Which are the most expensive moving mistakes

Moving can be difficult since you have so many things to organize. It is easy to forget something or to do something wrong, like hiring furniture movers. This would not be a big deal if you are moving locally. However, if you are moving far away, then it is a little more complicated to fix your mistakes. For this reason, here are the most expensive moving mistakes. If you see what other people did wrong, then you can try to avoid it when you are moving. In order not to lose unnecessary money, here is what you need to know about moving mistakes. 

Organizing your move late 

Since moving is a huge task, you need to give yourself time to organize it. This means at least 2 to 3 months in advance. The last-minute move may leave you with few choices for the moving company. This way you can easily end up hiring fraudulent movers. Usually, you will end up paying for more if you come across movers that are not reliable. In addition to this, when you give yourself enough time, you are less likely to make the other most expensive moving mistakes. You can organize everything slowly and in great detail. This way you will not forget to pack some of your items. 

person holding white mini bell alarmclock
Start organizing your on time

The most expensive moving mistakes – too good offers 

Movers will make good offers in order to attract new potential customers. However, if an offer sound too good to be true, then you should check the credibility of the moving company. Usually, most moving rates offer similar quotes with minor differences. On the other hand, many fraudulent companies will make these special offers only to take more money than originally promised. For this reason, you should be extremely careful when searching for a moving company. The best way to check their credibility is to see whether they have a license issued by the FMCSA or the BBB. If they do not have a license, then definitely look for another moving company. 

Not planning the right time to move 

Your moving date is important for several reasons. The first one is the money of course. If you schedule your move during the summer, then you can expect higher moving rates. The reason is quite simple, people usually move during the summer because they are on a vacation or to avoid bad weather. Therefore, most reliable moving companies are already completely booked. For this reason, you can end up hiring fraudulent movers or pay higher rates than you originally planned. If you decide to move during the winter, not only you can find many reliable movers, but they usually offer special discounts. In addition to this, even the time of the month and the week matters. If you can choose your date, then try to avoid the weekend. The same thing applies to the month as the middle of the same is the best for moving.  

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Winter moves are the cheapest

The most expensive moving mistakes – thinking a DIY move is cheaper 

You might believe it is cheaper to organize a DIY move than to hire expert interstate movers. This might be true if you already own most of the packing supplies, a moving truck, know how to disassemble all the furniture, and to pack them properly. However, if you do not have most of these things as well as previous experience, do not do it. Also, you should have a couple of friends to help you. It is difficult to lift and carry large and heavy items, not to mention all the heavy boxes containing the other smaller items. You can easily drop something, thus breaking and damaging your items and your property. In addition to this, you can injure yourself as well. Paying for repair or for hospital bills is extremely expensive. For this reason, you should hire professionals since then you can claim the insurance if something goes wrong. 

Not getting multiple quotes 

As it was already mentioned, usually moving quotes are similar. However, that does not have to mean you should settle for the first one you come across. Movers do put out different pricing so you should find the one that offers quality service for a reasonable price. You have to remember that different moving services do not cost the same. For some special moving services, such as moving an art collection, an aquarium or something similar to this will cost more. For this reason, it is important to show everything to your movers so they can include all the items to your bill. Lastly, remember to ask your movers about their services and all the additional hidden costs. 

Not asking for a visual estimate 

When you are looking for a moving company, you should ask for an in-house estimate. Most moving companies will offer an online estimate. However, this estimate is not enough. You should ask movers to visit your home. This way they can see all the doors and staircases and come up with the plan. Sometimes, furniture can be too big so it cannot fit through the door. Since movers will have to find the other way to take them out, this will count as a special service. For this reason, it is important to show everything to the movers before the actual moving day. Otherwise, you will receive an unpleasant surprise when you get the bill.  

not showing staircases to the movers is one of the most expensive moving mistakes
Show your movers everything when they come for an in-house estimate

Smaller but still the most expensive moving mistakes 

Here are other moving mistakes that are expensive as well. 

  • Not doing the proper research for the movers 
  • When you do not do the packing right so your items get damaged 
  • Not understanding the moving documentation which can cost you 
  • Forgetting to the proper research of your new neighborhood, especially when you are moving with children 

All the mistakes 

As you can see, these would be all the most expensive moving mistakes. Make sure to avoid them all. 

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