Why you need a climate controlled storage unit

Do you want to store your belongings for a longer period of time? Then, you need to find a storage unit suitable for your situation. There are many types of storage units offered on the market and sometimes it is hard to choose. For this reason, it is always better to do your research in order to pick the best one. Climate controlled storage unit might be exactly what you are looking for. Here are all the reasons why you need a climate controlled storage unit.

colorful storage units
Choose the right storage unit for yourself

What is a climate controlled storage unit

First, you should know what exactly a climate controlled storage unit means. It means that you can control the temperature and humidity of your storage unit. If it only says temperature controlled, then it does not regulate the humidity as well. The purpose of this type of storage unit is to keep your items safe from external conditions. Some items are extremely delicate and sensitive, which means they could get damaged from changes in temperature. For this reason, it is better to rent a climate controlled storage unit. In addition to this, when you are moving, maybe you cannot transport all your things at once. If your moving budget allows you, then you should rent one like this.

When to rent a climate controlled storage unit

It is your choice whether to rent one or not. If you only need to store your belongings for a couple of days, then you do not have to get this type of storage space. In addition to this, it depends on the time of the year and the place where you live. If the climate is moderate in your area, then you can skip on this storage unit. However, if temperatures, where you live, are extremely high or low, then it would be wise to rent a climate controlled storage unit. This especially applies if you wish to store delicate items for a longer period of time.

Where to find such a storage unit

Now that you know more about climate controlled storage units, you should also see where you can rent them. The first choice would be to talk to your local moving company. Nowadays, many companies offer this type of service for their customers. Contact more than one moving company to ask about their storage. When you have a clear enough picture of the prices and quality, you can rent one storage unit. In addition to this, if you do not want to move your belongings to your unit by yourself, you can hire people from the moving company as well. Since it is a custom to tip workers, you might be wondering how much to tip movers. Do not let this stress you out, but go with the safe 10 percent of your bill.

What does a climate controlled storage unit offers

What is so special and beneficial about a climate controlled storage unit? Well, to start from the most logical reason, it protects your items from extreme temperatures. In many parts of the United States, it can get extremely hot during the summer and freezing cold during the winter. If you store your belongings in a traditional storage unit, they might not get the protection they need. For this reason, if you want your items to be safe and undamaged, you need a climate controlled unit.

Air Quality

Have you ever thought about air quality in a storage unit? Probably not because no one usually pays any attention to this aspect. However, this is yet another good way to protect your items. In this storage unit, there is a continuous circulation of the air hence the air stays clean. If you are unable to visit your storage unit on a regular basis, then this one is the best for you since you will not need to open your unit to get fresh air in. This is especially significant if you plan to store sensitive electronics or documents.

It acts as a barrier from dust and debris

There is no worse feeling than opening a storage unit that is covered in dust. Not only you have to clean everything, but it can be potentially dangerous for your health. A climate controlled storage unit is usually inside a building. This means that a building has a sealed and insulated roof, walls and floors. With this type of protection, you will have almost no problems with dust and debris. In addition to this, insects and rodents will not be able to enter your storage unit. Therefore, your items will be perfectly secured inside for as long as you need. Additional protection is a good reason to use a storage unit.

you will not have any dust in a climate controlled storage unit
Forget about dust in your new storage unit

Items you should put in a climate controlled storage unit

Here is the list of items you should store in this particular storage unit.

  • Musical instruments
  • Books and magazines
  • Electronics
  • Antiques, especially made of wood
  • Important documents
  • Mattress
  • Furniture
electric guitar on white surface
Store your musical instruments properly

Humidity control

Not all storage units have this option – to control humidity. When you are about to rent a climate controlled storage unit, then make sure it has this option included. This is especially important for antique furniture as they can get damaged from too much moisture. In addition to this, it is not good if the air is too dry since it can affect your items. For this reason, having this feature is a huge advantage.

It is worth to pay extra money

A climate controlled storage unit might be more expensive, but it is worth it. You will not have to worry about your items getting damaged. For this reason, pack your belongings and head off to your new storage unit.

Why you need a climate controlled storage unit

As you can see, it is smart to rent one storage unit that allows you to regulate climate. It is worth all the pennies that you will pay for it.

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