How to boost the price of your moving services

When you own a moving company or any type of company, you would like to make a good profit every single month. However, the market is always changing. Therefore, sometimes, you can ask for more money than you used to for the same service. How to increase prices while keeping your customers happy? This is a quite tricky situation because most people do not like to pay more. For this reason, here is Master Moving Guide has learned you can boost the price of your moving services. 

Boost the price of your moving services at the right time 

You cannot suddenly increase your prices without receiving extreme backlash. As already mentioned, many loyal customers would feel betrayed and even try to find other reliable movers. For this reason, you need to time it right. This means increasing the price only when you are 100% confident that your customers are satisfied with your services. How to check if your customers are happy with your companyYou should ask for their feedback so you can see their response. You can use the answers to improve your services and then after some time you can increase the price

How to improve your servicesDo not try to increase your prices if customers are generally dissatisfied with your company. By making your prices higher, you will attract even fewer customers compared to now. For this reason, first, work on all the aspects of your company that are lacking. You can find out which aspects to improve on by looking at the feedback. For example, when a customer first approaches you, you should ask questions and be ready to answer theirs. These questions might include how many movers do you need, what is the size of your household, do you have any special items to move, when is your moving date, and so on. Show that you are interested in doing your job perfectly. 

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Make a good plan before increasing the prices

Combine your services or add extras 

What is the best way to boost your prices? Add more to your moving package! For example, you can add moving insurance to your local moving services, and that way increasing the price. Then, you can add certain fees. For example, you can ask more if you cannot use the elevator, if there is no free parking space when the street is too narrow, and so on. 

In addition to this, you should offer discounts from time to time. When is the best time to offer a discount? When your business is slow, then you should offer a discount. This will attract customers and you will make enough profit for that month. 

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Do not drastically increase your prices

Be smart 

When you want to boost the price of your moving services, be smart about it. Do not go overboard with the price increase. In addition to this, you can try the following combined strategy:

  • Summers – the higher demand, the higher prices 
  • Winters – time for discounts 
  • Falls and Springs – combine services 

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