Worst packing materials and reasons to avoid them

For a successful move, it is not enough just to pack your items in any kind of packing material. Not all materials are suitable for packing. If you choose the wrong packing materials, your items could suffer serious damage. For this reason, make sure you find the right packing materials for your items. If you are not sure what kind of materials is right, you can always consult reputable local movers. Also, keep in mind that not all materials are right for every use. For example, some material won’t offer enough protection for fragile items but they will be perfect for other use. This all might seem confusing at first, but in the end, you will see that everything has its purpose. Here a few materials you should avoid when packing for the move. 

Even cardboard boxes can belong to the worst packing materials 

Cardboard boxes are very good options when you want to cut your moving expenses. They also come in different sizes and they are good for packing different types of items. However, they can also be a very bad choice if you reuse them but don’t inspect them first. First, see if boxes were already damaged or if they were torn in previous use. This kind of cardboard boxes, you should absolutely avoid because they can rip under the weight of your belongings. 

Using a wooden crate for moving can also sometimes be a bad choice. Wooden crates are ideal for transporting delicate and fragile items and, they are perfect for a long-distance move. However, if you move locally, you don’t need to buy them as they cost more than ordinary moving boxes. In addition, because of their large size, they won’t be easy to store later. 

Worst packing materials can be boxes as well
Be careful when picking boxes for your move

Using materials not meant for packing as moving supplies 

Many people make the same mistake when they use newspapers and other printed pages as wrapping materials. Newspapers and magazines are often used as wrapping material for fragile belongings or some expensive art pieces. However, you should avoid using them as they don’t offer enough protection and sometimes newsprint can get onto objects. For these reasons, you should use different kinds of materials for your fragile products. 

When packing your belongings in the boxes, your most trusted ally is tape. However, it is a common mistake to use cheap tape or duct tape instead of packing tape. They are not strong enough when you want to reinforce the boxes for extra protection. If you want more information on how to plan your move successfully, consult the master moving guide for more information. 

woman carrying a box
Choose quality packing supplies

A few common mistakes you should avoid when packing 

Now when you know what the worst packing materials are, here a few common packing mistakes you should keep in mind. 

  • Not making a packing plan 
  • Failing to sort your belongings before the packing 
  • Not having enough packing supplies 
  • Pack fragile items as if they were non-breakables 
  • Packing furniture without disassembling it first 
  • Overpacking moving boxes 
  • Forgetting to label boxes 

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