Why International Moving Companies Don’t Take Credit Cards

These days, most people are used to paying with credit cards. It may come as a surprise that many companies don’t accept credit card payments. Master Moving Guide will, hopefully, help you understand why international moving companies don’t take credit cards. Credit card payments are especially significant for international relocation, mainly because of the high costs. There is a logic behind it, and you can see here a few most important reasons.

So, why international moving companies don’t take credit cards?

Let’s start from the beginning. People often don’t make a difference with credit cards and cash payments. It sounds the same, the company will get the money either way, right? Wrong. There are some occasions when international movers don’t manage to collect the payment, unfortunately. There are problems with credit cards:

  • High fees
  • Partnership problems
  • Approved amounts

These are only some of the problems with card payments. It is up to every particular company to make regulations for its business, in accordance with the law. Experienced international movers had a lot of uncomfortable situations that led them to make this kind of decision.

paying with credit card
Credit cards can be more problematic than you think

High fees are playing the major role

Every card transaction comes with a fee that the business pays from that transaction. Sometimes, bank fees are too high. Many smaller businesses work on the margin profit, and if they need to pay high fees then they don’t earn as much. That’s not just with moving companies but for a lot of restaurants, shops, etc. However, international relocations cost a lot, and sometimes they don’t make so much profit for the company. It may sound strange, but if expenses are high and the competition is strong, companies often lower their prices simply to be competitive in the market. Fees vary from bank to bank and they can be different for certain types of cards. When you are choosing a moving company for long distance relocation, be sure to check the types of payments in advance.

Partnership problems are sometimes a reason

Some credit card types are international and some are not. Visa and Mastercard are international credit cards that are used globally. However, in some countries, there are issues with other credit cards. Check the common rules in the country where you are moving. They may not be the same, depending on where you are moving to. Once again, fees may not be the same for every card type, so you can’t use all credit cards everywhere in Europe. Simply because businesses don’t want to pay fees to banks.

credit cards in a pocket
Does your credit card work in your new country?

International relocation requires planning and preparations. Make sure that you plan your budget in time. You should make a moving costs checklist. When you know how much it will cost to relocate, you will be able to set a budget. If you manage to stay within the budget, eventually, you will save some money. You will save by avoiding extra, unnecessary costs.

Approved amounts are also why international moving companies don’t take credit cards

Every card has a limit per day and a monthly limit. This approved amount is actually protection from fraud. The limit on the transaction is there in case your card gets lost or stolen. Of course, it can be awkward if you want to pay something above the limit. Moving companies are well aware of this, so that is usually why international moving companies don’t take credit cards. International relocation expenses are high. They don’t want to lose their money if they cannot collect the payment at the end of the finished job. If you are using only credit cards in a foreign country, there is not much possibility to pay for your move.

This is just one example of why international relocations demand a lot of preparation. Before you start to pack you should check with your bank the approved amount on your credit card. Ask your long distance movers for a quote and be sure that you can pay it with one transaction or payment.

There is also a big difference between debit and credit cards. If you are paying with a debit card, you need to have enough money on it. Debit cards allow you to spend only the amount you have on the card. On the other hand, credit cards give you credit or allow you to spend more money than you actually have. It depends on your bank and how much you get in credit. This is very important, especially when you have a large sum to pay.

a woman thinking about why international moving companies don’t take credit cards
Credit cards have limits that you might not be aware of

Explore other payment methods

If you have a problem with credit cards, there are other ways to pay for the relocation. Besides cash, you can use cheques, online payments, or bank transfers. Many people avoid carrying cash around, especially when they go on a trip. Check with your movers how you can pay and prepare in advance. One of the easiest ways is to pay online through PayPal, e-banking, or similar. You just need to make sure that you have enough money in your account once the relocation is finished. While you are exploring your possibilities, also check the fees that apply to these payment methods. See which one will cost less. Sometimes the fees can add up to a significant sum.

Choose reputable international movers

It is important to find a reliable moving company. Always look for the one with experience in international relocations. It is not quite the same if you hire a local moving company or get experts in an international relocation. Somebody with the experience will exactly know how to make your relocation as pleasant and smooth as possible. Also, the right partners will give you guidance and help. International relocations are very complicated and definitely require logistics, experience, and well-trained teams.

Once you understand why international moving companies don’t take credit cards you will have a chance to plan and prepare. Avoid stress as much as you can and worry about the payment in the end, by informing yourself in time.

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