Which US states are best for expats?

There are numerous challenges and things to be done in order to ensure a nice and cozy life in the US. One of them is checking whether you can afford to live here. But money is not the only issue when moving to America. The culture is different and the climate is different. In movies, you will not see people think about healthcare or the test scores required to get into high school. That is why Master Moving Guide has created a list of things to consider before moving to America and which US States are best for expats. So let us begin.

Criteria to consider when choosing the US states that are best for expats

Establishing which is the best state for you as an expat is not easy. You must find a place that is suitable for you when it comes to job positions and schools. You might find a place that has a lot of activities. But what happens when you find out that the average house price there is over 1.3 million dollars? Will you trade the life you have for this? Every place on Earth will welcome newcomers but will you be able to afford it? The price of the house is just the tip of the iceberg. You need to know:

  • the living costs,
  • the insurance policy,
  • the possibility of getting a resident visa,
  • community,
  • crime level,
  • economical status, etc.

Some of these expenses can be calculated before you move. To give an example, you can ask for a free moving estimate and find out how much will the relocation to your new home cost. But some additional information requires you to dig in and explore.

city in Texas at night
You have many things to consider in order to answer the question of which US states are best for expats

So, which US states are best for expats?

According to some statistics that have been made during the last year, we have narrowed down the best US states for expats. Take into account that some of these states might not be the right for you. You will determine which US states are the best for expats after you take under the consideration all the pros and cons of living in a particular state.

  1. Texas,
  2. California,
  3. Colorado,
  4. Arkansas,
  5. Pennsylvania,
  6. Oregon,
  7. Alabama,
  8. Michigan, and
  9. Florida

And even if you have the list of states that are the best for expats, you need to know next. Not every city in this state will be the right for you. Not every state has the same amount of towns suitable for you. In case you want to know what are the best cities for your new home, make sure you know all about the state first. It will help you limit the search.


Texas is a state where you will find your freedom. In case you have been searching for a state that will welcome you as its own, you have come to the right place. There is no age limit here. People move here from all parts of the world. People of all ages. That is why for example, Austin has been voted to be one of the best US cities to retire. You will change the culture. Not to mention the ways of living. A diverse town like this will offers you a chance to feel like you have finally found your own spot under the sun. Speaking of the sun, the only thing you need to know is that the weather can be brutal sometimes. But if you are prepared and organized, even the hot and terrible weather will not make your day pass by doing anything. People here have a strong emphasis on arts, culture, and venture investments. Most importantly, the outdoor spaces are breathtaking.

One of the things that concern some people are the cost of living. Texas is a state that is on an average level when it comes to the costs of living. Some states are much more expensive. If Texas is the state y are willing to give a chance to, check out these tips for hiring movers. Relocate here easily and smoothly.


Any city in California has one thing that benefits all the expats. And that is the commute. The commute here is super easy. You will be able to get from one place to another in less than 20 minutes. No matter what part of the day is. That is why this state has become one of the favorite states of millennials. There are some of the best cities for millennials in the USA are located in California. For example, Santa Barbara in California has the shortest commute to any major city here. California is also ranked very well when it comes to:

  • well-being,
  • low level of crimes,
  • healthcare.

One of the things that make California a difficult place to live in is the low vacancy rate. It is way below the average. You might find it difficult to get an apartment here.

golden hour in California
California might suit you.

Still wondering which US states are best for expats? Try Colorado!

All of the cities here boast high-quality schools, parks, and access to some sports activities. For all of you who are planning on starting a family in a different state than your current one, Colorado might be your first choice. Not only because the public schools are on a great level. There are also a lot of afterschool activities that will help your kid learn. No one knows better than Colorado teachers that learning is not just about reading from a book. They know that you need to let kids learn from experiences and something more realistic. If the kid can touch and smell something, it will be longer in its memory. This is one of the reasons why Colorado teachers are voted to be the most qualified ones in the USA. So if you plan on moving and starting a family, find a house here, hire residential movers and make sure that you have made the right choice.

grand canyon
Moving to Colorado will give you a chance to have one adventure a day


Seven Fortune 500 companies are located here. It makes this states one of the most wanted states for people who are looking for better-paid jobs and better job opportunities. That is why if you are single if you want to be rich, and most importantly if you want to make a legacy in your job field, this state is the right for you. And no matter which town you chose here, you should know that you can find some of the top US cities for singles here. Arkansas also has average home prices under $200,000. It is a perfect place for you to make new friends, and meet new people. And overall, find the job of your dreams.

