Guidelines for relocating people with disabilities

Moving is always a demanding job. Since you own a moving company, you know how many people move annually. In order to attract customers, you have to offer the best possible moving services. However, relocating people with disabilities is a bit different than an ordinary move. You will have to make a decision on how many movers do you need, how to offer support, special discounts, and so on. If you have or you might have customers with disabilities, here are some important guidelines for relocating people with disabilities. You should explain to them the entire moving process, give a couple of advice, and offer support. 

Suggest making a plan when relocating people with disabilities 

People with disabilities should give themselves enough time to plan everything. Of course, if necessary, you have to adapt if they hire you as last minute movers. In any case, recommend to people with disabilities to ask someone to help them. In addition to this, when they are planning their move, they should talk to you about all the details, both big and small. Apart from this, go over their plan even after the move as well. This will prevent any mishaps, unpleasant situations, and accidents. For this reason, suggest making a moving binder where they can keep all the moving-related documents. Since you are working and relocating people with disabilities, you should pay more attention to their move. 

make a plan when relocating people with disabilities
Make a moving plan together with your customer

Applying for Financial Assistance 

You have to take into consideration that moving is expensive. People with disabilities will require more help during their relocation. For this reason, you as their movers should recommend applying for financial assistance. Suggest looking for government and community organizations that offer assistance with moving expenses. Mostly this includes finding reliable movers and financial support in packing and unpacking. In addition to this, these financial adds are giving to people if they are clear about their needs. For this reason, make sure to help filling out the form if necessary or at least look over it. As you might already know, it is different if you only need to pay for packing and unpacking services or renovating a home. 

Purchasing a hose and accessibility considerations 

Since you are relocating people with disabilities, you will deliver their items to their new home. For this reason, again offer a couple of advice on house accessibility. The following adaptations can include. 

  • Cabinets and shelves easy to reach 
  • A shower without a barrier 
  • Step-free entrance to the house 
  • A bedroom, bathroom, and a kitchen on the ground floor 
  • Hallways and doorways wide enough to accommodate mobility aids 
  • A kitchen that can be used while seated 
  • Flooring to fit mobility aids 

In addition to this, you can recommend the UDS Foundation that provides individual assessments, home evaluations, and even offer help with renovations. It is extremely important to adapt to the new home so people with disabilities can use it comfortably. For this reason, make sure to suggests these changes. 

Relocating people with disabilities – packing services 

Most people with disabilities will get packing services and unpacking services as well. For this reason, you can give them a discount. Most moving companies offer some sort of discount if a customer pays for more services than one. Be considerate and patient when helping people with disabilities to pack. Make sure to organize everything properly. In addition to this, work with their assistance when packing. Again, recommend a cleaning company if you can. A house should be cleaned after all the items are packed and carried out. For this reason, help here as well if you can. Lastly, after you take everything, help your customer to take one last look at their home. This will give you a chance to see if you forgot anything. 

a woman packing clothes
Offer packing services to your customer with disabilities

Prepare an essential box 

As you already know, you will need some time to unpack all the boxes. For this reason, when you are packing items, ask your customers with disabilities to prepare an essential box/bag. This bag should contain items that can last for at least 2 to 3 days. It should include medication, necessary charging cords for mobility aids, clothes, toiletries, and towels. Most people have a lot of boxes. When you need to find your medication or clothes to change, but you do not know where you put them, it can be a problem. It is even a bigger problem if that box still has not arrived. For this reason, help your customer to pack these boxes. Tell them to keep the box with them while traveling. In addition to this, talk about the best moving insurance. Explain to them what is covered and how to file a claim. 

Unpacking the boxes  

When the relocation is over, it is time to unpack all the boxes. As it was already mentioned, most people with disabilities will pay for the unpacking services as well. For this reason, unpack all the boxes for them. Listen to their wishes. Put the items in a way that is most comfortable for them to use it. Check if they can comfortably use the kitchen appliances, pass through the doorways, have a clear pathway in each room, and so on. In addition to this, you can check electricity, water, and gas if you know how to do it. If they bring someone with them, work together to organize their new home. It is really important to settle in people with disabilities in their new home. 

two people pushing a woman in a wheelchair
Make sure that your customer with disabilities is not moving without help

All the tips for relocating people with disabilities 

As you can see, these would be all the important tips for relocating people with disabilities. The most important thing is to help them pack and unpack. Make sure to recommend several organizations for a financial ad. You can easily find this information by searching on Google. Lastly, make sure that your customer with disabilities is not organizing the move on their own. They should ask someone to help them. 

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