Why are millennials leaving big cities?

Why are millennials leaving big cities? Well, there are many reasons why large cities are not as popular for today’s young people as they were before. If you are interested in this topic, be sure to read the rest of this article to find out the answer to this question. Maybe you will change your mind and move to a small town.

Why are millennials leaving big cities

Not all millennials are leaving big cities, there is still a large percentage of them living in every major US city. However, recently there has been a trend of young people moving to smaller towns or to the suburbs of large cities. There are more opportunities in smaller areas for millennials. For this reason, you will be surprised to see that cities like New York or Los Angeles are rarely featured on lists for best cities for millennials in the US. It can be quite difficult to live in a large city where millions and millions of people live.

a group of young people
Millennials want financial stability

Financial stability

One of the major reasons why millennials are leaving big cities is because of financial stability. It is quite expensive to live in a large city without having a well-paid job. For this reason, many young people believe that the struggle of living in a major populated area is not worth it. Although the unemployment percentage has been lowered in recent years, still it is not enough to cover all the expenses. In addition to this, wages have remained the same while bills and the price of food are always slowly increasing. After they pay for everything, young people are left with a small amount of money. They cannot afford to buy a house of their dreams, or sometimes even a car, hence it is better to move to some places where everything is cheaper. This could mean to move to a smaller house as well.

Why are millennials leaving big cities – living there was temporary

Many millennials move to big cities for college and university. It is exciting to live in New York City for example, when your main worry is passing your exams. Of course, many students work, but still, it is not the same when you have a full-time job. For this reason, many millennials enjoy the college years in a large city by having fun and meeting new people. However, when those four or five years are over, they want to settle down and look for the stability which is hard to come by in big cities. In addition to this, a large city usually means endless job opportunities. It is not always the case since some professions are not as popular as in smaller areas.

Housing options

It is the American dream to own a house. However, because of the financial instability and difficulties to find a decent job, this dream is unattainable to many millennials. For the past decade or so, the housing priced skyrocketed which makes it impossible to purchase a house without having a huge mortgage. For this reason, many millennials prefer renting a place rather than buying one. Renting is a good temporary option, but when people want to settle down, it is better to own a house. This is why many millennials are moving to suburbs or to smaller areas because the housing market there is more affordable.

a small white house
It is expensive to buy a house in a large city

The change of the perspective

It was extremely popular to move to urban areas a couple of decades ago. That is the reason why large cities are so densely populated. It is fun to live in a large city for a couple of years, but then the appeal of bars and exciting nightlife wears off. For this reason, many millennials start to notice only the flaws of life in the big city. If they want to fulfill their dream of having a big house with a white fence, then they have to move to another place. In addition to this, many millennials from the older generations do not have the need to stay in a big city, especially if they are successful in their professional careers.

Why are millennials leaving big cities – advantages of living in a small town

There are many traits of a millennial-friendly city. Here is a short list of them.

  • Life is more peaceful and calm.
  • It is great for raising a family.
  • If you own a car, then commuting should not be a problem, especially since most large cities are well connected to their suburbs.
  • It is much cheaper than life in the big city.
  • The crime rate is usually much lower than in some large metropolitan area.
  • It is more affordable to start your own business here as well.
why are millennials leaving big cities - to raise a family
Small towns are better for raising a family

Moving tips

Since you are probably one of the millennials who is leaving the big cities, you should also know how to organize your move. Hiring a moving company is one of the most important steps since it is hard to organize the whole move on your own. Movers will help you with almost everything, it only depends on your decision. If you are looking for a reliable moving company, then you should contact professionals from Master Moving Guide. They will help you to find the best moving company for your situation.

Start on time

When you want to move, you should start on time. This usually means a couple of weeks in advance. This way, you will not forget or leaving anything behind. In addition to this, it is important to pack everything correctly. You will avoid damaging or losing some of your items. Moving is a huge task, but if you prepare well, then you can move to your new smaller town without any problems.

Why are millennials leaving big cities

Why are millennials leaving big cities? Because there are more opportunities for them in smaller areas than in large cities. Millennials are looking for a stable life, which is easier to get in a small town.

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