Pennsylvania should be on the list when you think about which US states are best for expats

Life here is quite affordable. This may be the biggest reason why expats choose this state to be their new home. However, even though living here is affordable, there are some expenses you need to think of. For instance, it is the insurance for your stuff. We are not talking about the crime level. It is low here. We are talking about the fact that the weather in Pennsylvania can be terrible. You might get caught in some natural disaster. That is why you should be thinking about moving insurance. And to know what is the best moving insurance, you need to contact the moving companies. Ask around people with the same experience. Secure your things even if the forecast says that there will be no disasters or bad weather at the moment of the relocation.

river near the buidings
The costs of living are not the only thing you should check before moving to another state


There are all kinds of things that you can find appealing to Oregon. Just naming some of the will be enough for you to pack your bags and move here as soon as possible. Those are oceans, mountains vineyards all around the state. You will be able to spend every minute outdoors, looking for fun. Here is a small chance that you will have a free weekend. With many activities, residents of Oregon have so little free time. This is the perfect place for this who love adventure. For those who like to seize the moment. For those who are giving their best to enjoy life. People here have a huge array of hobbies. There are tons of different lifestyles and diversity is at a high level. So the state of Oregon is the right choice for those who want to start living their life like they are supposed to.


Huntsville is the fastest-growing place in Alabama. Mostly because it is the hub for NASA. But Alabama has so much more to offer you. One of the most specific things about this state is that you can find numberless craft breweries. The best thing about this state is that living costs are low, and the salaries are bigger than the average. And at last, the state is significantly smaller than the others. You will feel like a big community just living the best life possible.

blue lake and houses in distance
Nature plays a big role when choosing the best place for you and your family.

Michigan is one of the US states that are the best for expats

And why is that? Well, mostly because this state is full of young people looking for some additional education. There are numerous universities and colleges here. You will be able to find the field that you are interested in. The best part of it is that Michigan has a lot of after-graduation jobs. You will get the first salary working in the field you have been learning so much. And the major employers here are education and healthcare.

But one of the biggest things that makes Michigan one of the best states is that it is well known for its Pride events. This state has the strongest LGBTQ community in the whole of the USA. So the diversity level is at its highest point.


The sunny state is the biggest attraction for newcomers and expats. Numerous reasons make this place desirable. With so many smiling people and happy residents, Florida is voted to be the happiest place on earth. It might be because of the weather. You will be able to enjoy the sun and the ocean almost every day throughout the whole year. Of course, this benefit comes along without some based things. Natural disasters, like hurricanes, are being seen here. But most of the residents have some sort of protection system for these events. Another thing people struggle with here is the traffic. Public transportation is organized. But due to so many residents in the last few years, Florida has become a little bit overcrowded. However, you will not have this problem if you choose some of the cities that are not in the center of major happenings. It comprises what you will have to make to have a good quality life here.

woman sitting on the edge thinking which US states are best for expats
Carefully plan your next step.

Thinking about which US states are best for expats, we conclude that the state that suits you most will be the one that can answer your every need. That is why before you set your mind on moving to some of these states, you should get informed. Knowing about the costs of living is not enough. You need to be able to live in a different culture, to meet different people as well. A lot of us are not used to a high level of diversity. And that is not something you should be ashamed of. If you are sure that there is one thing you cannot pass by, avoid that state. There are so many other states waiting to see and get your potential. So feel free to explore and find the best state for you and your family.

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