moving checklist

Moving short distance sounds easier than interstate moving, but be assured, it’s not. Every move requires a lot of work and planning, and the short distance one is no exception. However, we’ll make your relocation problems a lot easier! Check out our ultimate short distance moving checklist to make sure your move is easy. Not only will our list prevent you from forgetting anything, but it will also take a huge load of work off your shoulders.

Clean and toss

The first thing on our short distance moving checklist is cleaning. This cleaning is very important and should happen at least a week before the moving day. You’ll want to deep clean the house. Once you’ve completed this task, you’ll want to take a look at your things. Since the bulk of your moving costs will be how much stuff you’re relocating, you can reduce those costs by reducing the items you’ll be moving. Not only are you getting organized, but you’re also saving on your moving costs! So, once your old home is nice and clean, start sorting through your things. If you’re really desperate for space you can apply the “one year rule”. Namely, this means that everything you haven’t worn or used in a year should go. Now, you can either sell it to make some more money and further lower your relocation costs.

Can't have a good move with a dirty home.
Cleaning is at the top of our list!

A few days before the move cleaning short distance checklist

You should do another partial sweep of the house in the week before the move. Make sure the place is clean, don’t forget to defrost the freezer and unplug the electronics. Apart from this, you can take this as another opportunity to decide which things will be going with you and which won’t.

Research movers

Number two on our ultimate short distance moving checklist is researching the movers. In order to have the safest relocation possible, you’ll need to know as much about your movers as you can. Researching a moving company can be tedious work and definitely something you’d rather not do. If you decide you’ll need help with it, feel free to hire the services of the Master Moving Guide. We take all the necessary steps to ensure you have the best relocation possible.

Pack Carefully

Packing is probably the most crucial part of the move. If it’s done incorrectly it can cause many issues in the future. This is why it’s on our ultimate short distance moving checklist. There are a lot of things that you’ll need to do in order to pack successfully for your local relocation. First of all, you’ll need some packing material. You can find cheap moving boxes in a lot of places which will help you save some cash for your move. However, there are other packing supplies you’ll have to get. Tapes, many kinds or protective wrapping and loose cardboard can all be used to pack your items. Only once you’ve brought all the materials, will you be able to start packing.

You’ll need to pay attention to certain things:

  • separate – first, you’ll need to organize all your items and separate them by levels of fragility. The ones that require extra care. you should pack in separate boxes. You should probably carry the especially delicate objects with you. For example, that set of frail glasses can fit in a car and you won’t have to risk damaging it. Another way to separate your things is room by room. Packing each room separately is a good item on our short distance moving checklist.
  • label – labeling the boxes will do wonders for you once you start unpacking. You’ll save a lot of time if you don’t have to open the box to see what’s in it.
  • emergency bag – it’s better to be safe than sorry. So, always have a first aid kit with you when you’re moving. Apart from this, make sure you stock up on any medication the family needs. Even though you’re moving a short distance away you still wouldn’t want to go rummaging through the boxes.

PROTIP: If you want to be especially crafty, you can prepare a special thanks to your movers and give it to them once the job is done. This can be a nice hearty meal, but it’s usually considered best if you tip your movers.

Short distance moving checklist tip: have a first aid kit handy.
Always be safe when moving. Even for short distances.

Notify everyone important

Finally, you’re ready to relocate. However, there’s still one thing left on our ultimate short distance moving checklist. It’s time to let everyone know you’ve moved, and we’re not talking about social media posts. Well, you can use those to let your friends know, but you’ll need to let the proper authorities know as well. First things first, you’ll need to notify your employer. After that, you should change your address with the Post Office. If you’re having trouble finding the right place where you should do this, visit the United States Postal Service website.

Notifying everyone important is a crucial item on our short distance moving checklist.
Let everyone know you’ve moved.

The adaptable short distance moving checklist

Unfortunately, there is a bit of work you’ll need to put into making the ultimate list. As we all in different conditions and have different lifestyles, the perfect list doesn’t exist. Some of the things we couldn’t move without might burden you. Also, some of the things one would leave or throw away another might cherish and treasure. Thus, you’ll need to add the last final items on the list. Make sure these are the items you don’t want to move without, the items you can’t imagine leaving in your old home. So, whether it’s that photo album from your wedding or your kid’s favorite blanket, make sure you put them on the short distance moving checklist.

A person making their short distance moving checklist.
Make your own list!

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