Where are Americans moving in 2022?

To understand why and where are Americans moving in 2022. we have to consider key factors. People nowadays want the best of both worlds – a less crowded and cleaner environment, and affordable living. In addition, they want to make the most of the fact that remote work is becoming widespread. That’s why many young CEOs and remote workers choose less crowded and more affordable areas. In addition, more affordable states are popular among those who want to start families. So take time to read the article below for useful information. Also, make sure to contact us at Master Moving Guide for professional moving guidelines. Our team will be more than glad to provide you with all the information you need.

Americans will be moving in 2022 for slightly different reasons

The previous two years were largely dictated by the emerging COVID-19 global pandemic and imposed measures across the country. People preferred better healthcare and less urbanized areas where the risk of infection was much lower. According to National Morgage Professional, around 40% of the American population is ready to relocate. The majority of respondents claim that the COVID-19 pandemic influenced their decision.

However, as we are going into 2022, we can notice several major factors that make the Americans change their locations:

  • Shifting economy and remote workforce
  • Lower taxes and affordable living
  • Cleaner environment
  • Less dense places are top choices for those who consider moving
  • Proximity to nature
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Shifting economy is one of the reasons why are Americans moving in 2022.

High employment rate and the possibility to work from home motivate many Americans to move in 2022

Those on a job hunt prefer states that offer a better income and opportunity for growth. The rise of the remote workforce gives more freedom to move, especially to states with lower tax rates. People of all ages are looking for better opportunities and improved living standards. Plus, low competition on the market makes it easier for many to find jobs with better salaries. That’s why the states with more than a few top employers are desirable moving destinations.

The environment is important as well

Urbanized and loud city areas aren’t as popular as they once were. On the other hand, suburbs with low crime rates and great schools are perfect for young families. In addition, clean surroundings and access to parks and nature is a priority.

These states hold high places as top moving destinations in 2022

Due to obvious reasons, Arizona, Texas, and Florida became more popular. People find it easier to live and work in one of these states for many strong reasons – affordable living, a strong healthcare system, and plenty of things to do. Furthermore, lifestyle in either of the state is less stressful. The residents have a balanced outlook and make sure to balance their work with leisure time.

Arizona remains one of the most popular moving destinations

If you look for a country that has it all – a stable economy, booming job market, and so much more – then Arizona is a top choice. Numerous opportunities are the reasons why Americans of all ages choose to move there. Remote workers and small business owners rather relocate to the cities of Phoenix or Tampa and run their businesses, while enjoying many benefits. Not only the tax situation is among the lowest in the US, but the salaries go above the national average. In addition, the overall living is quite affordable. While the current median house price goes a little bit above the average ($217,500), it’s possible to own a home at some point. Therefore, it’s not a surprise why young professionals and fresh graduates are looking forward to starting or advancing their careers in Arizona.

Arizona landscape in the sunset
Arizona cities attract many newcomers.

Low crime-rate and a welcoming community make Arizona cities family-friendly. In addition, the schools are excellent and universities rank high. The residents tend to live a more laid-back lifestyle and prioritize work-life balance. Although the cities in Arizona aren’t so fast-paced and overly crowded, they are still quite urbanized with so much to offer. The cultural scene, entertainment don’t lack in quality. Moreover, proximity to national parks, camping, and hiking trails attract many outdoor lovers. To live close to Grand Canyon National Park doesn’t sound like a bad idea for many. If you are one of them, then wait no more, start browsing moving quotes, and pick your best relocation crew!

Texas became a tech and business hub

Due to a more affordable real-estate situation and lower taxes, many tech giants chose to move to Texas. As a result, jobs in the IT and engineering sectors are booming. The economy is almost recession-proof and the job market is getting much better. With a low competition rate, there’s an opportunity for everyone. While the majority of newcomers rather opt for renting, you can make good use of affordable real estate and own a home in the future.

Many new residents report major lifestyle shifts after moving to Texas. They usually move from fast-paced areas like LA or Boston. Furthermore, Texas is another state where it’s normal to have a decent income and a stable work-life balance. It’s also easy to move there if you have the right moving team to help you. Therefore, take time to find long-distance movers, fitness equipment movers, or any other movers you need.

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People are moving to states with a better job market.

Florida cities offer many benefits

The so-called Sunshine State stays among the top relocation destinations. The residents can enjoy sunny weather and no state income tax altogether. Once you are done with work, you can simply go swimming and relax. In Florida, there’s no need to rush. Affordable living and a better employment rate are additional reasons why are Americans moving in 2022 to Florida cities. In case this is your next moving destination, don’t forget to check some of the best moving insurance alongside quality moving services. Opt for movers that will make your relocation to Florida a breeze.

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