Which are the worst kinds of movers

It seems like Americans like to move. According to recent records, over 38 million people move annually. Then, it comes as no surprise why there are so many moving companies. However, just because people like to move, it does not mean they also know how to choose reliable movers. Since there is such a huge demand for moving services, there are also many fraudulent companies as well. For this reason, you should be extremely careful when hiring a moving company. You should look for several signs that can serve as red flags in this case. All the worst kinds of movers do similar things. In order to avoid moving scams, here is what the worst kinds of movers do. 

The price is much lower than the competition 

Moving is expensive. Most people need at least two months in order to prepare their moving budget as special moving services are not cheap. For this reason, many people are attracted by the low prices some moving companies offer. However, most unbelievable offers are usually not real. Mind you, not all affordable moving services are fake. Sometimes, movers offer special discounts, especially during the winter. But, in most cases, cheaper movers equal rogue movers. Cheap prices triple on a moving day, people report stolen items, movers damage a large number of items, and so on. The worst kinds of movers will promise to give you moving services at a much lower price. The initial quote is 20 to 30 percent lower than what other companies offer. Do not get persuaded by false advertisements. It is always better to spend more money on quality moving services. 

a person looking at the prices the worst kinds of movers offer
Do not fall for moving fees that are much lower than the rest

The worst kinds of movers ask for a high deposit 

It is not an unusual practice to ask for a deposit. Most moving companies will ask for a deposit fee. It should be no more than 10 percent of the overall job costs. Usually, around $50 to be more precise. However, anything above 10 percent is a sign of a bad company. There is no valid reason to ask for 25 percent or even more. If movers you hired ask for this amount, do not pay. You will probably never see that money again. In addition to this, their services are probably bad as well, so you will waste your money on nothing. 

You know very little about the moving company 

You need to do the proper background research about your potential moving company. For this reason, it is always best if you come as a referral. If someone you know is very satisfied with moving services from one moving company, then you should hire the same one. Hiring a moving company through newspapers or finding one on the Internet is risky. They might offer to do the whole job in just two or three hours. Do not believe everything you read. Check if the address listed on their official website is registered under the company name. If not, then do not hire it. In addition to this, make sure to ask the company to show their license or you can check it on your own. Either look for a license issued by the FMSCA or the Better Business Bureau. If they do not have it, look for another one. 

neon question mark
Do the proper research about the moving company before you hire them

The worst kinds of movers change the original quote 

As you might know, there are two types of moving estimate – binding and non-binding one. Both have their pros and cons. A binding estimate is good since you will know the exact amount of money you will pay. However, the first estimate might be slightly different than the weight of items on a moving day. This means you can pay more than necessary. Of course, you can end up paying less as well. On the other hand, a non-binding estimate will tell you one amount that will change. The worst kinds of movers will only offer the non-binding estimate since they can change it easily. In addition to this, these types of moving companies will only offer to do the estimate over the phone or online. This means this estimate will not be accurate. For this reason, ask for an in-house estimate. If they refuse, do not hire them. 

Invented charges 

You have to sign a moving contract with every moving company. In that contract, every moving fee should be included. Make sure to read carefully everything before you sign it. If you do not understand some parts of the contract, do not feel shy. Ask the company representatives to clarify those policies. The reason is quite simple. The worst kinds of movers will add new fees to your bill. They can charge for a driver’s fee, gas, staircase, the extra time required, and so on. These things should be included in the moving contract. If they are not, and movers still ask for more money based on these fees, you are dealing with a scam. 

man writing on paper
Read everything carefully before you sign a moving contract

The other red flags 

Here is the list of other potential red flags you should pay attention to. 

  • Do not sign partial contracts – again, do not sign blank or incomplete contacts. Movers might tell you they will fill out the details later. However, they should fill those details before they offer the contract. So, do not believe them but ask for a complete contract or hire another moving company. 
  • The Bait and the change – do not hire movers that offer cheap deals as they will hold your items until you pay the bill which is much higher than the original agreement. 
  • Do not put your furniture in an unmarked truck – if movers come in a truck with no official logo, do not hire them. 
  • Skip paying in cash – if you pay in cash, there will not be a record of the paid transaction, which means movers can just disappear with your money and items. 

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