Where to spend New Year’s Eve: Top 10 places in the US

Every year it is the same. As the year is coming to an end, we all have the same questions bothering us. Where to spend New Year’s Eve, with who, and how? Well, you are well aware of the fact that the United States is huge, and that there are many various and numerous opportunities and options. It all depends on you, and your personal preferences. Going to another part of America just for the NYE is not always an available option to everyone. So you must find something closer. That is why Master Moving Guide prepared ten different options for you, with different schedules. All you have to do in the end is simply pick a place to go to after you discuss it with people that will celebrate with you. It is simple as that.

If you are wondering where to spend New Year’s Eve, some of the best places are definitely New York City and Los Angeles

No matter where your long distance movers will relocate you, some of the best places where to spend New Year’s Eve are New York City and Los Angeles. And of course, these are the most popular ones as well. You probably know of the long-lasting tradition of waiting for midnight in Times Square, the heart of New York City. First of all, this event is completely free. And anyone can participate. No matter what your age is. Times Square Ball Drop is a very famous event worldwide and a lot of people decide to be here at midnight. This tradition started in 1907 and it is still happening every year.

Person taking a picture in Times Square of the Ball Drop.
When you are thinking about where to spend New Year’s Eve, consider Times Square and the famous Ball Drop.

While you wait for the ball drop and stunning fireworks, there are many places on the street and in the pubs around to get some drinks, snacks, or food. Although, you will be outside the majority of the time, and it can get very cold. So it is recommended to dress up in layers, and warm. Another good tip is that you should come earlier, so you can find one of the best spots. It will get very crowded.

Another option is Los Angeles. It is considered as one of the best places to go for this night in the whole United States. There are numerous events happening. But some of the best ones are the Tournament of Roses Parade that helps in Pasadena, which people enjoy watching. Also, you can enjoy Cleopatra’s Ball at the Egyptian Theater if you like this kind of fun. If you prefer watching fireworks spectacles, you can visit the Marina del Rey. There are a lot of things happening besides the fireworks. Dare to explore LA on this night, you won’t regret it.

For firework lovers, there is Las Vegas in Nevada, and if you prefer to chill there is Chicago in Illinois

All party lovers and people amazed with fireworks enjoy coming to Nevada for New Year’s Eve. First of all, you should know that during these nights, LV Strip is always shut down to traffic, and they turn it into pedestrians, where normally around 300.000 people admire the amazing fireworks. Besides that, there are numerous clubs where you can party all night long. And of course, you are all well aware of why Las Vegas is famous. You can go to casinos and spend your night there. If you are looking out to drink, gamble, and dance, there is no better place for you. So you know where to go when you are planning a last minute relocation.

Now, if you are looking for something completely opposite and you prefer a chill night, there is no better place than Chicago. You can go here with kids, or just as a couple, or friends, trying to have a nice night, and nothing wild. Navy Pier is the best place in Chicago for this night. Simply enjoying rides and attractions is quite nice and satisfying. For firework lovers, there is lake Michigan with amazing soulful music in the background. Believe it or not, but visiting the Lincoln Park Zoo is also a great idea. There are millions of lights lit up around the Zoo, and some attractions as well, such as a live DJ set, ice carvings, champagne, and wine tastings, and so on.

Fireworks for New Year's Eve.
Watching fireworks and having a chill night is also a nice option.

Visiting the Walt Disney World in Orlando or the Lake Tahoe in California are also nice ideas where to spend New Year’s Eve

Many outdoor lovers love to spend this special night in California, exactly at Lake Tahoe. You can’t go wrong with this decision. There are a lot of resorts that offer various fun activities. Some of them are skiing, riding, sledding, and snowshoeing. Spending this special night in the mountain resort can be very fun and unforgettable. And the best part is that everyone can go. If you prefer to be with children, your better half, your entire family, or in a circle of friends. There is a program and events for everyone.

Another fun place that is available any time of the year, but the most special is for this night, is in Florida. Going back to your childhood and visiting Orlando’s Walt Disney World. You don’t have to have kids for this. But if you do have them, it will be like a fairytale for them. You can reserve a couple of nights in Disney hotel and enjoy various rides, parties, fireworks, and other entertainments they organize for this night. No matter where your furniture movers will relocate you, you can consider this option.

For Jazz lovers, there is New Orleans in Louisiana, and for art lovers, you can visit Boston in Massachusetts

Visiting Jackon Square is one of the best options for New Year’s Eve. Every year, there is a big party there. Tons of people are celebrating this night in the streets of Bourbon as well. And of course, as you already know, New Orleans is famous for jazz music. There are tons of jazz pubs and bars where you can enjoy dinner, music, and drinks. At the midnight, the “Baby New Year” will drop from its perch on the top of Jax Brewery. So it is very nice to participate in that.

In Boston, each year since 1975 there is a New Year’s Eve celebration of the arts. It is completely free and open to all, because of various support from sponsors. There are many live sculptures, dance classes, theatre shows, live music, and many other things and the program is huge. And a good thing to know, it is a family-friendly destination.

Aerial view of a city at midnight on New Year's Eve and one of the places where to spend New Year's Eve.
In the end, the most important thing is who is next to you at the midnight.

Last but not least, you have Nashville and Louisville

Nashville is famous as a music city, and it is the Mecca of live music. Also, one of the places you should consider when you are deciding where to spend New Year’s Eve in the US. The city hosts live music across the entire town, with a star-studded lineup of artists. There are also many other parties that you can enjoy. So you can know for sure that this is a perfect place if you are a party and music lover. And there is also a solution in spending the night in one of the amazing hotels in Louisville. You will be able to have a stunning night at a three stars hotel, that is still wallet-friendly.

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