Which are the best channels for finding movers

Do you need to move? Then, you know that moving your entire household is a huge task. For this reason, you should find a good moving company. It is much easier to organize your relocation with professional help. For this reason, it is important the reliable movers. However, this might not be as easy as it looks. Unfortunately, there are many fraudulent moving companies on the market who are only looking to take your money. That is why you should know the best channels for finding movers in order to avoid losing your money. Best moving and storage companies are just around the corner waiting for you to find them! 

Why you should be careful when hiring the moving company 

As it was already mentioned before, there are many fraudulent moving companies. The market is somewhat saturated so you have to be careful when you are hiring the movers. The scam moving company usually trick people into paying a large amount of money for their moving fees. For this reason, you should ask for a binding estimate since movers will not be able to ask for more money than it is written on the estimate. In addition to this, if the movers refuse to do an in-house estimate and only offer through a camera, consider this a red flag. All reliable honest movers will send their representatives to do the in-house estimate. That is why you should pay attention to these details in order to spot scammers. You do not want movers to come and pick up your items, but you do not get to see them ever again. 

Ask your friends and family for a recommendation 

One of the best channels for finding more is by asking your friends and family for recommendations. You already know and trust those people so you can be sure they would not scam you. They should be able to give you some quality recommendations that you can check out and even contact to ask for more specific information. In addition to this, if no one from your close circle of friends moved, they might know someone who did recently. If they are satisfied with the moving services, you can hire those movers as well. Lastly, your colleagues might know some reliable movers so do not forget to ask them for recommendations. This is the best way to find movers since you actually know personally the person who will give you the recommendation. 

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Ask your friends and family for recommendations

The best channels for finding movers – advertisements and adds in papers 

Even moving companies use advertisements and add on the TV and local papers. For this reason, next time you read your local newspapers, pay attention to adds. Maybe you can find a couple of movers there. However, it is extremely important to check every detail so you can be sure you will not get scammed. The best way to check their credibility is to see if they have a license at FMCSA. If they have one, then this means you will be hiring reliable movers. In addition to this, sometimes small start-up companies use local newspaper to advertise their new business. Make sure that the new moving company offers services you are looking for if you plan to hire them. 

The Internet is your new best friend 

You can find everything on the Internet. Moving companies are no exception. Type in moving companies near me, and see what comes up. Probably you will find at least ten companies relatively near you. Then, make sure to do the proper background check to see if they are reliable. You can check their credentials at FMCSA again since you will know for sure then that moving company is reliable. In addition to this, you should know by now that the Internet is not the most reliable place. For this reason, you need to be careful when you are surfing. Try to pay attention when visiting various websites. Most of those might be a false advertisement so do not rush into hiring because you might be in a hurry. Try to find official websites as those are the best channels for finding movers. 

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Use the Internet when you are searching for movers

Best channels for finding movers – the official company’s website 

As it was hinted at the end of the previous paragraph, one of the best channels for finding movers is the official websites. Almost if not all moving companies have the official website so you can go there and check out what they offer. If there are reliable, the movers will give all the important information on their website. In addition to this, they can list their awards, they should list all the services they offer, their contact information, some FAQ, and so on. Lastly and most importantly, movers usually post here about discounts and special offers so you can use those as well. That is why when you are searching for your moving company, make sure to visit websites of several companies so you can compare the prices and offers. 

Read the moving reviews 

Lastly, when you are hiring movers using the Internet, you need to read moving reviews. Reliable movers will post reviews of their former customers on their official website. This can help you in making your final decision. Usually, people will have no problem voicing their displeasure with a company so you can know if you should avoid a certain company or not. In order to recap, here are all the best channels for finding movers. 

  • Ask friends, family, coworkers, and so on 
  • Advertisements and adds in papers 
  • The Internet 
  • Official company’s website 
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Official websites are the best channel for finding movers

Best channels for finding movers 

As you can see, these are all the ways you can find movers. It is important to avoid fraudulent companies so you will not lose money or your items. For this reason, use one of these best channels for finding movers. 

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